Wow, those flowers are wonderful!

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Thanks! So glad you like them!

So beautiful all the lovely coleus photographs @melinda010100! :-)
Great plants and awesome memories, lots of wonderful colors!
I still have my moms angel leaf begonia! 🌸🌿

That is very cool. I love that. I have a Christmas cactus that belonged to my son-in-law's father. I hope to keep it alive until the granddaughters are old enough to have homes of their own and I can give them their Grandpa's plant.

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Wonderful colors are appreciated with a unique intensity that are agreed between themselves.

They are pretty, aren't they?

They are beautiful !!! @melinda010100 and there are many different variations of them.
Geraniums were my Grandmother's favorite and I always have them growing here. I bring them in for the Winter. However possible I will keep her close to heart 😘.

I remember my grandmother growing beautiful African violets, too. She and my grandfather always had a big vegetable garden, too. I did inherit their love of gardening.

They too are so pretty ..!!!
My Grandmother also loved roses and Holyhocks.
We had two huge vegetable gardens. We grew and canned most of our food. We were homesteaders for sure. It was a lot of work with great reward.
I love gardening but I do not have a big vegetable garden as it is just me. I have friends that gladly share their harvest.

I miss being able to have a garden, but like you, it would be silly to have all that produce when I live alone. As it is I get more produce than I can use in my biweekly CSA box. Remind me about garden tool shadows. Wasn't that a thing?

🙂 !
I believe is was a thing...

Que colores tan vivos lod de esas flores,estan muy bellas,me gusto los bordes de las flores de la tercers fotografia,es un dorado tan natural? Asombroso,saludos

Ese es uno de mis favoritos, también. Tienen una maravillosa colección de plantas inusuales en el Jardín Botánico aquí.

The Packers won. lol! Well that would make any weekend special. That is so good to hear and those plants you showed are epic! Fantastic colors!

Thanks! They have now beaten their two biggest rivals. They won last week against the Bears and this week they won against the Vikings. It is a great way to start off their 100th anniversary season.

Yay! That IS an impressive start! I hope they make it all the way this year, Rogers is still the quarterback?

Yes he is. I hope he stays healthy. I just sent you an email.

Yes he's one of the great ones! ok.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I am happy for you. Beautiful, colourful plants.

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Their beauty is really sublime 😍😍 this is my first time looking at these plants, the colors on their leaves are just gorgeous

Thank you! They are lovely, aren't they?

Beautiful plants, Melinda. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Lovely memories of your grandmother.

Going back to my hometown and checking out the family graves is something my sister and I do.

I find visiting the cemetery a comforting thing to do. It brings up so many good memories for me.

Do you ever eat or consume this in any way? I heard they are considered medicinal in traditional chinese medicine.

I have taken several classes in TCM but have not learned of this plant. Interesting!

The chinese name is 紫苏 which translate to perilla and that is not the same as coleus but I did a search and perilla and coleus come out together. Maybe they are related.

Interesting. I don't remember ever learning that one, but since I retired I have lost a lot of once known information !

Hi Meli, happy start of the week, beautiful colorful pictures, thanks for sharing

Thanks, luv! I always appreciate hearing from you.

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Always nice to have time with friends where you can sit enjoy and share all those great memories in a nice atmosphere 🌝 ❤️ 🌝

It was a great weekend all 'round!

So beautiful nice to hear 👍

Awwwww, my mum grew a few types and colours of coleus too... I haven't grown any after she left us. Maybe time I do... :)

Glad you had a wonderful weekend, and wish you a great week ahead too!

Thanks, ac! Did your mom have a garden or grow them as house plants? My grandmother always grew them in pots in the house, but these in my photos are all growing outside in flower gardens and they seem to be flourishing!

These are amazingly colourful, I particularly like the first one with the greens, orange and reds.

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Thanks! They are beauties, aren't they?

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