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I had heard about this plane graveyard through some people that have blogged about this place on various abandoned websites on the internet as a place of interest in Bangkok and a must see if you into to seeing abandon stuff , this plane graveyard was on that list and i also remember @hangin doing a blog on this not so long ago , so this gave me more motivation to go find this place as i was going to be in Bangkok this month it was a perfect opportunity to get myself out there. I noticed looking at some of the websites and @hangin photos of these planes they had graffiti on them so it would be perfect for this weeks theme but not only for that reason i was also very interested in seeing this plane graveyard myself.

iPhone 7.JPG

iPhone 7 (2).JPG

It was not a easy place to find but it was mostly because direction in Bangkok are so confusing , when a Thai person tells you to go left he really means right but anyway with a bit of persistence after a short train ride to the city a short walk to the Bangkok canal i then jumped a canal boat rode it to the last stop of the Bangkok canal and then a short motor bike ride from the canal and i was there all within a hour.

iPhone 7 (3).JPG

iPhone 7.PNG

On my entrance into this plane graveyard i meant this very interesting guy i was talking to him and i asked him how these planes came to be here , he said a while back a very rich Thai man had them bought out here with the intention of turning them into restaurants and cocktail bars how interesting i thought but things didn't turn that way for him and it was interesting to see a couple of the DC10's bodies had been cut up and used as living quarters like a hanger quite roomy at that very ingenious idea , at least they became useful for something.

iPhone 7 (4).JPG

iPhone 7 (5).JPG

I am really stoked that i found the place and got to see these huge birds it is something you don't see everyday in Bangkok or rarely anywhere else for that matter.

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Wow! Great photos of this very unusual place. Nominating this to @c-squared

Thank you so much @melinda010100 for the nomination i really appreciate that , it was a real experience and a excitement to see this place !!

Thanks for taking photos of it and sharing them here. Do you think there were families living there with children?

A pleasure to share...and yes there are families and kids living in the belly of them cut up planes i was talking to one of the dads of the kids but they seemed very happy living in that huge plane free rent and no outgoing...hehe !!

There could be worse places to live, I'm sure!

Your right about that this is paradise to these people :)))))

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Thank you so much @phototalent !!

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Thank you Sir !!

That is a cool spot! When you said some of them had been cut up and made into living area, do you mean people were living there in the middle of the planes? Like squatters basically?

Thank you @carlgnash yes that is right basically like squatters living in body of these cut up planes !!

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Thank you so much @c-squared much appreciated !!

I saw that someone turn one into a house before. It's too bad more don't reuse some of these things rather than tearing them down for recycling, as they do really are almost unique and interesting when they're reused for other purposes.

You are right they actually make pretty cool living quarters you could really make them look pretty cool better then recycling them as they have a lot of good uses even great for homeless people would be great shelter for them.

They couldn't do that. Then the homeless people would have some place to live and wouldn't be homeless.

There was a guy in california that made tiny houses for the homeless that were just like tiny shacks, with solar and a light, no running water or anything. Sure, they're not something that most rich people would want to live in, since they don't even have a bathroom or anything, but if they were put in a place with a public washroom, I don't think I'd be opposed to living there tbh. It's a lot better than sleeping in a tent. But the city impounded them and stole the solar panels. They really just want the homeless people to leave or die. They don't really want to put them in housing or anything, even if it would be a lot more sightly.

You meant to say they could do that not they couldn't do that ??

That is such a shitty thing for the city government to do to them people so un-human.

No, I said it correctly. My point was that often members of city governments actually go out of their way to make it more difficult for the homeless, rather than helping them out, because they see them as a nuisance.

Another example would be "homeless spikes", a type of "hostile architecture". They actually spend extra money to make sure homeless people can't sleep in certain areas.

The irony is that they could probably build tiny homes for less than they spend dealing with the homeless.

Understand now in any case they are cruel people there is always enough to go around in this world if people were less greedy !!