A Tranquil Afternoon "Hibiscus Camp" - Beautiful Sunday

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My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

It was a beautiful afternoon and the weather was perfect. After our dip in the cool waters of the pool, we took a little walk and explored more of the resort. The resort wasn't that big but I was told that the cabin above is something that should not be missed. Every resort should have a place to stay in case you want to stay overnight. Come with me again as we see more of Hibiscus Camp which can be found at Consocep, Tigaon, Camarines Sur in the Bicol region of the Philippines.


A Tranquil Afternoon "Hibiscus Camp"


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Part 5 Embraced by Nature "Hibiscus Camp"



A scenic drive from the coastal village going to the resort has an estimated time of 1 hour and 38 minutes.

Here you could see how it is strategically located on the way up to Mt. Isarog. I wonder other beauties of nature can be discovered in this mountain. Maybe sometime in the future, we would be able to experience and tell more about Mt. Isarog.

Last time we followed a pathway surrounded by beautiful flowers and we were looking for the Hibiscus flower. The pathway led us to the stairs that leads to a cabin above.

One of the staff told us that the area is closed as they are doing some cleaning. I told him that I just wanted to take some photos and it would be such a shame if we fail to see this area. The staff allowed me to come up and took a little break from their cleaning.

A lot of the furniture is made from wood and seems to have been handcrafted. The owners seem to have put in a lot of effort selecting the furniture, accents and even the potted plants.

I especially loved the wooden deer made from wood scraps and I have been seeing a lot of these wooden deer around the area. I wonder if they have any real deer kept in the resort as pets.

This metal bicycle piece seems to add a county feel and fits pretty well in the place.

A wooden swing made from large pieces of wood is another perfect spot for lovers. If it faced the beautiful view in the background, you could just melt with your loved one. Spend hours here as you cuddle while a cold wind blows.

Since they are doing some cleaning the chairs were all over the place. We don't mind about the mess right now as it was me who disrupted their cleaning. I am sure that everything is set up perfectly once done with the cleaning.

I think this is the main entrance to the cabin made from pieces of coconut wood and old logs. The smiling sun on the door almost tells you that this is a place of sunshine and happiness.


The hallway on the side leads to more picture perfect spots.

What I love the most about the cabin is the rustic feel and look of it. Everything is so rugged yet very well set up and I would love to have a place of my own set up like this. Using wood materials with natural texture and unpainted has a very special charm of its own.

It looks to be like a wooden motorcycle and can be used as a table. I do not know if they had this specially made as it seems it could fit well in an art gallery.

Lighting made from old colored brandy bottles. I am imagining how magical these lights look like when turned on at night.


The owl decoration is very beautiful and I am beginning to wonder where does the owner purchase all these stuff.

It has been a while since I included myself in my blogs. Since there was a beautiful mirror hanging on the wall. I think it's about time I took a little snapshot of yours truly.

Unfortunately, someone was still working and cleaning inside the cabin and I couldn't get to show you how it looks like. The most I could do is take a shot of the kitchen from the outside. Don't you love the hand-painted vegetables on the glass windows?

Even the potted plants were all well thought of to add the beauty of nature around the cabin.

Imagine waking up to this view every day. Later on, I found out that this place was not open to the public but since a lot of people wanted to take some photos here. They eventually turned it into a business. That explains how every corner and decoration is personalized. One of the rules here is to clean as you go which should always be the case. Do not leave rubbish behind, leaving mess behind tell a lot of what kind of person we are.

Next we move to the front of the cabin facing the road. Just above the kitchen area is another balcony but we didn't get a chance to get up there.

Need a ride? Here is a bike but I think you would have trouble getting it off the gate? Quite unique if I may say as I have never seen a bike used as part of a gate. The bike looks to still be in a very good condition can no longer be detached as it has been welded on the gate.

Another beautiful garden in front of the cabin and still a work in progress.

It was time to leave now and let the staff finish up on their cleaning. There are two stairs on the way down and this one leads to the platform with the big tattooed tree. You could see more of the tattooed tree on part 1 if interested.

I took the same stairs going down and I guess it was time for us to start packing some of our stuff back to the car.

As I was beginning to take some of our bags back to the car. I saw visitors from the resort entering an area across the road just in front of the resort. Two people were guarding the gate outside and I thought it was private property. I asked the guard if I could go inside and he told me that this area is also part of the resort. The place was big and I felt like an idiot for not knowing this and it was almost time for us to go home.

Geese were wondering inside the property freely and were honking on me non stop when I entered. I do not know it they are being territorial or just their way of greeting me. Eventually they stopped after a few minutes.

Another wooden deer spotted and I am beginning to think that they have a real dear somewhere here. Can't deny how much they love deer.

Let's go and see what lies beyond this trail.

I did not expect to see another pool here which was a shame as there were no people here. We would have loved to have spend more time here in this area.

At the upper pool, there were a group of old ladies just hanging around. I gave them a smile and they spoke to me in their local dialect which I do not understand. They were laughing so I just gave them another smile and a nod out of respect.

If we had more time I would have changed back to my wet clothes to take another dip as the water was very inviting. But we were about to leave anytime now so I just took a walk to explore more of the place.

They had a lot of picnic tables and good spots under the pine trees to eat your food. The pine trees reminded me of the popular city of pines called Baguio city here in the Philippines.

Tables were built around trees which I think is a fantastic idea. Let's say that eating with nature can never be this close.

I saw another cabin which probably they also rent out to visitors but this one is closed. They have a few cabins in the resort and I failed to ask how much an overnight stay would cost. But if you plan to stay it is best to call in for a reservation for availability as the cabins are limited.

This is how one of the cabins looks like from the outside. Roofing made from nipa palm should make it very cool inside. What do you think about staying in this type of cabin?

Finally, we have reached the last part of this tour in Hibiscus Camp. We almost forgot that we were also in search of the ever-elusive Hibiscus flower which has been named after the resort. I finally spotted the flower on my way back to the car and we could put that to rest. I hope you had a great time with me because I enjoy having you tagging along our adventures. I just had nuts and bananas for lunch and hunger was starting to catch up on me. Next time I will take you to a special restaurant along the road on our way home. I hope to see you again on our next adventure and see what I have been craving for.

Until then have a very #Beautifulsunday and think about Hibiscus flowers.



Official Page

Hibiscus Camp


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Great way to incorporate yourself into your blog, @watersnake101!I should try something like that in the future! 😂

Hibiscus flowers are gorgeous, and that resort certainly lived up to the name (although it's much more beautiful than "camp" would imply). Thanks so much for letting us vicariously visit this amazing place!

Please do incorporate yourself we will all be looking forward to it. Yes camp is something else the place feels more like a refuge a place of tranquility. I have so much more to share in this region as it was an amazing trip. Thanks @traciyork

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The style of that camp looks very nice and I am quite a fan of that simple wooden complex now.

The rustic design is really something right? A shame we were not able to check the inside.

Love thatch roof accommodation, always comfy @watersnake very pretty place to visit for a night or two.

Gorgeous gardens and pools, using the base of trees for tables making sure you have shade is a great idea.

Excellent photography to show the woodwork and neat little arrangements, views and scenery.

I wish we could have stayed over for the night but we had very limited time. I am wondering how the place looks like in the evening when all the lights are turned on. Also the sunrise must be amazing as I was told the area gets covered with clouds passing by.

Perhaps sometime soon you will be able to arrange to stay overnight, it looks lovely comfortable accommodation in a secure area to enjoy.

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Thank you for your undying support! Looking forward to share more places.

There's a nice quaint place up there. I'm glad they let you go up.

Yes they were kind enough to let me thru and they also needed some rest from all the cleaning.

I love! love! love! that cabin and such a beautiful setting! Love the artistic touches they added to it especially the natural wood sculptures and furniture!How fortunate for you to have been able to visit it and thank-you very much for sharing it with us with your beautiful photography!

Yes those artistic touches really impressed me. I could never think of setting up a place with so much artistic touches. They really did a good job. From the wood, plants and decorations it seems every corner is a good place to take a photo.

Such a lovely place! Glad you were able to get some of those shots. I'm sure the staff didn't mind a little break from cleaning. ;) Anywhere with that much greenery is so refreshing. I enjoy all the handmade wooden pieces, as well. I would definitely be happy to spend a vacation at a place like that!

Oh you would love it for sure. Not much people around and just imagine soaking up in the infinity pool or watching the sunset on the wooden swing. It is indeed a special place.

That is some absolutely fantastic decorations! I love what they did with the bicycle and the gate, and absolutely adore the other wooden decorations. Awesome!

That bicycle at the gate is a very unique idea. I do not know how they thought about it but it works. Don't you think?

Omg that looks so fantastic. I would so love to go there.

I took visit to your WP blog too. Nice, I like it. Are you going to turn on the steempress comments?

Also I am wondering what to you do to promote your blog across the web? And do you get much traffic?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello. Thank you for spending a little time with me on our journey. I am glad you liked it. I tried to look for the option to turn on the steempress comments. Didn't know there was an option thanks for letting me know. I clicked the two options for the two way integration. I am not sure if that would be it. Lately I haven't been getting much traffic and I am thinking what I maybe missing. Well I'm in it to win it hahah just need learn more about it. Thanks.

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Thank you!

Looks like a great resort my friend and all of the handicrafts clearly indicate that the owners take good care and love the place. I love how they have saved the trees by building the table tops with holes to accommodate the tree trunks,

Yay no cutting of trees just build around them an let them thrive and grow. I think I could say this is one of the most unique resorts I have visited.

It does certainly look unique my friend and glad that you guys enjoyed it.
May you have a good week.

I love the place, I love the images that you shared. It's a nice and cool place to see. By the way I saw a Philippines country was written here. Are you from Philippines or you're just a tourist?

Posted using Partiko Android

Filipino born and bred hahah. How are you kabayan?

ah.. hahahaha, okay..you know it's hard to find Filipinos on steem especially on that kind of community. Well, anyway thanks sa pagsagot..kakatakot kasi ang watersnake.haha

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Your adventures are always fantastic! I love your photos. Thank you for sharing the beauty of the Philippines! Have a great week ahead

Start of the week and I am already wasted. Been very tiring at work I wish I could just go out and take photos all day. Then again family would go hungry hahaha. Have a great week too my friend.

Beautiful place! Would love to visit in person!

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If you get a chance to visit for sure you would love it.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you!

@watersnake101 - wow what a post! I'd say you certainly had a beautiful Sunday!

Thank you I am pleased that you liked it. Have a great week!

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The different wood items shows that the people appreciate wood decor and are proud of it. They have some really interesting items. Beautiful place as well.

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Thanks for taking a peek in the tour. I really love the owl on the wall. How I wanted to take it home lol.

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Thank you very much. I do hope to cross paths again. Much appreciate the support!