VOP 2.0: Crises On The Border

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As VOP has been sharing for eight months now, there is a vast criminal enterprise operating on the southern border. Due to the proximity of Tucson to the unsecured border, coupled with the aid being administered via Pima county tax dollars to supply the traffickers with water, the crises is compounding as the flow of migrants continues. The Border Patrol is now saying they are handling a humanitarian crisis that is taxing their resources from apprehending violent criminals and traffickers.



As has been shared in my previous posts, many of those crossing are now being seen wearing camo clothes. Not the standard outfitting for poor migrants seeking opportunity. In my previous post, I shared pictures that VOP had collected of them caught on their trail cams. They have many videos of these criminals entering the country. Obviously they then make their way into our cities. Here is another photo to show you children are also being placed in camo, as evidenced by the size of the clothing compared with a 9 year olds normal clothes.


VOP Calling For Help From Militia

Since it is evident there will not be a wall (evident to me there never will never be a wall), VOP has issued a call for militia to help secure the border and put a stop to these traffickers of drugs and people. This is an invasion, and according to VOP it is within our constitutional right to do what the government refuses to do. What in fact our government spends our tax dollars on funding, as I reported on showing the contract for 30k with Humane Borders to set up water stations for them, as well as all the misuse of government power trying to stop the VOP mission from exposing and thwarting their schemes.



This Video Shows The Difference Between Migrants And Bad People Coming In.

As I have said before, poor people coming here don’t typically travel in groups all dressed in camo. That is the dress of those moving illegal items, whether it is drugs, human slaves and as pointed out in the last couple articles, weapons grade materials (such as ones banned by the Geneva convention).

Enough is enough. Government lackeys serving their rich “elite” masters need to stop using the plight of impoverished people as a cover to enrich themselves on the pain and destruction of our families and communities. Face it.

They view our women and children as sex toys.

They view the peasants (that’s most of the worlds people) as organ farms.

They view us as their guinea pigs for their sick medical experimentation.

This list could go on, but it sums up real well that they hold you, your family, your neighbor and everything decent that is beneficial to you and yours with contempt. Do you feel like the government serves you, or demands you serve it? They do not have the right to ask us to offer ourselves on an alter of sacrifice, nor make us accept it is ok for those coming here for a better life to be exploited for such. In one of my more recent posts, I linked to an article showing 80% of the women coming here across that border are raped. 80%.

This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a scam. They admit it is real, unless VOP documents it, then somehow it isn’t real and VOP are the criminals for showing us. Just like WikiLeaks, Snowden and all the other whistleblowers. Kill the messenger, ignore the message is how they would like it. It is time for us to hold these pieces of shit accountable. This is enabled by politicians, law enforcement and courts who all have names. They live with us, even if many are behind gated walls with security that they would deny those of us dealing with the consequences of their greed. Name them, and name them often.

There must come a point where these people understand that they live with us, not the evil masters who pay them to exploit us. Our children (and yes, the migrants children are OUR children) deserve to have some adults who are responsible enough to defend them. Put aside your partisanship. Put aside your bias please. They stir these until the flames of hate take over, picking the lines of battle for those who succumb to their evil game. Forget about the neocon crap, the libtard crap, all the meaningless crap they have you arguing over. Pain is fucking pain, and it is no respecter of any of this bullshit labeling.

You want a world of love, one of men and women doing the right thing?

Look in the mirror and start with YOU

This all starts with each of us. If we join hands, their game is over. They need our consent to do this crap. They need us fighting and hating one another. Most people can’t even give a tangible reason why they even hate vast groupings of people. Don’t hook yourself to their soundbites and slogans, and lets join together and stop this misery going on out in that desert.

Please keep Lewis and his ministry (Walking For The Forgotten aka VOP) in your prayers. To inquire about joining up to put boots on the ground, please contact sol.wftf@gmail.com or lewis.vop@gmail.com.

To follow along with current alerts (which are often), you can find them at:

Thank you for your interest in stopping this predatory scheme placed upon those of us burdened with the heel of those who pillage the resources, of which to them we are but another one to pillage.
May God bless you and yours, and continue to bless Lewis and his ministry as they continue doing His work, which is to care for our brothers, sisters and children.

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Hi practicalthought, I I had no idea that there were such big problems on the Southern border. And to think that greed is cause. I pray for all the hard workers lending a kind and compassionate hand and that there is an end to this trouble.


Thank you, we can use all the prayers we can get. This is a horrible situation. I have written about 40 articles on it, a lot to sift through. But here is a link with videos showing how it began with the discovery of a child sex slave camp by the VOP ministry as they searched for homeless vets to rescue.


Since that find, the government has persecuted the VOP ministry with lots of misdemeanor charges against their leader, they shut down the homeless camp they operated for several years, sent CPS on the volunteers, have seemingly paid troll groups to vandalize their property and spread hate disinformation on them on the web. Just a week ago, the VOP found cases of emptied out phosphorous war heads (that are banned per the Geneva convention) that our military still buys. Someone had to have a lot of authority to get dozens of cases of this banned weapon off a military base and onto a trafficking route and not need to explain where they went.



I could write a book just responding to you, and will be writing a newsletter soon that is to be compiled into a book. None of this is good, and appears to go all the way to Washington and international corporations.

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