Exploring the Island of Corregidor - Beautiful Sunday

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Welcome back to next chapter of our adventure in the beautiful Island of Corregidor in the Philippines. An island rich with history and blended together wit the beauty of nature. Last week I showed you how we ended up in this island. Hitching a free ride from a naval ship. Feel free to check it out if you missed it "Voyage to the Island of Corregidor." Today I will take you with us on our exploration to see more of the island.

Exploring the Island of Corregidor

Last time after disembarking from the ship we were about to head out to South Beach. It was were the majority of the visitors are headed out to. As I mentioned last time, the Island of Corrigedor is shaped like a tadpole or maybe something else. I would leave it up to you on your imagination.


From the docks, it will take you around 7 to 10 minutes to reach South beach. It is a short and easy walk going to the beach and the road is shaded by trees.

Here there are some picnic tables available for the visitors. Camping is allowed and as you could see there are a lot of campers on this part of the beach. We love camping and maybe next time we would be able to stay longer and camp out on this beach. It's not crowded and the camping ground is very clean and well maintained. Also there are a lot of toilets and shower rooms available. Plenty of fresh water and no long lines to wait for your turn to get a shower.

As the kids were finding a spot to set up our camp and I was immediately drawn to the beach. The sound of the waves and the cool breeze from the ocean is very hypnotizing. My love for the beach is like a spell that can never be broken. The dream to live on the beach and sleep underneath the stars is one of my goals in life. A quiet and simple life just hearing the songs of the waves all day.

The water here is cleaner here than the beaches that we have near our city. Since this place is hard to get to it's beauty does not get abused. I looked around and was amazed that there are no plastic wrappers on the beach. Just seaweed, rocks and pebbles in different shapes.

I would love to explore that dock, but we do not have much time to spend here. We need to strategically plan the places that we would be visiting to make the most of our time. I have a small chat with one of the staff here and he said that near the dock there are a lot of oysters. We are free to get some and cook them over the fire. Those fresh oysters sounds heavenly but just collecting them and cooking will take up a lot of our time. Maybe visit we will have all the time that we need.


After setting up the tents, we had some breakfast and talked about our agenda. Our plan was to explore the western part of the island as it is where the majority of the tourist spots are located. Since we are not a part of a paid tour we plan to hike around the island. Looking at the map it looked so easy, but we were in for a challenge that I didn't expect. My wife, my two kids and their two cousins were are up to the challenge.

So we started our journey, pack extra shirts and a couple of bottles of drinking water. My in laws were left behind at the camp as they didn't feel like going on a hike.

The kids were ready and had so much energy and excitement on our journey.

This arch says it all and there is no turning back now. This road leads to the majority of the historical site on the island.

Although we are following the road the trek is uphill which makes it difficult. I felt that it took us more than 15 minutes just to reach this point. It is very rewarding though as it gave us a breathtaking view of the port with the ship that took us here.

This island was also used during the Spanish era and served as a gateway to Manila. The galleons all needed to make a stop here to be checked for their documents. Just imagine all those galleons that used to dock here, carrying all sorts of cargo for trade.

We needed to move on if we wanted to complete our agenda. As we went further uphill we noticed that the road was covered with green flowers although I'm not really sure if they are flowers. I have never seen anything like it, star shaped flowers that fell from the trees above. Please let us know if anyone identifies this type of tree that blossoms green star shaped flowers.

Everyone was amazed seeing the green flowers, but we didn't expect what we are about to encounter. Something is about to cross our path that will bring us fear and excitement at the same time.

My son and his cousins were a couple of steps ahead of us. Suddenly they stopped and said that there is a gang of monkeys blocking the road. We didn't know how we will proceed seeing them blocking the road. Although, this is common is most countries. This is our first encounter with wild monkeys. I told everyone to stay calm as I took a couple of steps forward. As I came closer, they all moved to different directions and some climbed up the trees. I felt it was same to move on and everyone walked behind me.

As the slowly walked away, we all walked in a straight line in the middle of the road. My wife was getting ideas that once we get near their perimeter they would be jumping down from the trees and begin attacking us. I told her that was in the movie Planet of the Apes, don't think about it too much.

As we came closer, my heart was raising a bit faster. I am not sure how monkeys react to people especially near their territory.

We felt more at ease as they moved further away as we were passing by. It seems that there is safe distance between us so I had to take some more photos of them . We do not cross paths with monkeys everyday so this was a bit scary, but exciting experience for us.


I think this is the alpha monkey as he is the only one that didn't budge. He just stood his ground while everyone was up the trees and far behind him.

He gave me a stare as I took a photo of him. I wouldn't want to mess with this monkey.

We walked slowly and quietly. Suddenly my son made some monkey sounds which made my wife very angry. My wife scolded him, "Stop calling them as they might come from the trees and attack us!" I was laughing at the background as my son replied, "I'm just trying to communicate with them."

Well they didn't come down and attack us and we were almost outside of their territory.

I am not an expert with wildlife, but I guess if you just leave them alone they won't bother you. They were actually a peaceful group. My son wanted to give them some junk food, but I strongly told him not to. I think it is not a good idea to feed wild animals it could make them dependent on humans. They would start thinking that all humans has food with them. Then that could be the start of a gang of aggressive monkeys. If you couldn't give them anything, I guess that's when the aggression starts. Let me know what you think.

From south beach, this is where we encountered the group of monkeys. If ever you visit the island be sure to take note of this area and I am sure you won't miss them. What could have taken 9 minutes took us maybe around 20 minutes. Given that the hike is uphill and held up by the gang of monkeys. I would say it was time well spent.

After our encounter, we continued on with our exploration of the island. The road ahead is still very long and as I checked the map for our next stop is the ruins of Middle Side Barracks. Bombed by the Japanese during WW2 and site that should not be missed.

I hope you enjoyed the second episode of our travel and please do check us out again for another exciting part of our adventure on the Island of Corrigedor. Until then have a very #beautifulsunday and #sublimesunday .


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Lumix GX85 12-32 mm kit lens

and Olympus 40-150 mm



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This is an awesome post. Lots of great photos and a really good story.

Thank you very much. It pleases me that you enjoyed it.

Looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Your pictures are wonderful. I can't imagine what running into a gang of monkeys like that . I've heard most are aggressive, this doesn't seem the case. I am completely with you about the ocean being like a spell. It's mezermising and calming. I miss living near it.

Thank you very much. Nice to know that the ocean's spell has also got you enchanted. Like a call from a mermaid that is impossible to resist.

Nice adventure, I wouldn’t mess with those monkeys either. 😊

True as it is their territory and we are just visitors. Thanks.

Looks like a great place to explore and reminds me of Thailand

There are so many places to explore. Also good to have a bike with you to go around, without being rushed by the tour.

You should really go and try to pick a couple of oyster. You may just find a pearl in one. :-)

Oh that is the plan next time around. Finding a pearl would be awesome. Thanks @ace108

You're welcome.
Go get your pearl. :-)

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Thank you so much for the support.

Feeding monkeys is the first mistake anyone will make, glad to hear you respected their space and were not carrying food with you.

What a lovely place to explore by foot, those beaches do look so inviting being clean. Thanks for sharing this outing with us most enjoyable in photography.

We had an amazing time here. Tiring with all the walking but totally worth it. If you love ruins this place is filled with them.

Thank you for taking time to have a look.

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This is very much appreciated with all my heart.

A perfect Sunday....enjoy the time👍

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It is an amazing journey. Best part is being with family.

Infact that the best time one could have in life

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Wow on that delicious looking cake. Thank you very much.

Another great post here my friend. A pity I can only read the first one and not vote on it, as it is 8 days old.
We have slept under the moon and the stars on the beach many times when I was younger.
You were right in nor feeding the monkeys, as they can become real pests.
These look like ordinary blue apes and they will not attack you.
I don't know if they have Baboons on the island. If they do then don't go near them, especially if they have babies.
It was great to read this post.

Thank you my friend. I appreciate that you also took time to read the first part. I guess you also have love for the beach experiencing to sleep beneath the stars. I didn't know what type of monkeys they were, we don't usually come face to face with wild animals. I don't think there are baboons on the island but we heard a lot if sounds coming from the thick forest. We do not know what else hides out there.

That sounds like an exciting hike! I'd be worried with monkeys as well. They can be curious creatures, by what I have seen in videos,they like to steal too lol. I am curious about the trees as well. Green flowers are not common.

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Yea I saw a video of them stealing stuff from tourists. That got me worried but good thing there weren't aggressive. That green flower is very uncommon in our area. I can't even get a search results in google.

I just had a look as well and I'm finding trees with all the coloured flowers except green. Quite a mystery there.

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You totally had me LOLing at the shape of the island!

That campgound does look amazingly clean and peaceful. I grew up in an oceanside town (Gloucester, Massachuesetts, which is techincally an island as well, but so close to the mainland you can hardly tell), and I hear you on wanting to live on the beach and sleep under the stars.

Don't you just wish you could bottle up the energy that kids always seem to have, and use it for yourself?

Those views of the dock from the vantage point of your hike are amazing! And those star blossums are wicked cool - I wish I could help you identify them, but I have no clue. I hope you can figure it out - seems like they belong to some kind of magical tree.

What an amazing encounter with those monkeys! Yeah, they look cute and all, but you were very wise not to get them angry. Love that your son tried to communicate with them though..LOL!

Thanks for sharing another chapter of your amazing adventure with us!

Haha you.... Luckily the island's shape didn't change to something else lol. Living on an ocean side town sounds very peaceful something that I would love. I know I would find peace if ever my dreams would come true. Hearing the waves all day can drown away any problems. A bit melancholy but I love it. I'll try to dig more about the mysterious green flowers. I have some photos of the actual tree which I will share soon. Encounter with a gang of wild monkeys achievement unlocked 😀

LOL! And living in a town right on the ocean isn't quite as peaceful as it sounds, given that SO many other people live there too. It was less crowded in the winter, but during the summer... ugh. I'll keep an eye out for your tree post.

Oh, and...

Congrats on Steem Achievement.gif

Too bad they're bunnies and not monkeys...😉 😂 😂 😂

Also I tweeted your post out today for the #PowerHouseCreatives member suggestion, and since I know you were interested in the link the last time I tweeted...


Hahaha I'm sure you were trying to looks for monkeys but the bunnies would do lol. Thank you very much I appreciate it.

Next time I am near manilla, maybe I will visit that place for the day to get out of the city.

Oh yes look for sun cruises. I think they have daily tours. You will love it. Away from all the noise of the city.

I loved this, of course! :)

I know people may laugh, but, honestly, I had my own monkey encounter a couple of years ago and it scared the bejesus out of me. I am not used to them standing in the road, as if daring me to cross their path.

It is pretty intimidating, especially as more of them came down from the trees when we got closer! Hello!!! I think you handled it well. I wish I had done exactly what you did, but, the fact is, I didn't!

That was a funny story, but I know it wasn't when it happened! Hope all is well with you and you have an awesome day!


Hey Denise. How are you? Yea those monkeys made my heart beat faster. You do not know what they are thinking or how they would react. Seriously I was thinking of going back but I was the leader of our pack and I had to push forward. Hope you have a gorgeous day my friend.

I know!!! They scare the heck out of me! Seriously! I am glad that you forged ahead. I heard that they can get quite nasty.

Tell me that is not true!!!

As for these group I think they were more scared of us. Except for that alpha monkey who stared at me until we left the area. Here I could say it would be safe to pass. But I have heard a lot of stories and saw videos of aggressive ones. So far no aggression was ever recorded in our country.

I am sure the aggression I saw was on video in other countries. Glad you stood him down1 :)

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That looks like it was a really nice day out! Monkeys and all. What an interesting way to come across nature!

It was unexpected seeing a gang blocking your way. I'm glad we got thru them.

Oh my goodness! How fun @watersnake101! From the beautiful beaches to those darling green flowers to the band of monkeys, what a hike! You were very brave to walk through that group, I don't know what I would have done. I think the alpha definitely stood his ground, lol Beautiful island, look forward to the next post!

I just tried to be brave lol. Didn't want to show my kids that I was afraid lol. I was the alpha of our pack and didn't want to ruin the tour if we headed back. I hope you like ruins on the next chapter. Cheers!

Loved your encounter with the monkeys and glad it worked out okay. 🐵

I was so relieved after we passed the monkeys. I'm so glad we got thru it.

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What a great post @watersnake101, you put some much time and information into your stories. Thank you! 👍👍

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I try to share the best way I can in our experience. Thank you for taking time to walk with us.

Love the well-worn pebbles on the beach @watersnake. And the marks the movement of water leaves all around them. I would have been happy just to stay there all day. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

I really wish we had more time to spend on the beach as it was so peaceful. I didn't get a chance to explore more of it.

That looked like a very fun adventure. I wanna experience running into monkeys too hahaha. It's a good thing nothing bad happened to you guys. THanks for sharing this and have a great day!

Ah you should visit Corrigedor at least once. I had the map drawn out where you could find them. Plan ahead my friend next time you visit Manila. Take the suncruises for the complete experience. You won't be doing a lot of walking like we painfully did.

Yes I sure want to visit that place one day. Sure thanks for giving me tips. But I guess the walking was a fun experience too

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Briliant shoots 📷📷📷

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Thank you very much. It was a bit hard taking photos thinking that the monkeys would chase me.

Love all the photos. Happy to see fun fun fun all the way=))

Oh it was fun and scary at the same time lol.

What a fantastic experience. Thank you for sharing it! I’m glad you were safe. It sounds like all the wildlife checked you out but we’re more curious than anything. I agree that it’s not a good idea to feed animals in the wild.

Yea I also hope that people who encounter them would not feed them too. I think that's when the problem would start. I didn't see any sign not to feed the animals.

What a fabulous day, you certainly do camping better then we do in the UK. Our average camp site is normally a farmers field where you have to dodge the cow pats and wake up to a sheep chewing on your sleeping bag!

In contrast, you have an awesome boat ride to a beach side oasis, talk a walk to scenic views and then encounter a tribe of monkeys! And that’s just one day of the trip - amazing. Great photos and maps - I feel like I took this trip with you.

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Oh you should try beach camping as it is an amazing experience. You got me there on the sheep chewing on your sleeping bag lol. That hitch from the naval ship is really something right? Thank you very much, I'm glad you like the photos.

My encounter with monkeys up close was not something I would want to loom forward to so I can understand your apprehension . Stories of attacks kept me anxious lol! Good thing you weren't. Are those native to the island? Another new thing learned.

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Yea I think they have been on the island for centuries. I am glad they are left alone as not everyone could easily visit the island. Isolation keeps everything in balance. I kept thinking that they would jump down from the trees as we passed like planets of the apes lol.

Good thing they were accustomed to humans. Have there been any attacks there though?

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