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Winds at 60km speeds are good for one thing! Kite Surfing!

15 photos here to show you what the guys get up to here at the beach in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. With the sand whipped up by the wind and stinging my face, salt in my hair and our little dog Troy cringing in my wife's arms, I took some shots about the antics of the kite surfers.
Have a look at some seaside fun!


Some beautiful scenery here and you can see the kites!


Seagull shaking his head at the mad guys with their kites!


Look how the wind lifts that kite!


I have never done this, but it looks like high speed fun!


Guy at the left is airborne!


What a great action shot!


Another guy running along the shallow breakers!


A one arm ski as arms must be getting lame hanging on!


A lift to dodge the breaking wave!


Hey look ma, I am flying!


Yeeks! Is that a shark down there?


This must be so great to do in the winds!


Another gull coming in to have a look!


Our palm trees hair being whipped about to show you the strength of the wind!

And That's All Folks!

Since the early times mankind has used the energies of nature to aid them on the seas. Think here of sailing ships before motors were discovered. The wind today forms a great ally in developing electricity via wind bladed towers and other uses. But then again, the wind can also be an absolute destroyer with cyclones and such and mankind can never control it absolutely.

But as you saw here, the wind can also be a friend in one's sporting activities!

We hope that you have enjoyed the summer activities here and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity



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I have always wanted to try kite surfing. I snowboard so maybe I can get the hang of it quicker. I've heard it is the fasted way to 'sail' being much faster than windsurfing or taking a sailboat because the kite can be very high and it's light. Have you ever tried?

Well if you snowboard then you should be a natural for kite surfing my friend. I unfortunately can never try because of my back, but nothing prevents me from looking and dreaming.
Those guys can reach tremendous speeds and I have seen one beat a motorboat!
Send me the photos when you do it, because I know that you can!

Wind surfers really pick up speed and go quite far out, they must know what they are doing when going deep sea adventuring I hope.

The round board used in the shallows looks a lot of fun, also gains quick speed and traction with some "look at me ma, I's flying"!

@tipu .1

Thank you for the great support my friend.
They do indeed reach very high speeds as they flash along that mile long beach. Whizzing along and doing all kinds of air tricks, only to land safely back in the surf.
Can you believe that we once on a boat saw a guy on a paddle plank about 3 miles deep away from the shore, standing on a board with a long fixed pair of oars. Maybe he was on his way to Australia hahaha.

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Thank you and blessings to your work!

Thanks for facing the wind and stinging sand to bring us these great photos, Sir Stephen.

Hahaha, life is what it is Lady Jo and at times we have to face the unpleasantries in order to get the job done.
Glad that you liked the photos my dear friend.

I also have no experience in doing this. But it always looks fun. Maybe one day.
Nice capture!

Thank you and I think that it must be an exhilarating experience.

What cool shots it’s something I have never tried and probably never will, but i do love watching them in action

Thank you and same here JJ.
One ride and they will carry me away on a stretcher with a locked back.
My days of ultra high speeds ended many years ago after the bike prang.
But, we can always watch and dream my friend!

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Thank you for the kind support here my friends!

I like this

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Thank you @shuvo35.
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hello a nice sport like birds
Happy Monday

Happy week also to you @txatxy
They do indeed fly around like birds!
Blessings and thank you!

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Thank you for the kind support here @raymondspeaks.
I will certainly look into this and contact you for advice if you don't mind.

Please do :) - you should find them sitting in your steem-engine account!

Thank you sir. I will have a look see!

Wow this looks exciting! I prefer just having a view of the ocean instead of hovering above it, but it sure looks like fun.

Honored by your visit and thank you my friend.
Those guys certainly enjoy the high winds.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! Tremendous photos, that's looks like a blast!

Thank you Sir @janton and oh yeah, it seems that those guys know what they are doing. It was great to see them in action.

Yes sir, it looks like it takes a great deal of athleticism to pull that off!

So it does my friend!