Voyage to the Island of Corregidor - Beautiful Sunday

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How would you like to embark on a journey with me to visit a historical island in the Philippines. An island filled with ruins and remnants from the past. If you love adventure then come on board and hitch a ride with me on a naval ship.

Voyage to the Island of Corregidor

It is not often that you could get a free ride on a naval ship. Although there are rare occasions when they allow a free ride to Corrigedor Island. Officially part of Cavite Philippines the island is a popular tourist destination for those who love WW2 history fused with the beauty of nature.

There are three options in getting to the island. The easy, but expensive way is to book a tour going to the island. It would cost you around 7,500 pesos or $150 usd for an overnight stay. A day tour cost about 3,500 pesos or $70 usd.

Then there is a dangerous way which my office mate told me about. You would hire a small fishing boat which is very cheap. There are occasional strong waves to the island and there also might be sharks. Well, we could skip this option.

Then there is the free ride from the navy which happens once in a blue moon. In our case, we got lucky as my mother in law got an invite. There was an event regarding educators and she was allowed to bring family members with her. My daughter was very happy as she has been seeing this island from afar. Now she will get to explore it.

It was an old naval ship commissioned since the 90's. Still it is in service and well maintained in serving the country.

It was time to get on board for a four hour travel to the island. We have to fall in line as the guard looked for our names in the manifest. As we got on board there were already a lot of passengers inside. There are only a few plastic seats for the passengers but who would complain as you are already getting a free ride.

We looked for a comfortable spot on the floor and settled in. I, on the other hand roamed around the ship. If you could see below is the small island in the center which is our destination.

The journey was slow and long, but I kept myself busy by taking some photos. A cargo ship from afar reminds me of the stories my father in law often tells us. A crew of just around 10 people out in the ocean for months.

It was hot below the deck so people climbed up on the sides of the upper deck. Here the wind was strong and the ocean breeze was cool.

Motorized fishing boats were out in the open. I think these might be the type of boat that my office mate was telling me about. They could take you to the island at a cheaper price.

People were enjoying themselves in this trip. Aside from the civilians there were also a lot of military personnel with their families on board.

As the hours passed, we were getting closer to our destination.


People were getting excited as our ship neared the Island. This is actually my second time to visit Corregidor. Last time we only stayed on the beach and didn't explore much. This time we are going all the way and make the free trip worthwhile.

A lone naval soldier blocking the way to a restricted part of the ship.

We could almost see the trees on the hills of the island. Since this place is protected, it is teeming with flora and fauna. I have even heard that there are a lot of wild monkeys thriving here.


The island covers around 900 hectares of land. Up from above, it looks like the shape of a tadpole. It served as a gate keeper to Manila during WW2. Due to it's strategic location, the island was heavily fortified by the Americans against Japanese invaders.

During the Spanish colononial period it was already being used as a first line of defense. Galleons were required to check in the island first before before they are allowed to enter Manila. The name of the island was derived from the Spanish word "corregir" meaning to correct. Since all ships are required to be checked and corrected in this island.

Now it is time for us to be checked not for documents like in the past. But to check if we are enjoying ourselves.

Vehicles were also on board the ship. It is hard to get around the island unless you paid for a tour. Vehicles allowed on board are only for military personnel. I think bikes are allowed.

Finally, after hours on the ship we have come ashore. As the door of the ship slowly lowered. The passengers cheered and gave a round of applause.

As the people disembarked, each group went on their separate ways. As for us, we would need to find a spot to settle down first and plan our own tour. We arrived here at past 7 am and we were give only until 3 pm to explore the island. No time to waste then, let's head out to explore.

Upon exit for the ship, on the left side you would see an old. I think this is where small boats can dock.

One thing I noticed is the water is very clear as Corregidor is not easily accessible to all. The placed does not get over crowded with people.

Here is the ferry that takes tourist on a booked tour. If you have a budget it is advisable to avail the tour for comfort and to easily get around the island.

From the ferry, the tourists are guided on a tram that would take them around all the sites on the island.

Just a few meters away from the ship you could already see war remnants like this old rusted cannon.

Here is a statue of the American General Douglas MacArthur. Beneath the statue is his famous promise to the Philippines, "I shall return". He is known to be the symbol of the the Allied resistance against the Japanese army and a defense adviser to the Philippines during the war in the Pacific.

When the Japanese invaded the Philippines, General MacArthur moves his headquarters to this island. Unfortunately, the island got surrounded by the Japanese and he needed to escape the island with his family. The general successfully escaped on a stormy night and left the Philippines with his famous promise that echoed thru generations. After two years, he fulfilled his promise and came back to liberate the Philippines. His iconic message was announced on the radio, “People of the Philippines, I have returned.”

This is the dock where he escaped and now we are here. Hopefully, to quote his words again when it is time for us to go home.

Everyone was headed out to south beach. I guess that is the best spot to set our camp for the day.

This ends my introduction to the tour to this island. I hope you are excited to see more as I take you around Corregidor island. See the giant cannons and battery that served as an aggressive defense against the invaders. Follow me as we explore the ruins and an old hospital that is said to be haunted by spirits of soldiers who died. Please do join me again as I take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Until then hope you have an amazing weekend. See you soon!


Corregidor Island

Douglas MacArthur's escape



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This is a great adventure.. wow!

Hey. Thanks for having a peek.

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really love your Sunday adventures!

Thank you very much @jaynie. Means a lot.

Mag ingat ka friend sa iyong paglalayag kasi marimi shark jan a sigoro my lifebis la always

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Hello kabayan. Safe naman wag lang mahulog sa barko lol. Salamat.

Such a cool tour. It was made better by taking a navy/coast guard vessel there.

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Yea riding a naval ship to an island doesn't happen very often. It was also very interesting to see how the navy personnel worked during docking. It took awhile as it is not easy to park a ship.

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A great opportunistic trip. Yes, I won't want a cheap ride and end up being shark food too.

Not only did we get a free ride. They even gave us a free meal. Yea it's not worth the risk getting a cheap ride. Thanks @ace108 .

You're welcome. Good you get free food too. :-)

What a treat getting a free tour on the naval boat. It reminds me of my visit to Thailand with boat trips to the islands. I would love to visit Philippines one day. That statue of General MC Arthur must come down though.

A free ride to an island doesn't happen too often. It was hot inside the ship but a free ride is a free ride so no complaints lol. Hope you get a chance to see our country one day.

For you to ride a naval ship makes me feel that you are so lucky! I bet as soon as you heard that you could ride it, you didn't hesitate to go haha. I didn't know it was that expensive and risky to go to that island. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of it. Have a great week sir!

Oh it was pure luck. Last time that happened was like 10 years ago I think. I had work that day but I just made up an excuse...... Shhhhh lol. I'll share more in my next posts. The haunted hospital was very creepy.

Wow, that took a very long time. Might as well grab that opportunity hehe. I'm so excited to see your next post

Feeling proud to have this beautiful island not just a tourist spot but a historical site especially during the WW2. YOu rock Philippines!

History and the beauty of nature. It is worth the trip. Clean beaches too!

Nakita ko to featured sa @c-squared. Galing talaga dami ko natutunan. Now ko lang nalaman un pala origin ng name ng Corregidor. Lagi ko nga nakikita to parang shape ng tadpole. Biruan namin sperm haha! Ma try nga un shark adventure papunta jan :D

Cool! I tried with the tadpole but you had to bring up the sperm hahaha. Yes bro dami din akong natutunan in the travels. Sakay ka sa fishing boat? Bro ma alog un sobra sabi ng office mate ko. Buwis buhay lol. Sun cruises ka na lang if ever visit ka.

That is definitely an interesting mode of travel! What a great opportunity, and that looks much safer than the small boats. Great photos.

Hey @melinda010100 glad you dropped by. The naval ship is indeed very interesting as it weren't meant for comfortable travel for civilians.

My pleasure! Do you think you do OK here by just posting once a week? I am finding it more and more difficult to come up with something to post every single day.

Aww I used to post every single day. I would if I could but had to do only once a week as it was affecting me alot. Not getting much sleep and getting easily irritated. I had to slow down. But honestly once a week is not ok to get the most out of it.

I wondered. Maybe you could do short posts a few times during the week and save your big post for the weekend? Do the color challenge or enter a photography contest where you only need to post a couple of photos with a paragraph or two? It would give all of us more opportunities to vote on your posts.

Hmm I never thought about that. Something that wouldn't take a lot of time. I'll try cook something up. Thank you very much for that thought. I just overthink a lot most of the time lol. Hey the family gives their regards by the way also bearkid is in college now lol.

No way! College! I will bet she is doing great.

Some of the frontends have features where you can schedule your posts. You could do a couple posts and schedule them to post at pre-arranged times and not even look at them until the weekend. Then it wouldn't take up much more of your time.

Have you looked into Steem-Engine and all the Tokens that are happening? Sometimes I am getting paid two or three times for the same post. The Pal token is a good one, but the claim drop is on the verge of being over. So many new things happening that it is hard to keep up!

Oh bearkid is doing really good and got an A+ already. I had to give her money for it as a reward lol. I will have a look at Steem-Engine sounds good as I need all the help I could get. Lots of stuff I've already missed out of. Thank you very much for the tip my friend.

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