Earn 45% APR on your SBD and Steem! profits from @bellyrub

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Terms & Conditions of the @Bellyrubbank?

You can see the Dividends are paid monthly every 22nd of the month the capital release is after the term is completed, which is three months after the deposit.

Suprise for bellyrubbank depoistors. (The Bellyrub Club)

All current and future depositors will get an vote on your amazing posts.
@bellyrubbank currently only has 5K SP but believe it will get a whole lot more.

||The BellyRub Club||
we care for your sbd and steem as if they were our own.

Profits are made from @bellyrub a bidbot with close to 500K SteemPower any questions please contact @zeartul.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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do you accept delegations?


Yes please contact me on discord or steemit.chat : zeartul


Yes please contact me on discord or steemit.chat : zeartul

Hey @zeartul I wrote this before on previous post but didn't get a reply so writing again.

Why was I paid back in SBD this month when my initial deposit is in steem?


SBD is at 1.04 and steem is at .97 I sent sbd for all to better suit you. But it will be back to normal next month.




Just so i got this correct, the profits sent out are for giving SBD, which is used to increase the voting power of the bidbot.

Seems like a good idea, but 45% return is pretty high. Anyone able to verify these returns?


I have 2 lots of 50 SBD invested. each month I get 1.5 SBD on one and 1.87 SBD on the other (difference due to timing of investments I believe).

My calculations show that 45% APR should be 1.875 SBD / month on 50 SBD, so it's pretty close to the advertised rate. I do not know why the difference, and haven't done any analysis of other investors payments.


I will vouch for it! I have been at it since the start! Payments are timely!

I can't wait to invest.

How can we know if our deposits were sent correctly? Cant you send a confirmation message?


can see it in the blockchain: https://steemit.com/@bellyrubbank/transfers



Hey @bellyrubbank. I made a deposit a week or a few days ago. When can I expect that upvote? Thanks.


Adding starting tomorrow steemvoter is off for the time being.



So I transfer 20 SBD to bellyrubbank? No memo?


say "Bank deposit, 3 month" without "" of course.



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Should i expect my monthly div today

We DEPOSITED on 03Nov2017 Transfer 100.000 SBD and above to bellyrubbank, no interest or capital returned after 13months of investment