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I made this on my MPC Renaissance (per usual) along with the Pono TE-D Ukulele. First layer consists of the main ukulele chords, then I doubled back and laid down a little bit of a solo. I used my midi piano to layered the same chords and give it a bit of ambience. Finally, I was feeling it, so I laid down some Tongan vocals.

I chose to leave the track fairly minimalistic, most of my favorite versions of Island Songs are raw and natural. I also chose not to quantize anything, so it has a real smooth and relaxing vibe. I don't want to give away all the sauce before the contest is complete, but I can share more after it's over. Enjoy!

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Nice chill build up to the vocal hymns...yea, we'll call them hymns xD

hymns, I like that xD

You nailed the tropical paradise theme tastefully minimal, the ukulele brings it home. Were the crashing waves sampled or 'constructed'?

Thanks a ton! The waves are a field recording, not constructed. If you listen to the .wav file with great headphones, it teleports you to the beach.

OK I just did, with my AKG studio headphones, and yeah, I felt like I was about to get splashed. You're inspiring me to sample the same ... You also have the backing 'ooh ahh' lady chorus that I was planning to use!

haha, awesome! I've been listening with the Sennheiser HD6xx (HD650) headphones, and it makes a pretty stark difference when listening with higher audio quality. The 'ooh ahh' lady chorus came from Garageband. Most people hate on that software, but it has pretty good sounds in my opinion!

Hmm, I really do need to expand out to other libraries and tools. I have heard of Garageband, but didn't know people have given it unfavorable reviews other than newer tools have more features ...

I focused too narrowly on the hip hop scene with my last comment, I feel they undervalue/overlook the software.

What software/hardware do you regularly use to create?

Yeah there is no hip hip in Plug's Island Uku, so I guess it was just the lady chorus in the present tune, if Garageband is all over hip hop, otherwise.

I'm kind of catching up, about twenty years ago I had a Turtle Beach Tahiti sound card and Cakewalk sequencer, on a windows 3.1 machine! These days, I just run Audacity on a whatever native sound chips are on a wintel i7 6700/windows 7 Asus motherboard ...

I have the Rosegarden sequencer installed on a Ubuntu machine that I haven't quite dug into yet, but will certainly look into, if nothing else, using it for midi system exclusive downloads for a legacy 8 bit synth (designed with four sound generator chips from the Commodore 64, the 6581 Sound Interface Device 'Sidnth' ) that still has some places it can go (not necessarily sound like a 'gameboy' like so much of the 8 bit fad is these days). I need to make some time to write an editor/librarian in python for it ...

The mainstay of my studio is the Korg T1, 45 kg of 88 weighted keys and 16 voice polyphony ... good thing Audacity on this host does multitracking so well, the drums alone could take up half the voices ... ;-) But I do love it... I also have this ancient 'micro moog' style analog module called the PAiA Gnome, a whole lot of fun still these days! and small four port mixer with it's own effects, modest but adequate in combination with Audacity ... Then my 'second' instruments are violin and Soprano Baroque Recorder, the kind teachers give to young kids, fun toy, both of which, along with occasionally my voice, I sample with a Sennheiser MD421 ... that's it for now... enough to keep me occupied until I decide take the time to tool up...

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Yessssssss this screams Tropical Paradise.

Everything from those waves crashing throughout to that beautiful uke to those hymns, wow what an incredible performance.

Such a soothing, beautiful entry. I can envision the ocean so clearly and that warm breeze hitting me with this entry. What a talent to be able to create such a vivid atmosphere.

Appreciate you taking the time and effort to create this and share it with the community to enjoy.

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