Free fall

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Yesterday I was in this amusement park with a lot of different rides. This was the free fall where you get up really high and then just get dropped down.

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Its just like crypto land these days... Freefall ;))

Hope joy enjoyed there man. Looks like some fun

It was really much fun! I like rollercoasters the best :D

Is this the amusement park in Stockholm? Did you go on that ride?

Yes its gröna lund!! Have you been there? Not this time but other times I did.. I was in mostly rollercoasters this time :)

Yeah, I was in Stockholm sometime last year for a christening. We went to the park too for a few hours. I remember quite a nice few from the carousel (zweefmolen?).

Yes that one is really high! Stockholm is beautiful too see with all the water in the city :)

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