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agnes laczo art bath tub art contest bathroom.jpg

You did not have to wait long for the new contest did you? :-)

So here it is :
This time i would like you guys to draw me something related to
the bathroom. It can be a woman in the bathtub , or someone
taking a shower, or a man shaving.. or pretty much any
creative idea will do. Maybe a woman doing her makeup...
Please use your imagination ! I would like to see people!
I know it might be more difficult for you , but know that
i really appreciate your effort ! :-)


Some info to help you:

  • Remember, i like colorful drawings!
  • Digital works are welcomed.
  • I love immature drawings so don't be shy!
  • You can send in 2 drawings.
  • Please make sure you send in GOOD QUALITY picture !
  • Make sure you draw it for this contest. No old work.
  • Show steps of process if possible.

agnes laczo art women.jpg

Instead of 5 winners, there will be 10 WINNERS!
The way i can do that is this:


So it is not about being the best, but rewarding more of you who participates!





  • MAKE A POST SHOWING YOUR DRAWING with a link to this post !

  • COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH A LINK to your post so i can find it!
    ( best if you put your drawing in the comment too )

  • USE TAG # bathroom


PLEASE NOTE- If there are less than 50 players, the contest's payout
may change ! ( less winners too )
So please spread the word, resteem this post !

I am looking forward to see your drawings !

( make sure i get your drawing before Monday midnight )




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Hi! this is my entry, I hope that you think is a funny drawing. How many eyes are watching her?

bath 1.jpg

Replace the dog with a baby and that’s my life! LoL 😂

hahaha :D

with me it's rather let the dog but no baby but still the same happens , she can't be without me for a sec ... that's my life hahaha lolz but she's like a child to me

Good one, thank You ! :-)

Hello , Here's my entry to the contest titled taking a selfis from the bathtub: :

tigresito 053.jpg

very nice, thank you :-)

Hey! Checkout my entry on eSteem!


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Very nice and colorful

Thanks a lot 😁😁😁

Thank You very much ! :-)

I like it. Well done.


Hola saludos amigos de steemit... Espero les guste mi participación...

Un memento de relax, jajajaja que vida tan dura, ustedes que opinan?


very nice, thank You :-)

Hello to all community members! I hope you like my drawing. Thank you very much for this contest!

Daniel Baño1.JPG

Very funny!

What a beautiful drawing!!

Thank You :-)

Hello everyone! I hope you like my drawing. Many thanks to @agneslaczo for this contest!

Baño Laura Def.JPG


Nice, nice, nice!!

Thank You very much ! :-)

Very funny!

What fun!

Thank You :-)

cute, thank You ! :-)

Lovely, thank You ! :-)

Cute. Very detailed.

Thank you very much!

Thank You very much ! very well done! :-)

Thank you for the contest <3

Here is my bathroom drawing submission post :) I hope you like it :)

PL148944 (2).jpg

I love it, thank You dear ! :-)

is that a woman shaving her self?

Very nice

Thank You :-)

I hope I am not too late for my entry. And this is my entry. :)


Thank You ! :-) ( just made it on time :-) )

Hello everyone! This is what I had fun saying hello here, my entrance

:-) Thank You very much :-)

Beautiful drawing! Congratulations!!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is my first drawing for a contest
Hope you like it
Baño 3.jpeg

Ha ha ha !

very funny , thank You ! :-)

Saludos a todos mis amigos de steemit, aquí les dejo mi participación


Wonderful, thank You ! :-)

Thank You very much ! :-)

Hi, here I leave my work for the art contest n. ° 6 in the bathroom, leads by title Secrets of women I want to give a positive message that it does not matter if the woman you love is thin or not, beauty is a set of things and qualities. Regards...

Thank You :-)

Lovely! Thank You :-)

wonderful ! thank You ! :-)

Very cool , i love the colors too ! Thank You! :-)
( i am happy you entered )

this one is fantastic very artistic!

Thanks. Your cheeky bum is very cool too ;)

Mine is fun, but this is art. :-) But thank you!

This is really good ! Thank You very much ! :-)

very well done with the mirror reflection I like it good work

hello friends, I got the attention of this @agneslaczo contest, so this is my entry, I hope you like it


Wonderful, Thank You so much ! :-)

Hi hello friends of steemit ... My participation, I hope you like it


Wonderful ! thank You ! :-)

Co-created with my four year old Oona Lynx . We like to call it "Trouble in the bathroom" or "alzheimers moments"

:-D funny ! Thank You guys !

The cat is like "what the heck is going on" also it looks like the entire bathroom is inside an apple. And there is a banana floating in front of the poor womans face. Lol, we have been coming back to get another laugh at our "genius" can you tell?

I am happy that you guys laughing around , makes me feel good. I guess this is one of the purpose of these contests ! :-)

it for sure is! Pencil coloring I never liked so much, it is not hard enough, And you can change and change and change again. But this contest let me respect my pencils :-) And when I look at the paintings, some are so nice, it looks like picked from internet. Some are so sweet simple, It really is ever so amusing! I love the contest. And this one from amsterdam is sweet, you can see oma and grandchild amused their selfs :-) Heel leuk !

I am glad to see Janine that you having so much fun with this contest!! I hope you will enjoy the new ones too ! :-)

I like these contests greetings!

i hope you will join ! :-)

Holaaa este concurso tuyo me agrado soy nueva me motive aqui te dejo el mio jaja Imagen 285.jpg
aqui el hermosoooo jajajaja
Imagen 291.jpg

@agneslaczo espero te guste mi participación

Thank You :-)

lol in bath with bikini? nice :-)

jaajajajaja siiii only reached to take off the bikini, she is pregnant !! Well, thank you @janine-ariane

Wonderful , thank You :-)

Hi, this is my entry in the contest, so sensitive I made a drawing of love, taking advantage of the opportunity and the special date


Great, thank You :-)

I love this. :-)

This is beautiful

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Saludos aquí les dejo en donde pueden ver mi participación:
Este fue mi trabajo final
En la espera del siguiente concurso @agneslaczo

Muy bien, muchas gracias! :-)
el próximo concurso será divertido también! ;-)

:-) starting again, I ended up with an ugly woman in a sarcofagi... hahaha

You have plenty of time :-)

This is my presentation hoping you like it and waiting for your comments

Yes, very nice, thank You ! :-)

Thank You :-)

I do, thanks a lot ! :-)

Hello friends, I hope you like my drawing. In this way I join the contest. 20180214_223428.jpg

good one, thank You ! :-)

Thank You :-)

hi @agneslaczo Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your contest this is my entry:

a funny one. thank You :-)

this is my other entry to the contest I hope you like one of the two


my link:

an even funnier one ! thanks ! :-)

my entree

click to go to original post

In Holland we had a adverb on television. It was about chocolate with airbubbels inside, the chocolat bar is called Bros but I think it now is called aero, or something like that. The adverb had Adelle Bloemendaal in bath. Adele was a dutch actrice and cabaretier. This reminds me of that adverb. Bros bros bros :-) Or am I just lusty for chocolates?

Bros reminds me of that cool 80's band ! you know, the handsome blond twins ! :-D


hahaha yes I know them like I had to take the dust of my memory!
this is the Adele adverb. :

ok, now i know about the chocolate, but i think this one is so much better! :-)

weird it is so long ago :-)

Thank You very much !! :-)

funny that my drawing brings these things to mind! But thanks! :D

when you see the ad, you understand why! :-) @agnes @wanderingkells is my daughter.

oh ok, i see :-)

I love it, thank You Janine ! :-)

big pleasure again; :-)

Thank You very much ! :-)

Nice, thanks a lot ! :-)

very cute, thank You :-)

:-) Thank You ! :-)

I was really looking out for this one :-) I have a bit of time to start yippyyy :-)

I am glad to "hear" that ! I am looking forward to see your drawing dear! :-)

Thank You ! :-)

Hola amigos de steemit... Aquí les mi participación en este reto... Día de baño jajaja


Thank You :-)

Amigos de steemit saludos... Estoy publicando mi entrada espero les guste


Hello, this is my entry, I hope you like it I decided to make a linga girl taking a hot shower, it was very entertaining to reliazar this drawing, your vote would be very helpful, thanks for the contests

Great job, thank You ! :-)

This is my frst time to join. I wished I KNew about this earlier. Anyway, i had fun doing it. Thanks for this chance. HERE IS my entry:


very original idea, i love it, thank You ! :-)
I do contest once a week, so make sure you keep an eye on me ! ;-)
see you around!

I will keep that in mind. It is a good way to practice my drawing skills.

very nice, than You :-)

Thank You very much ! :-)

Hahaha, you told me it'll be fun :D And this is fun indeed. Let's see what can I come up with this time. Now I'm more experienced, I already drew a shoe :D
Még a végén megtanulok rajzolni :D

Nagyon kivancsian varom az uj rajzodat Erika ! :-)

I love it, thanks a lot! :-)

Thank you for hosting this contest

Here is the link to my entry:

Nice, thank You ! :-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello Friends!

Here you are the link of my Bottaro´s style post for the #art contest #6.


Thanks to @agneslaczo for promoting this contest!!!

Thank You :-)

MAKE A POST SHOWING YOUR DRAWING with a link to this post. how to do this part? Is this still open?

create a post about your drawing to this contest. when you done, put the link to your post in here, so i know about it. and if you can post your drawing in here in the comment , that would be nice!
( check how others have done it, that helps )

Thank You :-)