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Steem Basic Income - Full Membership Update - 11 Feb 2018

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Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

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Management Fees

I didn't start Steem Basic Income to make money; I started it to help other people and decide for myself whether a sustainable basic income was feasible. That said, it takes a significant amount of time, and I have only posted on my own page a few times in the last month.

For every 100 total shares in @steembasicincome, @josephsavage will be granted one bonus share. This has a very minimal impact on the voting weight received by other members, and none at all if I don't actually post anything on my own blog. This also gives the flexibility to take some of that income and hire out assistance if needed. Since this is a material change, members that object may remove themselves from the program, subject to the refund rules outlined in the original launch post. We hope that everyone will agree that it's a fair move and stay with us!

We're on Discord

@earthnation graciously invited us to create a channel within their server that we can invite our members into. Come introduce yourself, talk about what basic income means to you, ask for help (I even show up sometimes!), get to know each other. Please be respectful of @earthnation's guidelines for their other channels.

Delegation Bonus Shares

Existing members can receive bonus shares from delegation. For every 25 SP delegated to @steembasicincome, members will receive 1 bonus share. These bonus shares will be removed if the delegation is withdrawn. Currently each share in pool 1 receives a weekly voting weight of roughly 3.56%.

To simplify the tracking, all members should delegate to @steembasicincome. If the delegating member is not in pool 1, their delegation to @steembasicincome will be added to the delegation sent by @steembasicincome to the pool they are actually in.

These bonus shares will be counted before the bonus shares from upvoting @steembasicincome. So if you have 1 share, received 4 bonus shares from delegation of 100 SP, and then upvoted @steembasicincome regularly, you could potentially receive upvote weight equivalent to 10 shares instead of only 1!

Any Steemian that is already enrolled in @steembasicincome can delegate as much as they would like, to receive bonus shares. If you are not already a member but would like to delegate, please send an enrollment transaction to @steembasicincome and we will add your bonus shares at the time we process your enrollment.

We appreciate the members that take us up on this, and will provide updates highlighting our member-provided delegation, so that you will know who to thank.

Let's look briefly at our current delegation sources. The bonus shares shown below are in addition to the total shares in the tables or lists that follow.

AccountM Vesting SharesSource
@blocktrades3.166leased directly
@eeks1.605leased through MB market
@holbein811.393leased through MB market
@coinfund1.115leased through MB market
@cryptoeera1.113leased through MB market
@ecoinstant1.023SBI member; 20 bonus shares rewarded
@sportsdesk0.812leased through MB market
@flexthought0.788leased through MB market
@theb0red10.409SBI Member; 8 bonus shares rewarded
@danpaulson0.409SBI member; 8 bonus shares rewarded
@soushi8880.409SBI member; 8 bonus shares rewarded
@ligayagardener0.205SBI member; 4 bonus shares rewarded
@hefziba0.205SBI member; 4 bonus shares rewarded
@revo0.102SBI member; 2 bonus shares rewarded
@fishyculture0.051SBI member; 1 bonus share rewarded
@tylersr0.051SBI member; 1 bonus share rewarded
@skycae0.051SBI member; 1 bonus share rewarded
@cryptogecko0.051SBI member; 1 bonus share rewarded
@emergehealthier0.051SBI member; 1 bonus share rewarded

We are grateful to all of our members that provide delegation. With this added SP, together with upvoting support we have been receiving from our members, we have not had to return to the MB delegation market in several days. This is terrific for our long-term sustainability! Great job, everyone!

Here are some Handy Delegation links:


Current Membership

We are up to 1944 shares, with 765 members, and 502 bonus shares. The share counts below are actual shares from sponsoring or being sponsored, not bonus shares from any source. If you believe your share count to be incorrect, please let us know and we will happily check it again. There are no more paused members. Any member that would be paused in the first pool has been moved into the second pool so they can get their basic income upvotes from @sbi2.

All new members are now being slotted into pool 2. Remember that pool 2 upvotes come from @sbi2. If you are checking a post for whether you got your upvotes, please look for votes from @steembasicincome and from @sbi2. While single share members are listed separately from pool 1 and pool 2, we do still occasionally move inactive (or hyperactive) members from pool 1 to pool 2 and advance others from pool 2 to keep pool 1 full.

Steemian NameProgram Shares
@sneakyninja121 (pool 2)
@haejin7 (pool 2)
@docmastery2 (pool 2)
@freeforever2 (pool 2)
@earthnation2 (pool 2)
@taskmaster44503 (pool 3)
@point2 (inactive)
@tattoodjay2 (pool 2)
@wylde2 (inactive)
@sostrin5 (inactive)
@arcange2 (pool 2)
@adonisabril2 (pool 2)
@gabrysi2 (pool 2)
@eaglespirit2 (pool 2)
@grapthar2 (pool 2)
@bitopia2 (pool 2)
@aurora-ca2 (pool 2)
@valorforfreedom2 (pool 2)
@wido2 (inactive)
@mountainjewel3 (pool 2)
@sienna-lea3 (pool 2)
@renikingns2 (pool 2)
@briggsy2 (pool 2)
@vanessav3 (pool 2)
@schoonercreek2 (pool 2)

Single Share Members

@docdelux, @anyway, @dennisauburn, @lindahas, @bluerthangreen, @razvanelulmarin, @jedigeiss, @catweasel, @underground, @torico, @xyzashu, @nicholas83, @kristyyd, @staceyjean, @zord189, @birjudanak, @ilyastarar, @adetola, @privat, @acelad, @holothewise, @healingherb, @frieda, @grey580, @termitemusic, @dylan007, @arbitrarykitten, @alexpavlenko, @bunnymoney, @lonestarpoet, @sardrt, @jewels3, @macchiata, @dineandtravel, @artjohn, @mineopoly, @yekrats, @melianna, @worldclassplayer, @grottbags, @investfourmore, @geopolis, @flamingbot, @ehrgeiz, @rodthrower18, @bryangav, @keyss, @abduhawab, @fourfourfun, @carlgnash, @silverwolverine, @cryptkeeper17, @karliesadventure, @inuke, @steemiteducation, @spykemajeska, @antic, @sunnyofoz, @laurabean, @cjzachary, @nexusvortex777, @ainie.kashif, @matiasfumagalli, @naturalworld, @cadawg, @luigi-the-gnome, @barbara-orenya, @amity123, @mike11, @fractal-team, @blanca237, @limnerlocin, @ekklesiagora, @fuhreresu, @fiercewarrior, @nuridin, @srivera, @cygon, @amos1969, @metzli, @chamcapadiso, @busdriver, @ankapolo, @rungirl, @izzydawn, @mosqueteros, @psicoparedes, @tangmo, @merryslamb, @zija2022, @kanu1988, @iivy, @etherealcreation, @musically, @dirtyhippie, @svkrulze, @pingucat, @leathertinker, @lordsnek, @aurelyr, @redrosegrace, @sidneybrown, @sanmi, @bobinson, @life-relearnt, @trucklife-family, @kuanta, @personanongrata, @cryptoflower23, @sittipong, @livemylife, @winutcha, @finnian, @musicapoetica, @zonguin, @curiousiam, @oykumaral, @solisrex, @anarchrysalis, @zingtoys, @audiosiren, @martijn4ever, @chiknhead, @tythetraveler, @thephilosophizer, @paps, @excellfitlife, @gnefkow, @lexiconical, @boywonder, @starfall, @mara93, @stinawog, @sachdharamsingh, @zakariachowdhury, @arkayani, @syncubate, @uniquecosmos, @satinderdahiya, @silverhunt, @shawnster, @psychsherpa, @robertlyon, @bola, @beatseb, @rimshaf, @rockyb, @arthuradamson, @benjamincossel, @cryptotortoise, @xabi, @clara-andriessen, @revo, @molovelly, @s-montagu, @sweetbbsr, @shreyansh, @criptoes, @nadhiramusic, @firephoenixdance, @lauriki, @theaussiegame, @profedel83, @mrwildenfree, @treatimusprime, @nichi, @evofield, @spazzmatikk, @ziktor, @bereginja-steem, @gtan, @ricorolla, @mark4ubi, @akinolaadedamola, @offgridninja, @bueno3kk, @mohrtravel, @valeacevedo, @burgase, @rainbowlightning, @zenstrive, @thearts, @closerv, @cizzo, @tylersr, @thehomeschoolkid, @kryptonaut, @marillaanne, @firedream, @cryptosuf, @discordiant, @ivan.atman, @not-a-bird, @cynicaloptimist, @amanprem, @inputoutput, @earisu, @debbietiyan, @positivelight, @jade3141, @andrew.tischler, @janusface, @dimales, @samve, @cardoprimo, @layl, @dalexx, @thelifewire, @sylviemeh, @piterman, @steemulator, @cplbiggs, @lifeinasatincap, @heyitsjooo, @lefthouse, @vegoutt-travel, @johnnycopper1, @annhoyblog, @soulsistashakti, @conradshaw, @sequeira, @adityabhat, @albuluhi, @evamihailovits, @thespacebetween, @ale.tripoli, @anakoven, @goathollow, @ikaputri3, @butterb, @tanyaschutte, @twiningenious, @cassiopeia, @cryptobeans, @leap8, @donovan313, @sol4cash, @indiaunited, @ammadkhalid, @roman.musica, @nicolivera11, @phoenixwren, @theferalone, @capturinglife, @thekittiemuffin, @roldamn, @broncnutz, @mslifesteem, @alexmoller, @gsari, @freedomflower, @malxolm, @bogdanfees, @geekorner, @waterloolaw, @insideoutlet, @ddschteinn, @artprincess, @hickorymack, @em3di, @zedikaredirect, @mrpirated, @natalielo, @sabrinaa, @myklovenotwar, @cryptogrant, @ninaprdolina, @antminer, @what-is-life, @halfshinigami, @cstranger, @tloes, @rachaeldwatson, @vibeof100monkeys, @equites, @pawanregmi28, @jeffbernst, @docpaoh, @heightenedliving, @professorhobo, @aliceaina, @emergehealthier, @atnicholson, @sbsparts, @treaphort, @driftingvoice, @enchantedspirit, @praise-eu, @farq, @cassandracustodi, @stevensteel, @daisydelta, @sterh, @industriousliv

Pool 2 Single Share Members

@ew-and-patterns, @karthikdtrading1, @kingscrown, @zer0hedge, @theguruasia, @uwelang, @boxmining, @weirdheadaches, @idikuci, @googlee, @funatoz, @axios, @occupywallets, @wanderingkells, @dmwh, @butterfly-effect, @grimbly, @xtetrahedron, @vee2180, @howtostartablog, @bryandivisions, @vindy, @kayclarity, @olivers-wilde, @mysticalword, @chaostheory, @thegrandestine, @jamieklinger, @riovanes, @kaylinart, @libertylol, @fitinfun, @hanggggbeeee, @havok777, @photocontests, @shutthefrontdoor, @jfolkmann, @hanen, @dedicatedguy, @entrepreneur916, @chireerocks, @tarazkp, @adrianobalan, @matren, @mariya-lorenz, @cranium, @flashfiction, @oleksandr, @coupleumbrella, @marketreport, @jamesgetsit, @thebugiq, @bniode, @dynamicgreentk, @krvsada, @debralee, @kuchenkruemel, @rye05, @agneslaczo, @ninahaskin, @lordnigel, @sawi, @thiago, @steveconnor, @velimir, @aaronmcheong, @zararina, @web-gnar, @thepholosopher, @steaknsteem, @abolitionistjay, @miyata1987, @enjoyinglife, @tibra, @brandonnaramore, @melooo182, @unmentionable, @davemccoy, @r351574nc3, @martinwinkler, @rayne122, @sylph, @onemillion, @for91days, @muspart94, @sykochica, @steemfluencer, @nodnarb, @felobtc, @sljivanono, @svarozich, @herrleeb, @harryp3, @powellx5, @alieone,, @undertube, @deadgrlsuppastar, @teneiced, @jaymesbawned, @philakonecrypto, @anonymoustory, @crypto4iso, @tom28, @chr0nix, @hrovat66, @hilladigahackles, @satellitesister, @nate-atkins, @bengy, @aidefr, @g10a, @iamkunaning, @gandhibaba, @sweetpea, @k3b4b, @byn, @nikkispins, @meno, @nairadaddy, @pandorasbox, @hilarski, @penguinpablo, @faustino, @nobyeni, @egodust, @welshstacker, @xettrinabin, @dontstopmenow, @happyme, @bammbuss, @beiker, @danyelk, @jrswab, @jacinta.sevilla, @marxrab, @serfis, @yana.gora, @mermaidvampire, @slhomestead, @ilovepoorpeople, @upv4life, @ironshield, @alishi, @craigahamilton, @trashureseeker, @yuriks2000, @autobrad, @darthnava, @humanearl, @muklis, @janver06, @kittyandcheese, @chrisdyer, @fr3q, @apanamamama, @tensor, @leftamessage, @sequentialvibe, @zrna, @hipernova, @jadeannabel, @emmaculate, @mrnitro, @innerstellar, @mcoinz79, @jatinhota, @clayboyn, @sathyasankar, @honarparvar, @komiya-encore, @kazish, @khusairi, @wdwmemesnzapps, @ldacey-laforge, @thefreshfive, @vtravels, @caitycat, @gokhan83kurt, @leonardodagamer, @dijetechili, @svemirac, @ashe-oro, @apnigrich, @markkennard, @a0i, @inspiredgideon1, @landonator, @mathematrix, @carajonesspeaks, @joshua-golbuu, @crowdfundedwhale, @c8it, @criptonotas, @richi0927, @joco, @zeroooc, @steemsausage, @reserse, @jorge248, @fiveelements5, @somebuttstuff, @flaversham, @jkms, @jennshaggy, @alaskahippie, @fernowl13, @artzanolino, @leighleigh, @aunt-deb, @bthebest7, @canadianrenegade, @cecicastor, @cheneats, @consciousnews, @eco-alex, @ecotrain, @goldendawne, @greenacrehome, @healthy-home, @idyllwild, @karenfoster, @kokibyivana, @kiaraantonoviche, @phedizzle, @qurator, @shalomacres, @twinislandflames, @yogajill, @bradlovesbeer, @emmyem84


Sounds intriguing... How do I sign up?

Send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include the name of a Steemian to sponsor in the comments. You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 share in the program.


We broke down the mechanics for how the program works in the newly updated complete overview. If you still have any questions, ask away in the comments section!

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Upvoted by the @earthnation Guild.

This is a good initiative
I just joined Steemit and have been wondering how do I swim in this pond?
And You just answered my question

Hi.. I would like to ask, how much would be the vote value per 1 share?


Hi, @ediah! @themanwithnoname just did a great post on this topic:

The actual results vary with the changes in STEEM/SBD valuation, but we found his calculations to be reasonably accurate.


Thanks for this @steembasicincome.. I have enrolled ur program already and set my steemvoter to upvote ur posts from now on.. More power to you..


Awesome, thanks for your support. I see that you're in pool 2, so watch for your upvotes to come from @sbi2.

Little fishy is happy in pool 2 .. maybe it can hop into pool 3 ..


When pool three opens up, im for sure buying myself another membership.

I thought I was in pool 1 and 2 but I guess im only in pool 1 now.


How much does it cost to jump into the next pool?


From what I understand, they open up the different pools when the others fill. Once pool 1 is filled, they start on pool 2 once pool 2 fills they start on pool three.

Pool 1 pays the most, because it has the most members, the other pools will eventually even out. The reason I like being in two different pools, is because you get an upvote from two different places. Its doesn't really make a difference, but it feels good to see the upvotes and views on my posts.


You have the right idea. Most members are in only one (pool 1 or 2); I think you were moved back and forth a couple of times while we were working to stabilize pool 1, and that's why you thought you were in both. Shares are capped at 100 per member in all but the bottom pool. (So @sneakyninja has 100 shares in pool 1, and more than 100 in pool 2, but when pool 3 all but 100 of their pool 2 shares will spill into pool 3).

The only way to be in more than one pool (besides being moved between them sometimes) is to exceed that 100 share limit and spill over into the next pool.

Great initiative! Will get in the program as soon as I gather enough steem.


Full steem ahead!

Thank you.

Sounds fair to me that you pay yourself. We knew when we were signing up that this was experimental.

Thanks for the service.

Thats a great recap. I don't mund you taking bonus shares. Its your baby and you do most of the work!


Thanks! I saw your memo about sending SBD instead of STEEM. When SBD is higher, we accept either and treat the difference as a donation. I used to have that spelled out in the updates, but when SBD went down it was too confusing to people that they could only use SBD when it's more valuable, not when it's cheaper.

So now it says STEEM, but if SBD is higher we take it. When it's not, we refund the difference. We can't just take both always because it makes it harder to maintain sustainability.


Thanks, you're doing a great job keeping on top of things. Hopefully today Ill be sponsoring my 10th person for a share!

I have been a huge proponent of Universal Basic Income since first learning about it. I try to educate people on the theory and benefits every chance I get. What an awesome idea for you to implement the concept here! Please let me know how I can help!


Thanks for stopping by. At present this is more of a pilot, and it's not exactly a livable income anywhere yet, but we are optimistic about the potential.


That is great. I just had a long conversation with my Dad tonight about Universal Basic Income. I really am passionate about it. Not looking to just be a recipient of the work you do but offering any help that I might be able to provide.


Cool, thanks! Read the complete overview and then join me in the discord with any questions you may have. The biggest help right now is having informed people to answer the basic level questions that people have!

I wholeheartedly support this. 1 share out of 100 will not impact anybody but may help you to at least get something back for the great work you are doing.

I plan to sponsor more members to this program in the future.


Thank you for your support!

hello! I'll be adding @soykatonline and @may.beni , ill be sending STEEM :)


Working on processing that batch now

Yay! I’m excited 😊 thank you!

@f3nix was kind enough to sponsor me so I'm going to upvote & resteem your posts @steembasicincome as my VP rises.



Thanks, @wonderwop, we appreciate your support!

You just planted 2.78 tree(s)!

Thanks to @sbi2

We have planted already 7566.70 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 18419.60
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

I'm Gunna Try Out Steembasic Income

really you are to good vote me please thanks .


Join the team and you will receive an upvote every time you post!

Hi! I have a question! Does 1 steem cover for me and the steemian I want to sponsor?


I sent 1 steem just now. That’s for me and @fukumineko


@fukumineko I sponsored you. Hope this helps.


Wow thanks :3