Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday - A day out in Bangkok !!

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Today my plan was going to be to spend some quality time with my younger brother who came to visit me in Bangkok for some business dealing and a bit of pleasure but it has been more intense business matters then pleasure so today been his last day in Bangkok and our business dealing done we are going to spoil ourselves.



We needed some good carbs to start of our day so we decided on this awesome steak house which i of know in the MBK Shopping Mall called "The Beef Master" this steak house has the best aged beef imported from Australia and New Zealand so of we when.




After that juicy tasting steak we headed over to the desert shop which has every fruit sweet desert you can think of.



The main reason was to go to MBK Shopping Mall was not only for lunch but also to buy a new screen cover and phone cover for my brother's phone as MBK has one floor just that sells every brand of mobile phones and they also repair mobile phones.



After our steak , desert and buying the covers for my brother's phone i mentioned to him the "Night Train Markets" there we could relax have a few beers and later on half another awesome meal so we headed of to the Night Train Markets.




When we arrived at these markets i took him upstairs to view the market from above he was absolutely blown away looking at all these colored tents from above.


We got there a little early many vendors were still setting up but i did make it more easy to get around and see everything more clearly before the big crowds turned up.





I found this drinking hole quite interesting with all the old school desks very neat set up i thought.




Most of the vendors here work out of shipping containers neatly done up to suit there purpose or use them for storage reasons.





As we were wondering around these markets we could see the sky getting darker it was that time of the afternoon ready for the sky to open up and let it's load of rain onto us been monsoon period this happens every afternoon like clockwork.






So we decided to get ourselves some oysters and scorpion bugs and head under cover into one of the many open beer bars they have within these markets even with some bars having live music.





Oysters and bugs certainly go down well with a few beers.





After a few beers the rain had finally gone we decided to venture out and take a look around as the market was in full swing by now.






The beers bars were not pumping as yet it was still a bit early evening but the food vendors were pumping the food out seafood and stick food to be seen everywhere.






The salmon looked fresh and yummy the BBQ fish was looking good also but we decided we were going to have a rack of pork ribs.




So rack of pork ribs it was going to be we had spotted one little vendor store that wasn't so crowded so of we when back to that vendor. This rack of pork ribs with a couple of dips cost us $15 US that's a great deal.





So after polishing of that rack of pork ribs and a couple more beers we need to move around and burn a few carbs of so we wondered around a few of the clothing vendor stalls.





We came across this shoe shop i couldn't believe the price of these sports shoes $1300.00 US dollars were they's so special about them.



This drinking beer bar made me laugh with a name like that no wonder it was :)




And just like that the day was over it was a great day and night spent on the last day with my brother before heading back home to Australia tomorrow morning. Was great to see him and caught up after not seeing for nearly 2 years was very enjoyable lots of food and lots of fun had.



I hope you all had a great Sunday like me thank you @ace108 for hosting #beautifulsunday and thank you @c0ff33a for hosting #SublimeSunday.




Address: 559 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400
Hours: Open 5 pm - Closes 1 am
Phone: 092 713 5599

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Thank you so much for your support @travelfeed very much appreciated :)

Honestly I am so jealous of you, every post of yours seems to contain a lifetimes of experience - but you do it every week. Either Bangkok has an incredibly diverse and exciting experience right where you live - or you just never stop going places. Do you ever even spend a moment awake in your house? The steaks look mouth watering, and I really liked the military motorcycle. No doubt at all about your brother being...your brother you could be twins! More food, more drink, amazing places and sites - damn I bet #Steemfest is going to be amazing this year - you must be the tour guide for everyone !COFFEEA

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It is really hard to stand still here in Thailand i don't spend much time awake in my place because i am always thinking or planing where to go next there are so many choices here that it's hard to stand still and going places is not expensive is the reason i am always out and about bringing you these posts to make you more jealous...hehe :))))))

I should do a deal with #Steemfest to be there tour :)

And yeah a few people say me and my brother look like twins.

Sorry for the late reply trying to catch up after my brother's visit.

It's not "desert". Let me tell you why and you will remember forever.
It "stressed" spelled backwards "desserts" :-)

Haha...that's pretty clever well all that sugar does take the stressed :)

I KNEW IT! As soon as I saw that you were showing your brother around Thailand @hangin I knew you'd be heading for those delicious seafood venues. So I got my lobster loving taste buds all ready for another treat. But then I saw those mouth watering steaks and hoped you were going to spare me the temptation of seeing row upon row of my favourite food.......Seafood.

But then I kept reading and sure enough......there they were. Sigh!😋 One day....... I keep telling myself. One Day!!!!!!

After getting over my jealousy I took in all the other wonderful sights in this blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 😄 (U & R )

Haha....sorry but keep telling yourself one day , one day and it just might happen and i can give you that same tour , glad you enjoyed it and i bet your mouth is still watering :)

Have a great week ahead of you and thanks for the ( U & R )

Good advice my friend. I will continue to dream and mouth is still watering. 😋

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Better to dream then not dream keep the dream alive :)


Am not sure what that means but thank you :)

@autovoters & @talentclub supporting your good content :)

Thank you @autovoters & @talentclub for your support much appreciated :)

You´re wellcome! :)

I really thought this is already an entry for #MarketFriday! Hahaha! 😁 There are just so many stuffs that I love in this post. First, am happy to see you having a great time with your younger brother!

Next is the steak!!! Oh, I believe it's perfectly done. I can still imagine how juicy it is.

How do you like the bugs? Is it good? I would love to try those. I think they're not that bad. I've heard people are even saying that it's nutritious! 😛

The seafoods also looks fresh.

You have an excellent market! Wish I could visit there someday. 😊

Wait a minute i will just add the tag #marketfriday that wouldn't be :)

This is one of many awesome markets over here and it's fresh food daily and your right the bugs are very nutritious of course there are only certain ones that i like and brother and myself did have a great feast at these markets :)

Awesome, awesome. So glad you had a great time. 😊

Thailand is one in our bucket list to visit. Our son badly wants to ride an elephant. Hopefully someday we can visit! 😊

Hopefully do see you over here one day keep that dream alive great elephant rides over here that's for sure :)

Wow! Yes, we will keep that dream alive for him. 😊

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Thank you @esteem :)

What a happy family reunion! So good to share good time with family members!
Now, you need to go on a diet!!

It certainly was a nice couple of weeks now i go to go :)

coffeea Lucky you @hangin here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Thank you my friend very generous of you....Cheers :)