powerful post in bangla (08/04/2018)

in #bangla3 years ago (edited)

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today powerful post tags used


post link

@ripon1 .jpg


post limk

@johncena1 .jpg


post link

@saifullahc .jpg


post link

@sayeed-cemc .jpg

@santo1 ***

post link

@santo1 .jpg


post link

@saiful39 .jpg


post link

all .png

" bdbot " tag user list


post link

@bilal218 .png

@santo1 ***

post link

@santo1 .jpg


post link

all .png


post link

@asm.sayem .jpg


post link

@pathik .jpg


post link

@hafizullah .jpg


post link

@afrin12 .jpg

@lancipdjiwa ***

post link

@lancipdjiwa .jpg


post link

@azdhaka .jpg


post link

@rifat956 .jpg


rifat956 onek valo lekhe ... hate josh ache dekchi .. bangla writerder ovab nai

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bdbot er sofolota kamona kori ..

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How I contract with u ?

0.01 send korlam vote den na kere ??? taratari den

bah bah good service

ধন্যবাদ বাংলাদেশি পোষ্ট শেয়ার করার জন্য।

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