Steem Basic Income - Logo Contest Entries (category 1)

Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Logo Contest Entries

A week ago we announced a logo contest to replace our current logo:

This is the pixabay image we are looking to replace:

We had many quality entrants, including quite a few that showed their process.

We will post comments after this post with the logo entries for each of the qualifying entries. Cast your upvote on your favorites. At the end of one week, we will decide the winning entry based on the total number of upvotes.

The winner will receive 5 shares in Steem Basic Income, sponsored by @josephsavage.

Banner Contest Entries

We are still one entry short for the banner contest. If you're still working on your entry, share it on the contest post as soon as you can. We will post the banner contest entries once we have enough submissions.

Steem Basic Income Enrollment

If you want to join Steem Basic Income... Send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include in the comments the name of a Steemian that you would like to sponsor. You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 share in the program and receive regular upvotes on your posts.


We broke down the mechanics for how the program works in the complete overview. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments section!


Vote for it by giving an upvote on the comment (even if it's a little 1% upvote it will still count). Winner will be decided by total number of upvotes. You can vote for as many as you like.

thanks man, hope you vote for it :) it really mean sooo much to me :)

I really like your design the best but I think with the words it is problematic for the circle crop. If you dropped the words (which will be everywhere it posts anyway) it would be better. In any case, I still upvoted it.

thanks @katysavage , that input made me think that it might work ill try to rework it and if it works, its gotta be cool! I appreciate the suggestion :) keep steemin! :D

Thanks! I really do like your design the best. Very creative and I love that the colors are sharp and off-set each other.

This logo has been selected and approved by the @earthnation.

I like this one because it's self explanatory and I like the visual "balance" with the color choices :) great job @roldamn

Thanks @amariespeaks:) really appreciated it :) God luck to me i guess :D

yey that's nice.. voted!

Nice! Voted for this one.

Thanks ohkaaay :) really appreciate it :)

@marlon241982's entries

Specify your preference between the two. We will choose based on the comments if this gets the most votes.

i guess we should use the one with the new logo

All looks nice but the one with new logo looks unique.

Upvoted @marlon241982

Thank you Bro!

@resteempower's entry

@paradigmprospect's entry

(comment if you prefer one of the other colors from his blog entry- if this entry wins we will choose a color based on the comments here)

@curiousiam's entry

@amariespeaks's entry

Thank you for what you are doing. I'm interested to see where this goes. The waterfall description in the other post gave a good visual of how it works.
I appreciate your hard work. Take care.

positive vibes1.jpg

Wow I was going to put together an entry but these images and logos as so far beyond what I could do.

We are in good hands.

You could still submit an entry for the banner!

Good contests and great activities! ;)

hi I dont think i got my upvote from you on my last post basic : (

You have been moved into pool 2, since your voting weight per post would be too low to get upvotes in pool one. Your upvotes come from @sbi2 now, unless you move back into pool 1.

There is some explanation on the Waterfall system in our new complete overview, but let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @steembasicincome I sent you registration fee for a friend.

This was processed and your share counts updated. We only send confirmation messages when a member is first enrolled, but you will see that your share count has increased when we post the full list this weekend.

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Upvoted on behalf of the Earth Nation.

great to post.

good day, pay attention to my account, I pay a fee for your votes from 50 to 70 % of the program sbdgiveaway, I will be glad to meet and communicate further)))

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