The Token Nomination Contest…

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Let’s try something new…

My human is having a lot of fun with all those tokens you can get nowadays and… let’s be honest, with the price of steem and your vote value right now, one almost has to do something with them…
He also noticed that the ones who are aware of steem-engine are mostly higher Rep steemians…

So, he thought about a new initiative (game) that would:

  • support new steemians…
  • increase the popularity of tokens and
  • increase the interaction between steemians…

Right now it’s just a try-out… he still has to finetune me, his little bot… who else you thought would have to do the heavy work 😉

So what are the rules?

  • As we will start with something around PHOTO-tokens, leave me a comment on this post where you nominate a photographer with a rep below 55 or steem power below 500.
  • Of course the pictures have to be original work and, (I trust you on that) of a decent quality. I have nothing against cats, but my human doesn’t like selfies or cat-phone-pictures of low quality 😉

That’s it for now… Doesn’t sound too difficult, isn’t it… 😉

What? The prizes? OMG, you’re right… there are prizes…

The prizes?

Well, in case there is more than 1 nomination, all names will be put in a chronological list and… randomized on
The steemian that comes first on this randomized list will get:

  • 15 Staked PHOTO-tokens (yes staked, otherwise he could be tempted to sell them immediately… what most short-term people do ☹)
  • A week of resteems of all his/her posts… and upvotes with a nice PHOTO-POWER amount…
  • In case he/she is really active and talented… a listing on

And now you’re asking why you should put effort into this and look for someone to nominate… ok, ok, I get it. Nobody does anything for nothing nowadays… My human expected that 😊
The answer is simple : the one who nominated the winner… will also get 15 Staked PHOTO-tokens!

That’s it. The game is open to everybody who wants to participate. No resteems or upvotes of this post are required (although they are appreciated of course 😉) but… I almost forgot… YOU CAN’T NOMINATE YOURSELF!

As this is a try-out, rules, prizes, frequency… are subject to change overtime… let’s see if there is some interest first 😊
The end of the nomination-period is at payout-time of this post or as soon as a max of 5 nominations is reached… results will be posted 1 day later.
Happy Nominating!


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I would like to nominate @bitcoingodmode. I really liked Besides, he resteemed this post of yours...that's gotta count for something :-)

Congratz @bitcoingodmode & @kunschj , I just staked your 15 PHOTO-Tokens! Enjoy and thanks for participating!

Thanks! That’s great and I really appreciate it.

Awesome!!! Thanks!!!