Beautiful Original French Mantel Clock for sale!


Designed with precision a long time ago. My gut feeling says that it was made in the 1800s either in France or in a nearby European country. But - It could also have been made in the 1950s as to not mislead anyone, I will have it checked before the 7 day period is over.

A luxurious inventory indeed it is, and if you want to buy it from me, I can offer it for $2500 SBD including free and insured transportation.

To acquire this mantel-clock directly, send the correct amount to this account with an email address, a phone number or or discord username in the MEMO so I can get in touch with you in regards of where you want it delivered, I use DHL fragile and insured services when transporting this beautiful piece of art to your door!

Thank you for your attention, I have other fine-arts for sale as well, so keep following me. Maybe I have something you really really want :)



Would you mind if I put a link to this post in my new steem store?

Or if you prefer, you could add it yourself using your own wording.

Awesome - put it up there if you like. I have more antiques and fine art I will be putting up for sale for SBD. Paintings and lithographs from artists like Marc Zakharovich Chagall, Theodore Tobiasse, Kjell Nupen, Salvador Dalí, Zamy Steynovitz and many others. I also have antique gold watches, raw diamonds and many other valuables and collectables I want to offer to the SBD market to try something new from the traditionally auction houses where the middleman fees often are 20% for buyer and seller which should not be necessary in todays world.

I agree that the fees seem unreasonably high.
That's wonderful that you have more things to sell. That will provide me with new items to put into the store.

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

If someone re-steems the post it gets additional exposure from the re-steem.

I agree with the french origin, and a date of 1870 or so. But the price may be a little optimistic. Also, people would sure want to know more about it before they caugh up that kind of money. Like, is it brass or gold plated bronce? Is the clockwork signed, or the figure, and if so by whom.
I've seen quiet a few of those mantle piece clocks, and collectors are quiet strict with such details.

Sounds about right - I'm having it analyzed for sales purpose by an antiquariat so I can bring more information added to the post later. I believe it is gold-paint on brass. 1870s sounds about right. I should get a good analysis before Monday. And also feel free to contact me on in the chat or voice-chat.

Well, if its genuine - and I tend to think it is, from its look - its likely to be bronce that is fire gilded. Its a gilding method that is not used anymore today, as its very unhealthy for the worker. Brass was normally left in it natural form.
I hope the expert can confirm this. Such clocks sell for 1200 -1500 Euro here. Unless you are really lucky and you can prove it was owned by Queen Victoria or JP Morgan or so, then it could be much more.

Is it still working good? What can it do than just telling a time?

It works great, and looks awesome, it needs to be mechanically wired up from time to time as these clocks will drift away from the constant when the metal spring lose it's durable strength. Replacing it or any of the gears are not very hard on this one. It comes with all the original parts intact. Handle with care and grease the wheels every 2nd year will keep it in good working condition.

2500 SBD or $2500 worth of SBD?

2500 SBD. I realize the SBD is 30% off the peg to the upside that should correct back to the $1 pegged value soon. If it does not, I can accept $2500 worth of SBD.

If you really want to sell it then the photograph should be much better quality and sharp in the first place. By the look of this clock on the picture you have posted it might be XIX century thing but it also might be Chinese modern replica. Would need to see more details to be sure. But the idea of selling stuff through Steemit is cool - I think that we are missing some sort of trading interface.

It looks great and I wish I have 2500SBD :)

This is beautiful

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Very beautiful clock!!

hermoso reloj.


very different,,,,,,,
It looks great.......///////

damm that's looks stunning

Very interesting clock, lovely old design, but where are the clockwise?

Wow. Its indeed a piece of artifact. A fine-art. I wish i had the clock. Only if you could give it out as a present to me since Tuesday is my birthday. Hihi. By the way, all the best finding a buyer

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hey @fyrstikken are really awesome..for posting
Beautiful Original French Mantel Clock .
it's really looking amzing....Though it was made in the 1800s either in France or in a nearby European country. but it's a unique model.
and you offered us $2500 ...

thank you very we will get update..hopefully.

I didn'it find your RESTEEM option.

best of luck..


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