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RE: Elon Musk Foresees us Adopting Some Form of Universal Basic Income

I think something will be need. I think just as important is the question of what we can give people to fill their time. Boredom and mental health issues due to increasing isolation when people no longer have a formal job may be an even more difficult issue to solve.


Definitely an issue that would need some serious consideration. Once you don't have a job, what do you fill the time with? Community based events and lifestyles could get a major boost, you'd have many more people available to participate in them. However, you'll need new kinds of community leaders and coresponding changes to education, to get those things started and to continue.

Yes. Great points - it may encourage a return to old style communities too where people knew each other better and looked out for each other.

I totally agree with you there. That's somewhat how I view the 'will people still work' question...for me being more a concern on that 'filling time' in a positive way. It's a big focus for me when the results come out from many of these trials/experiments...actually get to see how people choose to use this time. So far the only results I'd seen so far were for the Manitoba, Canada experiments, but who knows yet if those results will be similar in other places, especially when applied into different cultures.

It'll be interesting to see how some of the new efforts work out, especially with them being done in places across the globe.

Yes definitely.

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