AskSteemit: What's your daily Steem activity like?

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Hey everyone!

I love doing these engagement posts and haven't gotten around to do this series in some time but looking forward to doing it more often soon, it's been really busy lately.

This post will be all about your Steem activity for you active Steemians out there. I'm gonna try not to bore you too much since I'm practically spending the whole day around Steem nowadays but here's a fast recap of what my daily activity is about. (I might miss a lot of bits and pieces but it doesn't matter)

Usually when I wake up I check the charts, open up blockfolio and check how Steem is doing on coinmarketcap.

As I make some coffee it's time to hit the chats and I spend time reading up on discussions I've missed out on on Discord, Slack and some times although this one not so much lately.

Then it's DM time, I do get quite a lot of DM's and some people prefer to write really, really long messages so I just to speed through those and see if I can help out.

Then it's all about the Discord Servers, some of my own and some other ones of projects that I'm interested in such as MSP, steemdevs, steemmonsters, utopian, steemhunt, fundition, etc. There's way too many and I don't get to read all of them daily but I try to check up on important mentions from time to time.

A lot of time after that goes into projects I am currently active in, now after @ocd is pretty much done I am focusing on a new project that is being planned and worked on while at the same time finding all the right people to make it a reality, it is not easy. Especially not when you are looking for people that want to be invested in it the same way as you are and are willing to work for potential future rewards instead of getting rewarded daily.

Another project I have been working on lately is how to get the subreddit more active and offer account creation for visitors there so they can quickly get an account created depending on if they have karma on Reddit proving they aren't a user just trying to score free alt accounts. We have some things in the work there that I'm going to soon be able to announce and I hope the community will be helpful in pushing that forward as well.

Then I spend a lot of time on curation and reading up on my feed, even though I don't always vote as my voting power is quite limited I try and see what the users I follow are up to.

Then I try to push out a post or two a day and engage with my followers on my posts as well, like this one probably. :)


AskSteemit: What is your daily Steem activity like?

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I still work a full time job so my time is limited.

-When I wake up, I put up my post that I wrote the night before. This hits usually between 6:30-7:00 during the week (a little later on weekends).
-Then I go through my feed to catch up on the events of the night before. I will also check the trending page to see if there are new posts that give me ideas about what to write about, especially app updates.
-I next do some commenting on Steemhunt and Dlike.
-Throughout the day, I am working on my Actifit steps. I also might snap some pics to use on Dlike.
--As time allows, I am on Discord with some of the developers of the different apps I keep tabs on in an effort to gain some material to convey to Steemians in my posts. I also offer up some marketing/business ideas to those who are interested in hearing about that stuff.
-Late afternoon/early evening is time for the second post of the day.
-After that, more commenting and research of different technology/crypto sites.
-Later in the evening, time to write the morning post.

That basically covers my Steem day.

I like the idea of signing up new users via Reddit if they have x amount of karma points.

My Steem day is always random. Every Thursday I do my show where I talk about whatever, usually crypto. On days I am not creating content I will dedicate random parts of the day I have free to just curating. I will go pop in places like the KR subthread and throw some random votes. I usually catch the Steemit Minute by @reseller for quick updates. I spend a lot of time networking to bring people/dApps on to Steem and thinking of ways to make it better. I am terrible in the discord/steem chats; it just gets lost in the shuffle. But yea, like this post it is pretty random, but I make an effort to bring value every day in some way.

Wow! Well, you just put half the population of Steemit to shame. :)

I like to check the health of Steem first thing and see how the day will be going. If it is low, the activity tends to lag and when it is higher, people are pushing those posts out.

So, I get that coffee brewing and check out Discord where I am one of the leaders on SteemUSA. Check the activity there and check my DM to see what is going on. Check out who is having a birthday, initiating a challenge and basically who is posting on there and try to support them in some way. There is more of them than voting power, so I have found that I can subsidize the low vote by using tipu. A total lifesaver and people seem to really appreciate them.

I check my replies and try to answer them all in a timely manner. Most times that happens and if I don't get it right away, I still try to answer it. I check out the feed for interesting posts or post of people I like reading, but, like to check out new writers, so check out the intro posts.

The #MarketFriday challenge is mine, so I spend sometime photographing and planning a post for that, encouraging people to drop a link on it so many people can check out all of the markets around the globe, making it a cultural experience, then making sure I visit each one also.

There are other things, but basically, I love Steemit and try to spread the love around. It is a wonderful community of creative people.

Thank you for sharing your day. I bow down to you.

Upped and Steemed



Great post!

Discord is extremely useful. It's really amazing how a new service can come up and be adopted very fast by humans when they start to detect the value they are getting for time invested. Tipu is really an amazing service. I think these small kind actions that people don't expect really can make people feel more empowered and trigger a reaction inside of them to do more good to others. Since we usually detect patterns very fast and it makes us very bored. Novelty is really key.


Thank you! Exactly! I remember when GinaBot was first initiated. There were few that used her, but I just loved that I could keep track of where I was being mentioned without it being lost in the shuffle That novelty has still not worn off on me. It is especially important when newbies are kept track of or at least included as it is easy to lose them in the beginning. So, I am still in a love affair with her.

Tipu will forever be my hero as I do love the gesture, however small. Keeping it fresh on the platform keeps everyone busy, but, that is all part of the game. I love it!

See? Your comment made my day and a totally Tip!(worthy) moment.

Thank you!

When it comes to my Steemit time.

  • Check discord for the main community I’m active in. Answer any questions, do promotions, clean up channels, issue warnings ext. Then try and stay on top of things when I’m around.

  • Check DM’s which usually consist of more questions among other things.

  • Go through my notifications, leave comments if needed and check out my feed.

  • Start up a few Steem Monsters matches, check the markets, current meta of top players’ ext.

  • If I have a community post I need get out for that day I start working on those. If not then I’ll think what game I want create content for that day usually doing a follow up on something I’m already involved in. I’ll get some game time in and start finding the direction for that post.

  • Check in on a bunch of other discords I’m semi active in and get caught up on what is going in those. Try and get some conversion going. Talk about what game I’m up to, get involved in someone else engagement, ask others how they are doing in Steem Monsters or other stuff. One chat is going I can sometimes sneak out and they don’t notice!

  • If I’m going get a post out for the day well it’s about time whatever I’ve been working off and on for the day to get out of the gate or shelf it for another day.

  • 2 to 4 hours’ worth of curation efforts a day for 5 or 6 days a week. Searching for written and video content. Then going through the process of authenticity of ownership. Compiling lists of what I have that I can do something about. Working with a couple of communities to do what I can for those posts.

  • I try and set aside some time for networking/engagement but if I’m running short on time then I skip over that. If I’m not getting out at least 100 comments a week I feel like I had been slacking. As I sometimes spend way too much time on discord or other stuff regarding Steem off the blockchain.

  • Reaming time goes towards special projects or watching in full some videos I had found on Steemit that I did not get to fully enjoy earlier in the day.

Nice post man :) Let's see..

When I wake up, the first thing I do is to write @steemgc daily curation report. When I do that, I start to curate for SteemGC and I'm doing that all day, until 2-3 in the morning if I make it.

After an initial curation, I switch to @vimm and then I curate there xD Also, I check others along the way to say hi, even tho' with a lot of activity lately I've been slacking in saying hi.

Next thing to do is to stream on @vimm where I stream min 3hours. After I finish streaming, I go back to curation and I start to write a post. I am writing WHACK Curation SHOW Recap posts, The KSP Series posts where I try to create a bridge between science and gaming communities, and I've been using @steepshot lately...

After that, it's time to go to FB and my 15k people and promote STEEM a bit. I'm slow with them because they are still lazy to try it but step by step, they'll come here...

While doing all this, I'm trying to catch up on everything on Discord but I'm going to admit that it's not that easy.

That would be it, probably :)

Check coinmarketcap to see whats going on with prices. Stuff has been pretty flat lately, I take that to be a sign we are at the bottom and have leveled off so thats good!

Then I check through some posts to see what people are up to in the #informationwar tag, #politics tag, and the feed.

Subreddits are hard to gain traction on, because a lot of other subreddits will "ban for advertising your own subreddit" which is frustrating.

@truthforce writing.

Hah too bad I am not an active Steemian anymore. 😂 Recently my activity only amounts to one diary-like post per day and a few upvoting and commenting if I can. 😂

I used to be able to post like up to four a day when I was really active and had nothing to do. 😂 I even made it to Asher's League as one of the top engagers twice or thrice I think. 🤔

These days I'm not too hardcore with earning here anymore. I am grateful to have found the communities that upvote my posts enough. Not a lot at all but at least I get more than what I would make if I didn't join them. 😅

I join art and writing contests here too if I am able to. There's a lot going on here in Steemit that seems to want our attention all the time. I just check on the things that interest me so I don't get overwhelmed. 😂 Too many things to see here.

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Hhahaha I actually - really- literally just made a vlog about 'A day in the life of Steem creator' like 2 days ago. I pretty much spend a lot of time here on the blockchain as well but seems like very different than the way you do (I guess.. actually, totally different)

  • Morning reply back to all the comments from yesterday.
  • Write a post and Steem it!
  • Go through discord post and curate
  • Go through my feed or through the #food #travel #travelfeed so I know more peeps
    (Try to comment a lot lately and I just made one of the top lists on engagement league #bragging lolol ) - Not surprisingly, got a lot more to follow and I was wowed ! !
  • Edit a video and DTube it!

**During the day also go out and get some footage and eat a lot as well. #funlife lol


Oh you check on the travel tag? Huhu I just removed the travel tag on my post... 😣 But anyway nice to know your Steemit activity. 👍👍👍

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My vote worth like 2 cents so you won't miss out on anything lol <3


Yeah, I just edited my comment because I misread it. 😂

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Well, there is a day job for me. Usually, I will check on my Steemit account while I am enjoying my breakfast, that says around 30 minutes or so. Then, I will get to my office. Before starting my work, I usually will go through my replies, structure my post and ready to post for the day (may have to handle both my account and @archisteem account).

I do travel to different locations for meetings, so on some segmented time I will browse through my feed and read. Replying Discord, coordinating the project team, getting some gossip, learning about the new thing about different project... there are just so much to take in with so limited time.

For lunchtime, I also spend my time to reply and continue to structure my post (if not done) which will take me around an hour. As for dinner, I will put down my mobile and have a quality time with my loved ones. Before sleep, I usually check through the replies both on Steemit and Discord before going to bed.

Tough to manage a day job and Steemit plus other hustle at the same time but I do enjoy the growth I am having.

I start the day in the @MinnowSupport Project, chatting with the community there when I can. I then move on the curation, looking for posts for @OCD, @Yougotsnekked, and @Msp-Curation. Throw in a few games of @SteemMonsters and some of the the @MSP-Waves radio shows in between, and I am pretty much on Steem on and off throughout the day. I have also been trying to do some livestreams on @vimm as well...


I should totally add SM to my routine too! Got a few packs. Been saying but I'm just lame when it comes to gaming lol


Good part is that Steem Monsters is just 1 click at the moment so it's mainly just watching a small show happen on your screen. So easy "game" to play xD 🕹🃏


Oh! Can I hit you up on discord???! are you on their I don't even know lol


Sure! phoneinf#9657 or write your tag XD

giphy (27).gif

  • check if I have any notification, if not, start preparing @team-cn post
  • get @cn-curation daily pick posts, and start voting for these post and buy SBI for the authors.
  • check @team-cn wechat group, if anyone has any question for me
  • check my feeds
  • work on my @teamcn-shop bot if I have free time
  • write one post if I have anything to share
    These are basically my routine during work days

I have to confess, I haven't been as active lately as I used to be. The new changes in steem have made me sit with my hands tied. I'm also one of those who, before making coffee, turn on the computer and then go through everything. I end up doing almost everything on top of the computer: having coffee, breakfast. The other days it's very superficial and difficult to do because I have other things to attend to. Normally I go commenting and throwing away what I find most interesting. I think there is a lot of similarity in the life of those of us who make home in steem. For example, I would love to devote more time to steem, but the same platform won't let me. It's sad. :(


En el futuro, estoy seguro de que los humanos tendrán más tiempo libre para dedicarse con mayor dedicación a lo que aman :-)

Ah, cool! Your day seems busy. I get short DM's, like "Ma'am, can I ask you something?", so I won't even include these in my overview of the day, but:

  • Wake up. Grab phone. Open @partiko. Read posts. Make mental notes of posts I want to type comments on. (Typing on a phone has never been my hobby)
  • Drink coffee, read and comment more posts.
  • Say hi on Discord, check in with friendly Steemians
  • Translate projects on Crowdin, send to proofreader, wait for response, write post for utopion/DaVinci (this I do on my alt account)
  • Take a short break by reading more posts, always getting lost in new cool projects, like Chibera or Steemmonsters, or Musing, or... A chat or two on Discord again
  • Try to write a post, or lately, prepare things for SteemFest and maybe write a post
  • Play steemmonsters around midnight
  • Go to bed while reading last posts on @partiko again

Oh, I brush my teeth and eat a bit as well, somewhere along the way :D


Kudos to your partiko love!!

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I literally wake up and go to sleep with @partiko! You're the first thing I think of waking up, and the last thing I'm thinking of while falling asleep... :')

This is not an official review of the Partiko iOS app


It might be a good idea to give us a review in the app store! Because why not!

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Start a pot of coffee. Go to and click the Shuffle button. Load to see what happened while I was tossing and turning while attempting to sleep. Drink coffee. Check my Steemit wallet and redeem. Check my feed, upvote my “adopted” minnow if he’s posted. Upvote a few other posts. Get in the car and head to my soul-sucking job. While walking from the parking ramp, use the internal market to sell SBD for Steem. Work at 30% of capacity while running circles around remarkably dense coworkers. Furtively check Steem price on while anal-retentive manager furtively checks sports scores. Head down the hall for a latté while surfing the web looking for a story that might become a post. Check to see if Zappl has come back to life yet. Check my feed, vote, back to steemworld. Over lunch, visit the blogs of some people who I follow or who follow me. Do some voting if I’m above 80%, grumble to self if not. Hit the shuffle button again. Spend the afternoon wondering if I might be able to write a not-lame post in the evening. Comment on a post of two that I read earlier in the day. Flee my job at the end of the day, wishing a good night to a security guard who looks exactly like my mind’s eye image of a psychotic serial killer. Once dinner and chores are done, write a post or regret not doing so. Curate and comment. Buy at least one #steembasicincome share for someone. Get to bed too late.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


I was just thinking of the times where dolphins or bigger Minnows would adopt a Minnow/Redfish - is someone still 'running' that project? I was just thinking it's time for me to start adopting, I really believe we can keep people on the platform this way. If no-one is actively doing it now I might start the 'trend' again, even if it's just me trying to find a cool Redfish to sponsor :-)


@taskmaster4450 started the 1kSP initiative, but I don’t think anyone is running it per se. I first “adopted” @eaglespirit and then after she passed 1000 SP started upvoting @fullcoverbetting every day. @whatsup has been helping folks along too, by delegations. @hitmeasap is doing a push people over the threshold into minnowhood thing. Probably a lot of other initiatives I’m not aware of.


was it 1k or 500? so long ago! hahah
i just made my half birthday i have to post on. half dolphin 🤣😂😛🤣


1,000. Woot!

You have a Pretty occupied , excited and busy schedule @acidyo.
I too keep my self busy with steemit engagement through comenting and curation.
In between i try to make a post every single day to make use of some of the reward through esteem dapps, for sure even after so many months unable to pull any whales for slight love on my post. So completely relying on dapps mercy.
Anyway, i keep my self engaged through commenting as i am part of different enagement league. "The curation and Engagement League by Asher and @curie comment contest is what keep me engaged throughout my day. Mostly going through a lot of posts of curie curated and also to commemt on the folllwers list to keep the engagement league going....atleast by being part of these. League...i get some stee reward at end of the week...interaction through these league and contest helps to keep me busy.
In between i do get time to welcome few of the newbie into steemit.

So over all the day goes quite well with reading and curating some fabulous author and keep tye momentum going for league and contest....loved to read yours....steem on 👍

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These days I engaging most with Dtube and I gonna make two Dtubesnaps daily basis. Also I try to increase my followers list and prefer to watch more creative products. Then I want learn more things from them; add value to them.
I don't check crypto price everyday through coinmarketcap. I think not short term. So I looking for my future. So I have big hope price rise after launch SMT. I have little bit SP. So if I have chance I'll power up. Lat week I powered up small amount of SPs. I love to read my favorite choices fields. Thanks for you asking Nice question from steemians.

check trading view , market cap then steem feed for upvoting first then reading. is there a way to have more then one feed. ie for me all my actifit people on one feed, stats on one, news on another etc


i like that title 'asksteemit' hope your better then siri;)

My day starts with checking with my feed, and then hot / trending posts, and engage with the authors, if it is valuable for me. And then pretty much @steemhunt and @musing , because these dapps help me to earn few cents.

I am after a long absence and will return again because I need to win. But the earnings are very weak not exceeding $ 1 a day for which you please help me

Firstly I have a life outside steem but I keep my blog busy because everyday I have to claim something from my wallet no matter how small

  • I wake up in the morning GMT
  • prepare for my day job and go to work
  • I close my day job at 3pm GMT
  • When I get back home from my day job I pick up my PC and login to steemhunt because I am hunter.... 3pm GMT here is equal 0:00 KST
  • Submit my hunt I must have prepared when I was free at work logout.
  • Login 4hours after KST and curate for Good IES (related to steemhunt influencing application) and comment and finally go to bed.
    And the cycle continues like that

I forgot to add play in steemhunt discord till every one from different locations go to bed

Used to spend 100% of my time curating and networking on the platform while trying to maintain one post per day. Now I'm in the process of transforming from user to developer. Trying to make an app on top of Steem so I can interact in a completely different level with Steem blockchain and the community on top of it.

Read - Write - Read - Write - Read - Write And repeat that to infinity =P

I forgot i pass some important time doing my designs, but mostly is read and write (counting discord, and comments of course)

Im having some fun on Musing (by @musing) so good aplication of steem comentary section. Brillant, so much fun.

My daily routine on Steemit:

  1. Check the feed, response and upvote those posts I like.
  2. Check my replies and response back.
  3. Compile my new daily post.
  4. Engage with friends/pals in my new post.

Rinse and repeat...

  • Checking steem related slack and discord servers.
  • Checking my feed a few times in a day
  • Checking development activity on steem related repositories
  • Checking and moderating development posts on Utopian


Eventhough I don't post and only read I can still say a lot because I have no life and I check like 10-15 posts to my interest

Greetings, @acidyo. Your life in general is very active. I would like to be more active in Steemit, but I combine this with my work and home and feel that my days are missing hours. However, I try as much as possible to respond to comments on my blog, and I also try to read and comment on interesting publications. I hope that your day will always yield, my friend.

I wake up in the morning to see what new posts have appeared while I slept and most days I see your post which you must publish in the early hours of the morning ( Finland time ) which is a mystery to me. After that I try to write a sleepy comment which you'll probably read in the evening or afternoon :)
I've been mostly doing behind the scenes stuff like reading and thinking about what subjects I will write about in the future after I get over this busy period of the last few months.

Great idea for a post. Having just settled after quitting teaching in July and then 3 months liminal, I'm now thinking about upping my time on steem. I have a small income gap I need to fill by the end of 2019.


I use @partiko in the am around 6.00 to 7.00 check comments/ feed/ upvote.

Then I'm off steem to work on my main education blog which pays the bills - my steem if yr interested. It was my way out of full time work!

Then pm is writing steem posts - some on WP (Iove wordpress) to cross post via @steempress some with steempeak or busy, while keeping an eye on the feed.

Evenings I'm starting to use now to play @steemmonsters and sometimes on discord although tbh I don't like discord. I used it a lot during a sndbox project recently. Not my natural environment.

@actifit is always running in the background - I post on an alt account once a day. @self-track - I may as well brag about having topped the leaderboard twice. I'm easily pleased.

I'm just trying to figure out what my best steem strategy is going forwards..I think my best bet is to brush up on data analysis and get involved with utopian.

I've also just started with @steemflagrewards.

BTW are you in the UK? I only ask 'cos the football thing you do, it seems very English.

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I check steem when I wake up, throughout the day and before going to sleep...

I also have some Gina warnings set up and if I'm not busy I check them too

Power Down? xD


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I'm trying to get more into steemit more, and more, I try to check it on the morning how my post are doing, now I'm busing since I'm coordinating some charities thing that I'm planning for december.


Usually my day is similar to the last day.
I start the day with regular instructions:
✦ wake up my laptop, then check my feed on steemit,
✦ reading some articles and voting for good content,
✦ checking my account on the steamworld - last action like followers, upvotes and curation rewards,
✦ visit, then looking for leaderboard,
✦ check some streams on and interact with chat,
✦ making breakfast,
✦ start streaming usually it's about 4-12h,
✦ playing league of legends, pokeone,
✦ dinner time,
✦ check coinmarketcap and the steem and sbd price,
✦ looking for dicords last conversesions,
✦ checking my social media,
✦ turn off the stream and searching quality streams or content,
✦ usually it's strawhat, dirapa or txmek stream where i have a lot of fun, when watching streams,
✦ checking my feed last again and go sleep.

I focus on the daily publications of the people I follow to know that they are dedicating their time and what their projects are, after that I give my time to create my paintings and share a little art with the community

A pleasure to see the daily work in Steemit of some experienced members. It can be a model and an inspiration. I also read some of the comments with the same purpose of learning from the experience and habits of others.
I will present the work of a member less interesting and inexperienced, I mean me.
For over a year I've been captured by Steemit. At first I thought it was something like Facebook mixed with Twitter, and so because of this misinterpretation I had a bad start. Then I thought it would finally be an online program where I could earn money (after years of damaging online marketing). Almost another misunderstanding.
After more than one year of activity, I have enjoyed my work here and the benefits I have received. Benefits: Develop creativity in writing and reading in English. Developing skills in photography. Interact with many members and even find friends in different parts of the earth.
For this I do this daily: post at least once, read the posts of those I appreciate, I vote for the posts I like. I comment and answer all the comments. We initiated a challenge.
All this needs to be accommodated with family obligations. From morning to late at night.
An activity that has become addictive and I can not imagine what I will do if Steemit disappears.

  1. I start by searching trending "nsfw" posts

  2. then make a meme

  3. then go to my shitty job which I hope I can quit if any cryptos go to the moon

I also enjoy reading funny comments on posts

true story bro