Embraced by Nature "Hibiscus Camp" - Beautiful Sunday

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After that short stop at the fruit stand along the way. We continued to our original destination to Hibiscus Camp located at Consocep, Tigaon, Camarines Sur Philippines. A small resort that will truly capture the hearts of nature lovers with a majestic view of the landscape. Join me today as we take a dip in the cool water of the pool while enjoying nature.

Embraced by Nature "Hibiscus Camp"

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Just a few minutes away from our last stopover which was the fruit stand. Our guide Ate Daisy was very excited to show us the resort as she has been telling us how beautiful the place is. From the coastal village in Pararao where we stayed travel time will take you more or less 1 hour and 30 minutes. Unless you have a few stopovers which would be hard to resist.

The road we have been traveling getting here was an upward incline. A couple of sharp turns and curves but not that difficult. The resort is nestled just above the foot of Mt. Isarog but as you could see it is not even halfway to the summit.

We finally reached our destination and vehicles can just be parked on the side of the road. If you do not have your vehicle you could rent a tricycle take you here from the town of Hanawan at the cost of 300 pesos or around $5.80 USD. Still, prices could depend on your haggling skills.


The sign they have outside is quite colorful which is like a large bottle cap. With a motorcycle on the sign, I could say that the owner loves bikes. With the name Camp Hibiscus definitely the owner is also a nature lover.

From outside you could already see plants and flowers greeting you as you find your way inside the resort.

The entrance is just a simple structure made from coconut trees and bamboo. It doesn't look much from the outside and you could easily slip pass by if you didn't know there is a resort here.

Business Hours

6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entrance Fee (including swimming)

Adult - 100 pesos ($1.94 USD)

Senior Citizen and Children - 50 pesos ($.97 USD)

Overnight accommodation would need reservation ahead of time.


It would be advisable to bring food with you when visiting. In this case, we didn't bring lunch with us except for a few crackers, nuts and the fruits we bought along the way. I was starving and was hoping they would be selling some food. Unfortunately, they do not have many options except for fried tuna. Maybe in the future, they would establish a restaurant in their resort.

Going down the resort the steps are a bit steep but there are coconut handrails you could hold on to. While I was going down seeing the trees surrounding the area, I felt that this place is something special. Not the usual resorts that we see everywhere but a place that has been made to blend in with nature.

It seems that they constructed the place adapting to the side of the mountain and terrain. Using the natural plants in the surrounding area and adding a lot more varieties of plants, trees and flowers.

Seeing a pool with a gorgeous view in the background is such a rare sight. There are not a lot of resorts constructed on mountain sides and not only that place is very clean.

The infinity pools are divided into three sections. The upper pool is 4 ft, the middle pool is three ft which is for best for the kids and the lower level is 4.7 ft deep.

The middle pool is decorated with figurines that feels like a storybook. The owner has put in a lot of effort adding in small details like these that make a difference.

The lower pool has a clear sign "No Buhis-Buahy Selfie pls". This means "No life-endangering selfies pls", probably that has been instances in the past where visitors took selfies on the edge of the pool. From the pool is quite a long slide down the mountain but some people do a lot of stupid things for a selfie. Along with the rules are no diving and smoking in the pool.

I would just leave it up to you about your thoughts on this fantastic view. Cool clear water, majestic mountainous view of the horizon and all these embraced by surrounding nature. How would you like to spend some time here just relaxing in the pool?

There are times of the day that a cloud passes over this place and the fog adds a dramatic effect to the place.

I was asking what was keeping them from taking a dip. The water was too cold but your body would adjust once you are fully submerged. I also took a dip later on and I find the water quite tolerable once you get used to it.

Another interesting area in this resort is this bridge made from coconut trees and platforms built around the trees. It is amazing how they built structures by adapting instead of destroying the surroundings.

Let's take a walk to the other side and see the beauty surrounding the place.

This area is like a gorgeous wild garden surrounded by different types of flowering plants. I do not know much about plants but see if you could identify some of them and please do let us know.

A plant that has black and green leaves. I am not sure if the leaves turns black when they get older or if it just sprouts both green and black leaves.

Part of the bridge is being overrun by plant growth, maybe they get trimmed down at some point.

A perfect spot for lovers and would be a good place to have a nice, quiet, candle light dinner.

Well, we could see that a lot of people could not help to leave their mark. Like a tree tattooed with the names of people who we will never know. Maybe love stories too that we will never know how it ended up.

From this point you could get a good view of the lower pool. As you could see that is quite a long drop if you try any dangerous selfies. Best to just relax inside the pool instead of doing crazy stuff.

Hiding in one of the coconut trees on the bridge are some very interesting things. I think these are not edible but very beautiful in their strange little way.

Another fascinating plant that has white leaves in some sections. Could be a part of the flower and this is the first time I have seen this type of plant.

I went up to the second section of the bridge that leads to another surprising area of the resort.

The pathway led to a garden filled with more plants and flowers. So many gorgeous flowers but there is one specific flower that I was looking for. The place is called Hibiscus Camp so I was expecting there would be a lot of Hibiscus flowers everywhere. It would be strange not to find the flower in this place as it is what the resort has been named after.

Beautiful flowers everywhere you look but still the Hibiscus cannot be found.

I have seen so many flowers already and I still believe that there is a Hibiscus flower hiding somewhere. Perhaps it is not the season for the flowering plant. Still I am not giving up and continue on with my search.

For now, this ends the first part of our trip to Hibiscus Camp. There is still so much to share in this beautiful place. I hope you enjoyed this part of the tour and next time I will be sharing with you the upper part of the resort. A cabin beautifully decorated with unique pieces and overlooks above the whole resort. Plus a pool that we discovered later on this trip.

Thank you very much for joining me today and please do leave some comments. I would love to hear from you what you think about this resort. Until then may you have a peaceful Sunday and enjoy the rest of the weekend.



Official Page

Hibiscus Camp

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All photos are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 12-32 mm kit lens


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I think you have said everything right there hahaha. Have an amazing day to you!

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This is a lovely place to walk, I love all the colourful flowers and greens. Thank you for sharing such wonderful view again my friend.

The resort is not really that big but guess again. We just found out when we were about to leave lol. Will share next time.

You have shown us a really lovely place, I would love to do my yoga or meditation under the trees!

A lot of spots perfect for yoga. I am imagining especially early morning as the sun rises and some fog just below the hill would be amazing.

That looks like an incredibly relaxing place to be, and with a tremendous view! I could happily lounge in that pool while gazing out over the mountain valley all afternoon with not a concern in the world.

You said it! Nothing to worry about and just letting the water and landscape drown away all your troubles.

Wow, those views are amazing! On this chilly fall day in northern Michigan, those pictures look warm and inviting!

Ah that chilly fall in northern Michigan sounds very inviting to me for a change. Fall is something I would like to experience at least once in my life.

Definitely! The colors are beautiful...so many oranges and reds.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I appreciate the support. Thanks

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Wow thank a bunch!

Its really an adventure to read your posts! Keep it up and have a great week po!

Are you planning that trip to Bicol now lol. Cheers! Have a great week too!

Yes, no big obvious signage there. Nice nature place but I'd think they would plant some hibiscus for you to take some pictures.

I was expecting to see a lot of those but still the place is amazing. Thanks @ace108

That looks like a place that would have food served pool side! Along with a bunch of overpriced drinks. I think they are indeed missing out by only having the tuna.

They really need to try harder with the food and drinks. The place is amazing but food would make it perfect.

What a fabulous place to visit - I could see spending hours lounging in the pool taking in the view!
I think one of your plants that has both green leaves and black leaves may be the Taro plant that gives the taro root. Can't help you on the others though.
Thanks for sharing!

Oh Taro plant thank you for that. I wouldn't have known. I saw a lot of those and would be great if they made something out of the Taro and sold it at the store. That plant with the white leaf is something right? I couldn't find any information about it.

Wow, @watersnake101, what an epic excursion! You wrote a truly epic post to capture it all! It looks like an amazing place to visit. I hope you eventually got somE food before you ran out of steam.

Oh this is this just half of it. I couldn't fit it all in this post as I had too many photos of the place. As for the food I didn't want the tuna so I just ate some nuts and some bananas that we brought from the fruit stand. Eventually I forgot that I was still hungry because of the view.

That’s the best kind of view — making you lose sight of what you thought was important! Nuts and bananas are pretty much the perfect snack. A person can go on for a while on that!

You always seem to find the best resorts. Can you recommend any place near Batangas?

Hey @abitcoinskeptic Haven't explored much of Batangas yet. I think I have only been to two places there. One is in Lian Batangas like been there 8 months ago. https://steemit.com/beautifulsunday/@watersnake101/exploringasecretworld-beautifulsunday-lxw1gbu5oy
It's a quiet place if you want to be away from the crowd but beach is very rocky in some areas. The other one is in Calatagan which is further Batangas. Water is very clear you could easily see the watersnakes swimming by hahah. That is the place where I got my user name. You could buy fish from fishermen that you could roast over the fire. But these are really cheap get aways if you are down to earth. For comfort there are a lot of resorts but a bit pricey. Popular ones are Club Punta Fuego, Acuatico Beach resort, La Luz Beach Resort, Virgin Beach Resort. Haven't personally visited these resorts but hopefully we'll get a chance. I just need the budget for that hahha. Let me know if you are planning to visit. I'll ask around so could get the best experience as there are so many options to choose from.

Wow thanks for the information. I was looking at places to the west of Batangas when I should have been checking the east side. I imagine it would be easy to get there from Batangas since it doesn't look too far.

Excellent discussion of your wonderful trip.

In Lak'ech,


Thank you very much my friend.

Wonderful as usual @watersnake101. Looks amazing and relaxing. I think I would need a week to soak up everything.

I need that week too so badly. Soaking up for just the afternoon won't cut it.

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found it in #pypt server, good stuff, great place to stay with.

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