Bellyrubbank payments for this month complete!

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Bellyrubbank payments for this month complete!

1000.000 SBD@robert-call812.530
250.000 SBD@sevinwilson203.657.5
50.000 SBD@neoxian40.281.5
50.000 SBD@ratticus40.281.5
50.000 SBD@longfield9840.281.5
40.000 SBD@fiveboringgames35.591.33
30.000 SBD@g-dubs24.440.91
25.000 SBD@emergehealthier24.440.91
25.000 SBD@stefanmoe24.440.91
20.000 SBD@cikxaijen16.30.611
20.000 SBD@hot-girls16.30.611
120.000 SBD@colinbrazendale97.753.66
20.000 SBD@marty-art24.440.91
75.000 SBD@rekaa61.12.29
20.000 SBD@webresultat16.30.611
50.000 SBD@jtimko2340.731.52
30.000 SBD@swssmarketing24.440.91
50.000 SBD@janusface40.731.52
20.000 SBD@wheatdogg16.30.611
80.000 SBD@swelker101803
35.000 SBD@solarsherpa28.521.06
50.000 SBD@xyzashu501.875
650.000 STEEM@stackin65024.375
25.000 STEEM@brandonp250.937
1000.000 SBD@joeblack1100037.5
30.000 STEEM@naysayer301.125
50.000 SBD@whatsup501.875
25.000 SBD@nepd250.93
100.000 SBD@d-pend1003.75
20.000 STEEM@gikitiki200.75
25.000 SBD@isohero250.93
20.000 SBD@bluelightbandit200.75
20.000 SBD@rudystyle200.75
20.000 SBD@simnrodrguez200.75
20.000 SBD@ghostcode200.75
50.000 STEEM@ghostcode501.875
750.000 SBD@cheftony75028
50.000 SBD@neoxian501.875
187.500 SBD@robert-call187.57.03
91.350 SBD@sevinwilson91.353.4
50.000 SBD@bigpanda501.87
100.000 STEEM@ghostcode1003.75
20.000 SBD@guttormf200.75
20.000 SBD@michaeldavid200.75
1000.000 STEEM@cryptopie100037.5
20.000 SBD@ninahaskin200.75
20.000 SBD@flauwy200.75
20.000 SBD@kryptonaut200.75
40.000 SBD@rahmathidayat097401.5
20.000 SBD@tytran200.75
25.000 STEEM@nedspeaks250.93
50.000 SBD@decibel501.87
1200.000 SBD@robert-call120045
20.000 SBD@sames200.75
20.000 SBD@cbcheng200.75
45.000 SBD@plainoldme451.687
150.000 SBD@imperfect-one1505.62
20.000 SBD@saffisara200.75
500.000 STEEM@darthnava50018.75
160.000 SBD@simnrodrguez1606
50.000 SBD@alao501.87
50.000 SBD@janusface501.87
35.000 SBD@fiveboringgames351.31
50.000 SBD@twoeightjune501.87
160.000 SBD@simnrodrguez1606
20.000 STEEM@dreamingirwin200.75
750.000 SBD@cheftony75028.125
50.000 SBD@d-pend501.87
100.000 SBD@alexvan1003.75
20.000 SBD@hrsagar200.75
50.000 SBD@iieeiieeii501.87
50.000 SBD@ratticus501.87
20.000 SBD@revelationquotes200.75
150.000 SBD@cotarelo1505.62
50.000 SBD@an0nkn0wledge501.87
20.000 SBD@nippel66200.75
40.000 SBD@bigdave2250401.5
20.000 SBD@tradersharpe200.75
25.000 SBD@jraysteem250.93
100.000 STEEM@positivechange101003.75
300.000 STEEM@positivechange1030011.25
20.000 SBD@barbara-orenya200.75
20.000 SBD@drwom200.75
50.000 SBD@mohammedfelahi501.87
700.000 SBD@cheftony70026.25
20.000 SBD@truconspiracy200.75
100.000 SBD@blockgators1003.75
100.00 SBD@sostrin1003.75

The list below payment starts next month.

40.000 STEEM@tantrum4011/22/17
20.000 SBD@masterofcoin2011/22/17
40.000 STEEM@edolo4011/22/17
21.000 SBD@gniksivart2111/22/17
20.000 SBD@kaliju2011/22/17
35.000 SBD@bargolis3511/22/17
100.000 STEEM@fractalnode10011/22/17
30.000 SBD@ram.bozo3011/22/17
80.000 STEEM@beartooth-clark8011/22/17
7000.965 STEEM@mlequo700011/22/17
20.000 SBD@andre33012011/22/17
20.000 STEEM@margaritagalleta2011/22/17

Terms & Conditions of the @Bellyrubbank?

You can see the Dividends are paid monthly every 22nd of the month the capital release is after the term is completed, which is three months after the deposit.

Suprise for bellyrubbank depoistors. (The Bellyrub Club)

All current and future depositors will get an vote on your amazing posts.
@bellyrubbank currently only has 5K SP but believe it will get a whole lot more.

||The BellyRub Club||
we care for your sbd and steem as if they were our own.

Profits are made from @bellyrub a bidbot with close to 500K SteemPower any questions please contact @zeartul.


Send over 20 SBD or Steem to @bellyrubbank in the memo "Deposit 3 Month Term"

@zeartul Is their a current maximum? For example is 10,000 SBD each allowed? I'm sure that there is a max growth rate that @bellyrub can expand, so what is a safe bet? Maybe I'm wrong, but it would seem that if you had too much invested (for example a total of 1,000,000 SBD from all investors) then making the payouts would be impossible because @bellyrub could not generate enough demand to support that many investors.

The max amount is 10,000 SBD or Steem.

With more investments bellyrub can expand in with more delegation.

You can also contact me on discord or

Hello I havent got paid, why? I sent my deposit 2 months ago

great work @zeartul very well organized. I look forward to receiving my first payment ;). If you have a chance to reply, I'm still confused on how this 45% is earned. I know that it has to do with @bellyrub, but I am looking for specifics.

Sure no problem, @bellyrub is a bidbot folks send in their bids with their links to get a vote with @bellyrubs 500K steempower.

is there a maximum? Example, I was able to convince some rich friends to invest, Could they invest 10,000 SBD? 50,000 SBD? 100,000 SBD? If large investments such as those are possible and guaranteed, (at least by your word) I may be able to convince some large investors. Thanks for your response.

Yes if more deposits are made bellyub expands with more delegation. There really is no max beacuse like I stated @bellyrub will just obtain more SP. A 10,000 sbd deposit is a good amount per person.

How can you run a financial service like this with no Ts & Cs? You're putting up the kind of ROI figures that you usually hear from pyramid schemes. I'm not saying you're a scam, however you should surely have a "investments can go down as well as up" statement.

What if the price of Steem crashes to $0.05; will you still guarantee a 45% return on my $1000? The fact that you only have 5k SP also bothers me, I just can't see how you can deliver on these promises.

Even without the Steem price crashing, how can you promise a whopping 45% return? What are you doing with that money?

I've gone back through your posts and I haven't seen one single one on how this works. If this is legitimate, you should put up a transparent post explaining how the service generates funds, and you should link to it in all future posts.

Usually with a pyramid scheme, the people who come later get stiffed, because those people pay the dividends of the early investors. Please explain how this is different, how are you generating profits with people's SBD?

I await your explanations ...


Hello, First off it is 45% APR.

The price of steem does not matter because you invested steem not usd. If you invest 500 Steem you get back 500 Steem plus your 45% APR

Also @bellyrub has close to 500K steempower not 5k, The 5k is for bellyrubbank depositors, that is a bonus on your posts.

Profits are being generated by @bellyrub.

OK, so you're saying that the returns come from the voting pool?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rates, so 45% APR is saying that you will return $450 for every $1000 invested.

The price of steem does not matter because you invested steem not usd. If you invest 500 Steem you get back 500 Steem plus your 45% APR

On the chart you put above, you have put the top investor as investing 1000 SBD, ergo you are saying that you will pay that person 1450 SBD after 12 months.

How are you going to do that? How can you possibly guarantee that? Voting does not pay back 45% does it? Or have I seriously underestimated how much you can make by voting?

You are still being opaque, so for clarity's sake I will ask the following questions.

  1. What happens to investors money after they deposit?

  2. Where are the profits generated from?

  3. How can you guarantee a 45% return

  4. What are the risks associated with loss; is it possible to lose some or all of your investment?

I look forward to your answers to these reasonable questions.


The term is only 3 months as stated in the chart above effective RIO is 11.25%.

@bellyrub is a bidbot much like booster, again that is how the profits are made.

What happens to investors money after they deposit? -It Gets used for more SP
Where are the profits generated from? -@bellyrub (Bidbot)
How can you guarantee a 45% return -(again 45% APR for only three month term)
What are the risks associated with loss; is it possible to lose some or all of your investment?
-There is no possible way to lose any investment.

@bellyrub does not make the profits from curation if that is what you are asking, It is a bidbot users send in SBD as a form of a bid to get a % of @bellyrub's vote.

@bellyrubbank is an extension of @bellyrub.
@bellyrubbank is being advertised to @bellyrub users, hence they have the same name (besides the bank part) because they know what @bellyrub is.

"What happens to investors money after they deposit? -It Gets used for more SP" Is the steem/sbd used to lease sp or power up? @zeartul. I think that would be helpful to @cryptogee and I.

Now u know the answer right?

Guess so. RIP haha. I should have been more careful. You live you learn I guess.

Why was I paid back in SBD this month when my initial deposit is in steem?

Can I add to my balance?

Very good. Hopefully more great for the future. happy working

wow.. great post. Keep it up. Please follow back.

hey how to invest

Thanks for informing us nice post

Send over 20 SBD or Steem to @bellyrubbank in the memo "Deposit 3 Month Term"

This wonderful post has received a bellyrub 36.31 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to this cool cat: @zeartul. My pops @zeartul is one of your top steemit witness, if you like my bellyrubs please go vote for him, if you love what he is doing vote for this comment as well.

thanks for information...
great to post,

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