The Steemit Awards 2020

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2020 has been a big year in the history of Steem.

In February Steemit, Inc entered into a strategic partnership with the Tron Foundation.

Since then Steemit has gone from strength to strength to consolidate its position as the leading crypto based social platform.

This amazing progress over the past year could not have been achieved without the commitment and dedication from the ever growing Steem community.

We would therefore like to recognize the contributions from so many hardworking Steemians with the first annual Steemit Awards.


As a starting point we would like to say a big thank you to @girolamomarotta, the Country Representative for Italy, who initiated discussion of the Steemit Awards which gave the impetus to move forward with the idea.

The Steemit Awards Categories

As this is the first year for the Awards we are keeping it simple with just three categories...

Best Author

This will be for the individual who has consistently produced the highest quality posts.

Their posts might be on any subject.

Best Contributor to the Community

This will be for the person who has made the greatest contribution to building the Steem community.

It might be through their work as a Country Representative, or through setting up and running a Community, or organizing contests or other events or projects.

Best Community

This will be for the most active and successful Community.

The Community might be new or old, and might represent a country, or cover a particular subject.

It is not just about numbers of members, but about community activity such as running contests, encouraging and rewarding quality posting, and welcoming and helping newcomers. Building sustainability and self-reliance through growing a community curation account is also important.

The Steemit Awards Prizes

For each of the three categories there will be five winners.
For the Best Author and Best Contributor the prizes will be...

Individuals will only be able to win in one of these categories.

For the Best Community the prizes will be...

  • 1st prize - 25000 SP delegation for 3 months
  • 2nd prize - 20000 SP delegation for 3 months
  • 3rd prize - 15000 SP delegation for 3 months
  • 4th prize - 7000 SP delegation for 3 months
  • 5th prize - 4000 SP delegation for 3 months

Communities will need to have a dedicated community curation account to be able to win in this category.

The Steemit Awards Nominations

As the first part of the Awards selection process we are inviting people to make Nomination Posts.

In your posts you can make nominations for one, two or all three of the categories.

You can nominate yourself or others, but you can only make one nomination for each category, and you should only make one nomination post.
For each category nomination you make you should explain in no more than 250 words why you think the person or community should win the award.

Nomination posts can be made in any language and must be submitted by 11pm UTC on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021.

The posts should include one tag for each category you are nominating for...

So your posts may have one, two or three of these tags depending on how many categories you are making nominations for.

The tags should be in the first five tags, and you should also include a tag for your country such as #italy.

The Steemit Awards Shortlisting & Winners

From all the nominations we will then make a post for each of the three categories with a shortlist of nominations. These posts will be published by Friday, January 8th.

We will then ask the community to 'vote' on the shortlisted candidates through comments on each post.

All comments should be made by 11pm UTC on Friday, January 15th

The Steemit Team will take on board these comments as part of their final selection of the five winners for each category.

We plan to announce the winners by Friday, January 22nd.

These Steemit Awards will be a great way to round off a very special year for the Steem Community.

We are really looking forward to reading the nomination posts.

So many people have made so many excellent contributions during the past year.

We hope you will all share our excitement for these Awards.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


Awesome...thanks for appreciating the idea, I am very happy to have contributed to the birth of this official initiative and I hope it goes well.
It would be great if this were just the first of many editions.
I will surely translate the post in Italian and I will try to involve all the users of my community.

Congratulations and I wish you great success!! ✌️🤗

I have excellent posts! I follow those who follow. :)

A few up votes to get something other than strange crypto related things to the top seen videos perhaps?

Nice that Steemit team decided to organize this as an official award event for the community. For me personally, every community member has done their best at their own capacity, but those who do extra miles and doing their ultimate best should be given extra reward too. May this annual award motivate community members to do their best in this community that rewards their best contributors.
Thank you to The Steemit Team you all are the best community organizer and supporter in this whole world! 🤗🥰

Great to see Steem community moving forward! Here we go 2021! I will try to come back soon and do some posts. Been working a lot = while we can. Happy New Year! Hugs!

I think is exciting moment to jubilate with Steemit, Inc. The award packages are so awesome to grab. Thanks so much for this great initiative and opportunity to participate in this nomination of the awards. My pleasure, Steemit Team 😁!

I want to nominate my friend @stephenkendal for these awards, for his committed work in #ILoveSteem and his loyalty to the Steemit platform.

Thank you for your continued support.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2021.


I have excellent posts! I follow those who follow. :)

happy new year old friend!

It's an excellent proposal from the friend @girolamomarotta, I think it will be very interesting in front of so many personalities committed to the platform.

We are all winners from now on, Steemit has taken a radical turn for the better, and that is the result of everyone's work.

Congratulations and successes in this event. I love it.

I have excellent posts! I follow those who follow. :)

Firstly, I want to thank @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 in courtesy of @steemitblog for organizing such a wonderful contest and the lovely support involved. I appreciate them for their consistent effort once again.

As for the best author, I'm nominating @shortsegments due to his consistent effort in the steem community. I noticed his content are really of great quality and he's very consistent. You can visit his blog for more information and clarification.

As for the best contributor of the community, I'll be nominating a great man who is highly known for his great impact on the steem blockchain when it comes to supporting good content creators, supporting dApps built on steem blockchain, organizing contest just to reward great Steemians and he's also known for his great productivity when it comes to serving other people in the steem community. This man is no other than @crypto.piotr. I'm nominating @crypto.piotr for the best contributor in the Steemit community and you can verify this by reading through this post also remember to read people's view about him via the comment section of the same post.

As for the best community, I'm nominating @project.hope community which was founded by @crypto.piotr with the sole intention of supporting and giving hope (as the name implies) to good content creators on the steem blockchain. The community is also known to support different project built on steem blockchain such as @Steemscan developed by @roadofrich which can be used to convert your steem tokens into Tron (TRX) at a very cheaper rate without no stress. You can visit for more details. This community also seems to have increasing number of subscribers and increasing number of content creators plus increasing number of interaction within users content and this really makes the community more lively and interactive.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I also thank @steemitblog in courtesy of @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for their great support in the steem community. I hope you have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla 💕💓❤️

Late thank you for this supportive comment @hardaeborla

Great job, best wishes to you and everyone in the community!

Great job, best wishes
To you and everyone in
The community!

                 - saracampero

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I totally support your choices for the nominations :-)

Thank you and I'm glad you support my choices too 😊

I support your nominations @hardaeborla.
The great work done by @crypto.piotr and the @project.hope community is worthy of recognition.

You have my support and thanks again for @crypto.piotr in starting and developing such a strong community and taking care of so many people within the community and often OUT of the community as and when he can.

[WhereIn Android] (

Best Author: @elenahornfilm

Elena and Alessandro have a great blog. their posts are always well written with great photographs and range from their adventures filming documentaries, food and travel recommendations to blogs about social causes and organizations. I am always looking forward to their new posts.

Best Contributor to the Community: @donatello

Donatello leads the music and dance community here on Steemit and has welcomed me with open arms. He always engages with posts in his community and sets up regular competitions and challenges and encourages everyone to participate! He is truly the life of the dance community.

Best Community: Steemit Nursery

I have been invited to the nursery by @belenguerra and have enjoyed reading and posting there very much. It is a great starting point for meeting people and being able to post about anything on your mind. This community is very interactive and there is always someone that can give you advice on where to turn to! This community is really of value especially when you are starting out!

#awards2020-author #awards2020-contributor #awards2020-community #uk #london

Very nice initiative. Can't wait to see the winners.

This is a really great initiative. I think such awards should be given every year. It would be good for steemit. I think steem users will start competing among themselves to win this award. 😊

I thank the steemit team for this kind of positive thinking. 👍

steem on!

Excellent initiative @steemitblog. I will be waiting to make my nomination publication, since there are many candidates with good profiles who give their all within the platform. Success.

It is very important to organize this type of competition especially at the end of a year full of prosperity and change in positive direction. I have ideas about great posts and contibutor, I will vote with sincerity and transparency and may the best win !! Good luck to all steemains.

Wow!!! This is amazing. I will be sharing this on our platforms.

Thank you @steemitblog.

@steemitblog, this is cute.
Wow, i so much love this post announcement, it is really a good way of rewarding hardworking steemians and communities.
I will be back soon with my nomination post.
Best regards

Hello, this is a great idea and I am grateful to you. It will be a great chance for us :) I founded the first Women community in Steemit 1 month ago with the support of @steemcurator01 1 month ago. I think that I am more women on the Steemit platform.
Therefore, considering the rate of activity, I think that women are more active and interactive will contribute to this platform. It will be a good future community. As a new and active community, I hope I will be nominated for the 1st place. I am grateful to you @steemitblog. Good luck to everyone :)
Also thank you extra for this idea @girolamomarotta. :)

SteemWomen 'Club Community

That's a great idea to promote. May the best win. Thanks for founding the community. I haven't been able to online much on steemit but I've been there and it's great to have a woman community.

This is a great initiative, @steemitblog. I am sure it will go a long way to enhance more engagements and build a better steem ecosystem in 2021.


Great idea. It will be very interesting to read about the people who will be nominated for the award.

and it'll be interesting to nominate smb as well :)

No, I have enough of them at work :)

@steemwomensclub @alikoc07 @ngoenyi @adeljose @rishabh99946 @belenguerra
Thanks to all of you for your kind words!

I'm really happy to see that the event is interesting and exciting so many people!!

It's a great brainstorming work between the Steemit Team and the Communities, I think this is the right way for creating a stronger and more advanced platform.

I agree with you that this is the right way for creating a stronger and more advanced platform

You done a great job dear respected 😍🇵🇰🙏

As the founder of SteemFoods Community, I thank you very much for this wonderful event. SteemFoods Community, which I established in September with the support of @steemcurator01, encourages all participants on the steemit platform to share quality and -steem-exclusive food and cooking content, and we help my participants on the steemit platform actively produce content with the competitions I organize. I hope we will be nominated for the Best Community Category and qualify for a 25K SP delegation as the 1st winner of the event. I wish success to all Communities and their founders. :) @steemitblog

Thanks to @girolamomarotta for this great idea. :)


For the strategic partnership to work Tron must be able to have 51% of the say. Stop using the language to stonewall @justinsunsteemit.

Eli, Steem Classic, and the backup dancers are competing for the greatest losses to actual investors.

It is completely nuts you would rather Steem fail with yourself at the helm than let the lawful majority owner do what they do.

So what if Tron can do what you can't? Don't be petty. To this day still, everyone that exited Steem&Steem Classic saved money.

Just because you kill me, doesn't mean you win. - Jack Ma

Right now the broader Tron community is practicing strategic patience

We honestly appreciate you during this intermission. It is not easy to buffer. Just don't be fascist with the award process. Users will know.

This is excellent news!! When you do something from your heart to work as a team to grow together, that's already a gift!!

This initiative is quite beautiful because it is great to recognize the effort of all those who work hard every day!!

Congratulations @girolamomarotta!! And I'll share this post so more people could participate!

Sir @steemitblog i creat this post for Bengali community. Please look over this post and support me.

Thanks to all of you steemiter for your kind words!

It's a great brainstorming work between the Steemit Team and the Communities, I think this is the right way for creating a stronger and more advanced platform.

I'm really happy to see that the event is interesting and exciting so many people!!

#awards2020-contributor #awards2020-community #steem #steemit #betterlife #italy #snicel69 #awards2020-Snicel69 #awards2020-author

Awesome...thanks for appreciating the idea, I am very happy to have contributed to the birth of this official initiative and I hope it goes well.
It would be great if this were just the first of many editions.
I will surely translate the post in Italian and I will try to involve all the users of my community.

Congratulations and I wish you great success!! ✌️🤗

great, I am very happy to come back to Steemit again.

Though this was posted 6 months ago I hope these will continue moving forward. Giving awards motivates us more

This is just wonderful,the first of its kind and a perfect way to round up a great year for steem. Thanks so much @steemitblog for this, I am grateful.

This is a great idea ! It will increase the engagement of the community and will help to encourage people who contribute more to the community !

I support this idea. It a good initiative. It will bring forth positive participation

This is a matter of good fortune for us. Through this we can do something good.

It is a matter of our pride and good fortune
We will all be encouraged to do this. This will allow us to move forward.

It is a matter of great joy for us through which we can develop our talents.

That of the best author does not convince me, statistically it is impossible for you to give a judgment of someone if he is better, there are so many people that you cannot give him time to check all of them, but we all help steemit.

Kita akan bergembira bersama steemit 👍👍

Es una buena iniciativa que motiva a nuevos y antiguos participantes a seguir haciendo publicaciones de calidad para crecer como individuo y a la plataforma en general.

This one of the best post

Very nice initiative. I believe everyone is trying best to contribute to the development of this community.

I look forward to my reward of best traveler!

This will be so helpful. Thanks for the project.

Wonderful its very unique really this has been the best year for steemit, thank you @girolamomarotta for this unique initiative.

Waw... Amazing announcement.. can't wait to see the winners..

Hi @steemcurator01 @steemitblog
When to post about award?Are there post limitations?


Thank you

You can post your nominations now, and the last winners and rewards will be announced by Friday, January 22nd.

Sir I have started a new community.I seek your help to move the community forward.

It's a terrific idea, the award categories look great.

Thank you for making it official, It's a great initiative.

Идея просто замечательная! Будет интересно почитать мнение авторов, кто кого читает, считает лучшими). Класс! Всем удачи, всем добра)!

That's very interesting and great initiative . A big thanks @girolamomarotta for this idea.

Welcome my friend!! ✌️🙏

I hope Steemit will move forward in the future

This is a perfect initiative made by @steemitblog, we expect more of this. Merry Xmas.

Отличная идея! Интересно будет почитать конкурсные работы!

This is a very great initiative. I think It will encourage the users of steemit.
Steem On..!!

waaw...that's owesome news!

Wow @stemitblog this is a nice Innovation aimed at encouraging and appreciating good content creators and contributors to the growth of steemit all over the world.

I believe this will encourage steemians to do more in the long run.

#onepercent #nigeria

This is a great initiative

Nice! It shows you appreciate consistency. May the best persons/community win

What an original and special initiative of @steemitblog, and an excellent idea that @girolamomarotta has had...!

Dear @steemitblog, sorry my comment was off-topic, I noticed TRX has not entered my wallet for the last few days, is something going on?

Did you tried other browsers ?

I have done it, but to no avail

how about browsers?

I miss more than tow days.

Just as a heads up, the TRX rewards haven't been being distributed for several days now.

It's been going in and out the last couple weeks. Thanks.

What is the problem with TRX? Have you ever received?

Una idea muy buena para fortalecer y premiar a las comunidades que están dando lo mejor de sí para steemit.
Éxitos y que estos planes se logren al 100%

This is a very good initiative. This will definitely bring success to every new and old users.

Знаю сразу двух отличных авторов, чьи сообщения всегда высокого качества. Как же выбрать из них одного? Задали задачу. :)

You need to choose the best one you think.

Thank you very much for this initiative, in which we are all invited to participate. It's a great way to support each other and reward and incentivize both community members and communities. We all have the opportunity to grow and also to win at Steemit, either this time or in the future.

Thank you and I wish you all a lot of success 🤗

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

This is the best way to summarize 2020, i will write a detailed post on this and i will also hunestly putforth my submission.

Steem on.

Ohh wow what a great idea. This is truely unbelievable. Yes Steemit has have a magnificent year❤️ provided full facilities to its user in the hard times and once it is steemit to the rescue❤️ great to know this❤️
#onepercent #pakistan

Amazing amazing reward for steemit community this award will give us more motivation to work with more excellent really i have great love for this announcement..superb superb boom boom steemit blockchain we are doing great job superb😍👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🇵🇰

Omg. This is so great. #steemalive has helped me so much these past few months. Thanks for holding this award!

Great initiative @steemitblog. It will be a good chance for community engagement

I would like to congratulate another amazing initiative to @girolamomarotta and STINC team.

Yours, Piotr
@project.hope founder

Now with this way Many communities will get active again and it would be a tough competition which makes it more enjoyable.

will make the nomination post right now.
With lots of Love
Country Representative of Pakistan.

you should only make one nomination post.

for each category right ? is it allowed to make three posts 1 for author 1 for contributor 1 for community ?

One nomination for each category. Ideally all in one post, or one post per category if you prefer.

Okay got it. Thankyou so much for your precious time.

Cool and resteemed :-)

The Thousand Days of Steem, The Diary Game, @SteemItBlog and @steemcurator01 stand out as the most active community events and accounts. But I guess they shouldn't count.

Yes, we will not participate in the nominations.

A great initiative by @steemitblog. Many people have given his 100% to the steemit to make it a very strong community.. and I do know some of them too. @rishabh99946, @sapwood, @bestofindia are one of them..

Kudos to all of them.

#onepercent #india #affable

Excellent initiative from @steemitblog with the collaboration of @girolamomarotta, I already have my nominees which I will be presenting in my nomination post, thanks for such an excellent idea. Greetings.

Wow, that's great.
Am very happy for having the opportunity to join this platform.
What a great achievement

I think there is a small reward for all active users that needs to be done for their work. Let me explain why. Most authors lack something for writing posts: either equipment for video and photo shooting, or text material. But they regularly write a lot of interesting things to those not opinions. And in the end, not everyone sees their efforts. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to congratulate such people and thank them for their efforts.

Я считаю что нужно сделать для всех активных пользователей небольшую награду за их труды. Объясню почему. У большинства авторов чего то не хватает для написания постов: либо аппаратуры для видео и фото съёмки либо же текстового материала. Но тем не мнение они регулярно пишут много интересного. И в итоге не все видят их старания. Поэтому я считаю что нужно поздравить таких людей и отблагодарить их за старания.

happy new year

What a good original and special initiative from @steemitblog, and congratulations a good job of supporting @girolamomarotta

Qué buena iniciativa original y especial de @steemitblog, y felicitaciones un buen trabajo de apoyo @girolamomarotta.

This is really a great initiative from @steemitblog. This award-giving will motivate steemians and steem communities to work even harder and keep contributing to the growth of steemit. Thank you @girolamomarotta for initiating this awesome step.

This is amazing initiative. I shall participate too!

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

Thank you @girolamomarotta for a great initiative and thanks to @steemitblog and the team for arranging it

You're welcome!

Greetings @steemitblog I have a question in my mind, can I vote multiple communities as I have more than one favourite community. For community, contributor and author should I make separate 3 posts? Thanks for the announcement, loved the concept and a good chance for we steemians to write on specific topic.

This is so awesome @steemitblog!! It's a great idea to motivate hardworking communities and individuals. This will serve as a tipping point for growth on the platform. I'm going to be making my entry for those whom I think deserve it. Good luck to all future nominees
#twopercent #cameroon

Best author: @jrcornel He has insight knowledge of cryptocurrency industry and posts daily with own comments and analysis. He is not afraid of engaging in discussion even if someone rebutts his analysis

Best Community: @hive-175254 Unite the whole world for a noble cause. There is no excess spamming and content is moderated for off-topic discussion. Manager selects some posts for promotion, but there is usually only one or two posts, so it's not annoying the community members.

¡¡Saludos mi gente hermosa de Steemit!!

Excelente iniciativa, me encanta y comparta la opinión… Por eso, realice un post donde manifiesto mi humilde opinión y participación en los premios steemit 2020.

En ella, realizo postulaciones para cada categoría. Solo sigue el link:

Saludos y bendiciones!!!
#twopercent #venezuela #affable

hi sir please support me

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

I think there are problems in the loading of TRX, since the last rewards are not reflected in the accumulated, that is, it is not effective, do you know anything about this problem?

В номинации "Лучший автор" необходимо писать только про Трон или можно на любые темы?)

Excellent initiative friends, no doubt I will participate, successes for all and merry Christmas !

Wow love this initiative will sure make my nomination can't wait to see the best authors and community, best of luck to everyone.

this is really a great initiative, here to take part and nominated.

Best contributor to the steemit community
in this aspect, i will be nominating @coach.piotr He is one man i truly value and respect a lot, he is contributing a lot to the steemit community with everything he is capable of doing, he is one of the reason why most users still exist on the platform because no matter what happen he is ready to support and encourage them.

Best community
This nomination goes to project-hope community which is one of the very active community on steemit and they are not backing down no matter what because they are here to stay. they help in bring in new members, encourage and support them while they write articles related to what the community support. you can check out the community to see they activities going on.

kudos to @steemitblog for hosting these awards which give us the chance to nominate who we want.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year In Advance



I think this award contest is an excellent way to promote Steemit and Steem.


I think rewards are always a great way to motivate, but recognition is equally important.


I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!




I want to nominate @crypto.piotr and the @project.hope community.
They are doing a good job to reward users posting great content, and they are promoting engagement to the platform!

Just as a heads up, the TRX rewards haven't been being distributed for several days now.

It's been going in and out the last couple weeks. Thanks.

Wow this is a brilliant idea. Anything that's motivating is a good idea. Keep this up, Steemit! Keep rocking!

Actually came here to write the same sentence. :D

excellent initiative

Esto es increíble, excelente idea @steemitblog ♥️

Sounding very interesting. I think I have great nominations to make for these awards and in all three categories.

Great post, I enjoyed every bit of it.

This is very thoughtful of you @girolamomarotta And @steemitblog. This shows your love for us all and how appreciative you are in recognising hard works.
I will surely make my nominations and I have strong confidence that you will use your good judgement to make the final selections on the winners. I have never seen any social media like steemit. Let's see how it goes.
Thank you so much.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

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