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I wish I could blame it on the bear market but that wouldn't be true. My mind was long gone before that.

"Where I come from", there's something bothering a lot of people that we have been made to be ashamed to speak about. When you try, people joke about it until it gets to the last stage where you cant hold all the pieces together anymore. My last post was eight months ago and it doesnt hurt to say why I stopped now but it did then. It was easier to let people believe twas the bear, alot easier.

How do you explain you are sad for no reason? Actually that you are sad for a million reasons you cant point out? It started as rage, then it became sadness and after a while it became alot more. I know people think those who commit suicide dont appreciate life but nah its more. So be nice to everyone, no matter how wide their smile is.... some might be carrying a suicide note around, and your kindness might be what makes them tear it.

Thankfully, I was able to deal with myself but I was faced with the bear market plus the stress of serving Nigeria in a remote village. Thankfully thats almost over
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During the time, I started airdrop with encouragement from @enolife, @amec, @ifiok and @ubongj.
@vheobong and @ekjosh did try every now and then to encourage me to write but all I could write were really "dark" things I wasn't ready to share. @lordjames did his fair share of encouragements, now you can see why I stopped James.

Also, I started trading a month ago and thanks to God for Vhe=vivian and Amec and @empato I haven't made any loss my emotions cannot carry. lol.

The bear market showed that some of the people I met on steemit were not just "social media" friends but are family and family is always there. It has also taught me to have more than one plan as things might not always go the way you think....


Whatever it was, no matter how dark they were, you've made the decision to get on with life, so keep riding, and hold nothing back.

Thanks deary....

WT.... Desmond asin Lusada/Igbesa Cds? What are the odds.... Damn

It's me, lol.. Wah ah small world!

It sure is. Lol.

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Baby gal is back

My Viviannnnnn.

It's easy to be afraid in this world, but you are strong! Always have, always will be.
And yes, many of us that just came together for the purpose of "posting" have become more than friends; you are family. And you mean plenty to me💕

I coman lurr you plenty too

Las las..... We go buy Benz😁😁😁

Welcome back, Annie.

Thanks Pang....

Welcome back Annie. I can relate to lots of things you wrote.

Steemit has always been home to me, no matter how far I may go. I hope you can be a bit consistent from now. Even if it's a pic with a line of write up, I will appreciate it.

By the way, I like your writing style and I'm sure a lot of other people will love to see more of it.


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@emjoe thanks dear. I will try to be active though twill take time to be as active as i used to be.... Thanks

No problem, just keep swimming once inside the ocean. I will drop by your blog from time to time.

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Welcome back dear

Thanks so much ma. God bless you

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