Seriously the Cuteness of My Child is Beyond… Part 3

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And He Is About to Turn 1 Year Old!!!!

Look Below for All The Cuteness!

If you haven’t seen my last posts about the cuteness of my baby please do yourself a favor and go see them!

Ok now on to this post, I was thinking on all the post I have to do (I need to do some translations) but since my kid is time consuming and we have the daily blackout going on almost for 3 hours today, I wasn’t able to finish those, and thought well I need to keep my will post once at day at least thing that I have going, and I have this kid that is cute (hello didn’t you see my last 2 post about him) I need to make this “My Kid Is Cute” Posts into a series!

You’ll see my kid is not only cute, he is currently 10 months old (7 more days and he will be 11 months old) what that means is that his first Bday is coming soon!!! (I have issues trying to take in the fact that he is this old now, I really try not to think too much about it so I don’t cry) and well I kind of need money!

Is the same old story with me, I need money all the time, but hey don’t we all? Anyways, this time I need money to celebrate my kid bday, I won't be throwing him a party (those things are expensive, I don’t have the money and I think spend money in such a thing when a kid is so little that he wont even really enjoy it is dumb) I want to take him to the beach!

He loves water and enjoys trips, he really is just so curious about everything he loves seeing new places, new things, and I love watching him discovering and exploring the world around him, so I want to travel in order to take him to the beach and for him to go some place else besides being inside the house all the time (we do have a really big backyard that he spends times in, but you know what I mean).

So, my idea is take him to my home town of Valencia I need to take a fly there (cause going by land would take us 12+ hours in a one way road trip, I was looking around and to take a fly I would need 80$ (40 a round ticket, going and coming back, for each of us, yes Baby daddy is coming along) and will obviously need money to spend once there, I will be staying at my mom place so will not spend in accommodations but will need to have some food cause I cant make my mom spend all her money buying us food, so probably another 100$ to spend while there (maybe less but I’m setting a high goal).

Once in Valencia I will be able to take him to the beach also to go to different parks and to just spend time with his cousin so I know my kid will have the best bday ever!

I just need to keep the daily posting and start saving to have the money to make it happen!
And doing a series of post of how cute he is, is only fair, I mean is like he will be paying for his own bday trip by being cute LMAO!

Anyways here is the picture for this the PART 3 of this series

He has the best smile ever! Even though he only has 2 teeths, also can you see how he can’t hide the little devil that he is!!! He may look cute but OMG! He is handful!!


Here is another one just cause!


Picture Credit: the dad @yanco, we were just trying that new jacket on him, a friend of his dad gifted it to him and the kid looks so handsome in it is beyond!!!! but! the jacket is size 6 months - 12 months and the kid is currently wearing 24 months old clothes so that jacket even tho it fits him right now is obvious that it won't be long before it wont fit him anymore =(

Child Making Credit?: ME!!!! I did that boy!!! all by myself!!!! from scratch! yes, the dad did supply the materials but all the hard work was ME!!! 38 weeks and 2 days making him in my belly and now i have spend another 10 months filling him up with breast milk to make him look all chubby and stuff!

And well I will keep you guys posted on how the saving for the bday trip is going, wish me luck! I will be praying to the crypto Gods for a 0,5$ STEEM

As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

Picture Credit: All images are of my property unless said otherwise and the emojis are made with!

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a year already??? hard to believe. he does have edible cheeks

Soooo cute, I can’t believe just a year ago he arrived!

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Have you fed him Choco tacos yet? 🌮

Nooooo 😭 still not chocolate tacos!!
But he has eaten other kind of chocolate 😋

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That is a big pile of chocolate.

I always buy him a lot of cookies and chocolate for him to have snacks in the afternoon i want his days to be sweet

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que bella tu nena <3 que bonita su etapa del primer año, seguro ha sido una experiencia maravillosa (: