AskSteemit: What is something you are looking forward to doing with your votingpower?

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Voting should be done by curating content, is what we've all learned.

Over time and hardforks though, things have started to change. Nowadays you can delegate your votes so other middlemen "curate" with them or straight sell them. If we are going to continue with this curation curve I believe there will be more and more services popping up where you will be able to do more things with your votes than just curate on posts.

I agree with rewarding user's contributions through votes and I feel a lot of the votes I receive may be because of curators knowing how much I contribute daily to the Steem ecosystem. Likewise with projects like Utopian and others they reward their contributors and developers with votes.

I can easily see project popping up, probably once SBD decides to stabilize a bit and Steem as well, where you will be able to do so much more with votes than just case them on content you feel deserve the rewards. Steem is evolving and it won't just be about blogging in my eyes.

Imagine a service that sells you things for your votes, being able to buy something instantly with a few votes doesn't sound all that impossible anymore. Of course there are risk of flags but maybe the service can price that in like shops do with thieves. It is kinda crazy to think about what this could mean for the platform, once we have more evolved services where you can just enter a shop, have your phone with you and they give you a link you can scan and throw a vote on their comment that allows you to buy a hamburger.

There is no point to unvoting cause you don't get back the voting power you spend - unless you feel the service you received was really bad. ;) Maybe the shopowners might ban you from that restaurant in the future if you have unvoted them or they notice someone constantly flagging your votes.

I can't wait to see how SMT's will effect these sort of things and everything you will be able to do with your voting power in the future.

Steemians: What's something that you are looking forward to doing with your votes?


I am coming to the realisation that I am going to have to adjust my behaviours whether I like it or not. I would love quality content based services but this reality isn't going to be attractive to most large users considering the payoff without caring. However, to be a part of that future, one has to keep up or be made obsolete, right?

To answer the question though, in some future I am just hoping that I am able to somewhat support myself by supporting others live better lives. I would love to be able to invest through votes into all kinds of projects for medical, tech, charity etc... The future could be awesome.

Hey Taraz! Let's assume we're in a far future where you could earn the same amount of STEEM/SBD by curating qualitative projects/minnows as you would make by posting 4 good articles a day like you're doing a the moment. You can only choose one option.. Which one would you choose, and why? :)

I have written about it before. I would likely split the difference and may even write as much but decline payouts. But, if I I was earning very well, I would spread it to others who are much better at what they do than me. If I was a billionaire, I would likely be working my ass off to invest into as many useful projects as possible.

getting the suport as you've requested iss somewht hard to obtain, most minnows are unable to gain enough steem to even seek for curations, and most time it is really frustrating.

I'm aware of that, but it was just a hypothetical question :D. But you're right, minnows just have to slowly work their way up through contests, comments and decent posts that get some curie/ocd love :)

I can see upvotes being used as a reward-mechanism in games being built around the topic STEEM. Maybe like the game "Hodl the coin" from @limesoda for example.

Something like: "Get on the leaderboard and get an upvote for it. 1st place 100%, second place 90%, and so on"

One of many possibilities :D

I'm just growing my SP as an virtual penis. I'm proud as it grows bigger and bigger, but I still don't know what I'm going to do with it.

I might just delegate quite much of it to others. Then just enjoy seeing my account is worth a lot of money and still not stressing about using large upvotes.

I can relate to the first part of your comment.

okay, this earns an upvote for making me laugh out loud!

Well, when you consider that a vote has an instant monetary value, yeah... that's a whole new type of economy. One where people can spend because they're invested in the transactionary system. It's a whole different way of doing things...

Might have to write a post about this!

You should. :)

Never thought of that would be cool to buy a hamburger with an upvote lol

sounds quite ridiculous, huh :D

ya lmao but voting power does = money so its totally possible

My voting power is shit so my greed didn't wake up yet. All my voting power goes to people I like on steemit hahaha.

My honest opinion about the shop selling things for votes or steemit tokens: The price has to be fixed then.

Using votes to pay for goods and services would be a very nice initiative.. Although it will be difficult for most service providers to accept due to the fact that steem can decide to fall and the vote value reduces drastically.. It's a two way thing tho

Yeah there's a risk, but nowadays there's a risk in everything. :p

If they accepted votes that would have to be 10-20% higher in value then maybe they can mitigate that risk a bit and consumers wouldn't mind cause "its just votes" maybe.

I can't wait to see how SMT's will effect these sort of things and everything you will be able to do with your voting power in the future.
I am too eager to see that, there are certain things which really need to be corrected ASAP, hope with time everything gets fine, Today I was doing chat with some anonymous, he told me that you dont post on daily bases and as a result of which your steem power is getting wasted, deligate me your 50 SP and I will give you 0.05 SBD everyday in return, I was really shocked, pure business happening in this platform, these things should really be avoided.

I demand that the day comes where I can use my vote to get a bottle of whiskey.

Either that, or I'd be down for using my vote to feed my dumb ass hobbies. I'd be fine with either, but preferably it would be better to be drunk, opening up Pokemon cards and playing vidja games.

Well that is an interesting way of using an upvote to buy a burger.
So say that the restaurant owner have the menu of the week and so everyone that wants to order will be upvoting it for the appropriate amount.

You can easily see people who cheat and unvote but can also be used for unscrupulous or shoddy products.

Now what I would really want Steem power to do is be able to find charity organizations like @youarehope or @tarc that will greatly benefit a whole lot of people.

I myself I am always increasing my SP so someday I will be able to support my own charity @giftinkindph which we have been operating for the pass 12 years.

steem will be a way to humanize the blockchain and pave a way for mass adoption.

I'm not really hoping to do anything with my voting power besides upvoting friends and content I want to support. What I'm interested is using my voting power to upvote quality comments so the discourse and questions are encouraged. Too much good content goes without any community interaction. Like one dude said after he got curie upvote... the upvote is nice but it feels empty because even with that upvote no quality community interaction was had.
And sometimes I feel the same. I extremely appreciate all the upvotes I get and I am looking forward to times where we as a community give not only our upvotes but also our precious time to interact with the posts.

My guess is that since the user base is not that large yet and the community update is not here yet, the chance that the specific posts aligns with a random readers interests are kinda low. Really hoping the communities update changes this.

I don't have much voting power for now but there's something I really have in mind to do.

I want to curate and upvote all new members who registers and create their first post on steemit.
I've come to observe that this is one of the best way to motivate a newbie on steemit.

A newbie reads, blog and earn on steemit and he'll first set up to try it out before even understanding how the platform works. So I think if they see this at first (getting their first content upvoted), they'll want to hang around and at that point learn more about the platform.

I see this bringing in a lot of plenty people with good blogging skills and sustaining people who'll refine their skills too on the platform.

I have the plan to do this and i know I'll do it.

With time we can achieve anything if we put our mind to it

There really are huge possibilities but there needs to be someone with the vision and someone to create it. Normally those two things do not fall under the same person which is why I really like utopia and projects like it.

With that said I really don't get this SMT thing yet it seems to be dead in the water from what I can tell? or someone just spilled the beans way way to early. Is it live? Is anyone using it from what I can tell no one really is but for sure curious where to find out more information.

Its active and being worked on on github at least, so its not really dead in the water at all.

You can never wait too long for something great. ;)

well this is true just seems like announced to early ? where you get overly pumped about a game and it takes 3 more years till it is released lol Good to know though I would love to see this roll out and have adoption if I know new maybe I could add it on my own sites some how? I feel like its maybe not so easy to create and use on your own sites but I could be wrong.

Attracting a beautiful young lady wouldn't be a bad idea 😂


Actually read a similar post a while back, been able to purchase goods/services for the exchange of upvote, for that to be possible a price stabilization as you mentioned upward is needed, nobody would sell or render his/her service(s) only to find out that the value as dropped down considerably before the pay date.

And so many other possibilities out there

Maybe changing the time posts/comments take to payout into 3.5 days instead like the average time that displays the value of your SP and rewards right now could be something that would help these services.

Yes totally agree with that and the services could as well say, make upvote when the post is about to pay out, that way if there should be a drop in price, it won't affect the post/comment payout much

Running some kick ass contests

I'm glad you have raised this issue @acidyo. Inefficiencies with Steemit are often unheard on here. I think the devs should do something about people delegating their voting power. I agree the platform is more about what services you use than "quality content." For me personally, I like to curate good, well thought out articles, and my own comments for contributing to the thread. I believe you need to reward others and yourself, because if you don't, who will? By the way I love your cat gif lol! Steemit could crush all major social media platforms, and we are just in its infancy stage!

And yet you fail to upvote any of the posts that you comment on. You only self vote with 100% of your voting power.

This comment isn't worth 51 cents, acidyo even generously upvotes comments and you still gotta rape it

Haha...nice concept. Never really thought of voting in that regards. If my opinion is sought though, I will say we are still a long way off such development. Steemit itself is still young and so is the blockchain. But I believe it is something that is probable in the nearest future.

For now, I would rather we use our voting power to lure and retaing users unto the platform to promote and hence, increase the value of steem. WHich is why all of us are here.

A lot of people vote for them to be rewarded back.
There are a lot of genuine & rich contents that do not get enough upvote because they don't belong or associated to any group.
People just vote because it's a familiar name without even going through the content.

I hope this would change some day.

Nice one @acidyo.

My vote worth almost nothing. Approximately 0.1 so i cannot do much. If in a magic way or through a delegation i had i serious vote i would use it to upvote every single piece of undiscovered article that is buried. It would be enough for me to see some people get the rewards they deserve. I know that @ocd-resteem or @curie make amazing efforts but it is certain that we need more people to do what they do.You have seen yourself @acidyo crap post being constantly in trending page as you have also seen real diamonds earning just cents.

That is what i would do.

Edit:self vote to comment for visibility(and still not sure it is going to be seen-you get hundreds of comments)

Once I paid a tattoo to a friend through the steem wallet and everything was even simpler than doing it with my national currency; in that moment i understood in my own experience the adventages of the cryptocurrencies in general

Now, what you propose is also interesting: pay for a service through upvotes and in the end it is money paid !! so why not?

obviously the vast majority of people do not have enough steem power to do this type of shopping, so I think this would also be a very good motivation for MANY people to start investing more in STEEM

after rad your post and comment of members I decide to use in a lot of good thing like upvote goode content and supporting projet

That would be awesome to pay for stuff with an upvote. Haha. I'd upvote myself too much food.

I want to create communities. Regardless of whether it's SBD or SP, it's money except for the fact that you can use SP for bandwidth, SMTs and voting power. And right now the one that I'm most interested in is having at least a 0.4 vote. One 0.4 vote a day would pay any Venezuelan the ability to live comfortably in Venezuela. That means rent, food, etc.

I'm very eager to have that vote soon! As soon as possible, because that would help me improve people's lives, and start creating communities around the idea of giving Venezuelans minimum living standards. There is so much misery and people living below these standards that I'm honestly saddened. If Steemit were to give me this possibility, well, I would be super super super thankful. :)

It would be like delivering miracles with an upvote button 😂❤️

i want buy, a glass of orange juice lol

A. I will gather as much Steem Power as I can to distribute my vote across curation and services. Ultimately we all are looking here to make smart investments in the platform and towards the content. We should make as much money as we can and at the same time, maintain the quality of the platform. This can be ensured by two steps. Upvote high quality content and generate high quality content.

Apart from using services that are beneficial for us, we should support other users. This will raise user retention, better Steem price and more money for each one of us. I got my best votes from the people who appreciated my content genuinely. And I also vote people who make posts showing huge effort. In Simple words @acidyo, I want to try everything from my voting power that is there on the offer by Blockchain users.

In my whole life, I couldn't imagine that you could make money by selling your votes or by upvoting kickass content. It amazes me till date buddy!

I feel curating is the best way to go here. Even though people feel it might be less, it has a huge impact on the new users who join the platform and it's within these new users that we get big investors who influence the steem prices to shoot.

Having to walk into a store and pay by upvoting would be nice - quite thoughtful. But are there any added advantages to this? One could easily transfer steem or SBD to such store's account on steemit.

On another note, Its a pity here in my country no one will sell anything to you at hearing that you will be paying through some crypto platform as many have not really accepted this reality.

As steem goes up i feel that I am a bit more influential and I can encourage other people to keep doing a good job when they see the small reward of 0.01 stu (that's my vote).

When the time comes in which a large part of the users could exchange their upvotes for things it would be very innovative and revolutionary but at the same time the community should set certain agreed rules to avoid benefiting spammers or people who do illegal things.

I would like to have more than 50000 SP to support good projects i can see here and try to help some steemians that live in some poor countries and find steemit as a good way to be entrepreneur and support their families. Regards

I'm poor in steem power, if my voting power is 100% too I can't organise any contest as my 100% is worth 0.01$, this is negligible, help me grow people

Really I look forward to supporting a good project and upvoting a good content with my vp

A really wonderful and unique idea of voting
We have to do this
Thank you for your kind information

Your idea is exceptional, i havent really thought about using votes on post to purchase things. Although its a really good idea, it still has along way to go. Would look forward to something like that

I have my project to support with my VP and I will like others to support it too. I will also support other good project too

SMT will allow for expressing our financial freedom. I can only imagine the case of the shopowners having to flag the buyer. Lots of cools stuff to come forth from that time on.

Well, it's only rationale for someone to say he would upvote all his posts and comments with his voting power when he has so much to spare. But what's the actual use of your voting power if you can't use it to help the poor and needy and also put smiles on peoples faces.

I have been in a situation of serious need and was almost broke to the ground and just a few upvotes from people kept me going and so ofcoz if I have such power , I would do same for others.

The latest trend now is deligations. People get to deligate their SP to other communities and projects but I would advice that if only you do not have the time to be a human curator yourself. If the purpose is to help others then it's fine, but if it's just to get rewarded then...dunno what to say.

Never thought of the upvotes though.. I thought you will purchase with Steem and SBD.

Idk, do you really want McDonalds running this place when they sell a billion burgers?
I just plan to upvote people that entertain me. Occasionally hunt down people to flag to both help steem and get some of my own emotional issues out.

Interesting ideas there @acidyo; hadn't quite gotten as far as trading voting for anything...

I'm a big proponent of the idea that creating an "internal marketplace" that runs on Steem/SBD is a sound way to truly establish Steem as a major factor in the crypto market. Differentiation matters, and if the token is tied to an actual economy, it gives Steem "a reason for being" that places it ahead of most other coins.

THAT SAID, it just occurred to me that I have already been engaging in "shades" of what you're describing here.

I'm a supporter of the fledgling @steembay initiative, which is basically a marketplace bot/utility that allow good/services to be sold on Steemit in an eBay-like auction format. Which I think is great-- I wish those guys had more widespread support.

But the point here is that I put things for sale, and "free shipping" is ultimately the result of upvotes on the sales listing. Because I end up with some unspecified amount of SBDs at the end of the listing, I can AFFORD to pop some item in a box and send it to France for... free to the buyer!

Now you might be thinking "And therefore.... comma.... so what?"

Competitive advantage. Not for ME, but for Steemit. Consider this, not many places can offer free shipping on stuff, especially to overseas destinations. Sellers can't AFFORD that-- it costs $20 to ship a small packet to Finland from the USA. So they have to charge for shipping, normally.

Just pointing to that as another incentive for building a Steem economy.

As for my own votes? My thing is mostly art... I'm not really looking to "get" anything, but I like the idea of my votes supporting artists in a manner similar to Patreon. But that's a whole separate discussion.

this sounds great, I think you have a point and I like ur point, by introducing something like that, we are taking steemit to another level

You guys should think about it.

Do we have a release date for SMTs?

Personally, I look forward to encouraging users, especially minnows like me with my votes. I also look forward to selling some votes to earn steem or SBD but these wishes look like a long term plan as my voting weight at the moment is nothing encouraging or substantial enough.

I really like the idea of paying for services with my votes. I think it is a wonderful idea and will birth a wonderful innovation. I can't wait to see this materialize. That I can go shopping just by upvoting a post. It's just phenomenal.
Good job and nice ideas @acidyo.

Selling it to bidbots to earn money because I think short term gains are more important than the health of the platform /s

I'm looking forward to giving back to the community, more gaming, and to be able to use my voting power to help document my journey and expedition around the world. Keep up the great work @acidyo.

When i get a bigger amount of steem power.

My idea is to start mostly upvoting good memes on DMania NEW Page

and i am pushing towards that point that when i upvote someone they get 0.01.

So i would actually help getting someone a payout :D

I agree that the vote must be done by curing the content, it is what we have all learned., We must be on the lookout for the new events

It would be amazing one day if all you had to do was upvoter a post if your vote was worth enough and a game developer sent you a steam key via encrypted memo or whatever that works to the game. Could be a very interesting way to get digital goods. Which I think would be one of the easier type of good to deal with first. If someone removed the vote they could just reject the key or ban that key’s account.

That would be pretty insane to purchase products with upvotes.
Whatever i'm buying needs to be cheap though, or they need four posts I can vote on for a can of soda. :)

Buying votes for the presidential election and paying steem votes haha :D

You shared a best concept of Sp but there is alot of people here which donot know how to use it , such like me i am just saving it and don't know what is SP and how its is useful for me

thank you for giving the benifit of curation content. its vary helpful to us.
best of luck my favorite @acidyo

Never thought about buying a hamburger with my votes but hey weirder things have happened.

My vote Isn't worth much currently but I'm here for the long run and very excited for the future of Steemit and all its new ventures :)

your can show your lve and care with ohers by helping them. so i want to help.

It looks like you have a powerful imagination. Buying a hamburger with vote is a very imaginative idea ;)

The answer I have for this question is one that I've given many times both in posts and comments, but also even on recordings during the STP podcasting days. It may be a bit of a pipe dream when it comes to IF I'd ever be able to do this, but the idea of having a 100% vote of $50 or more means I have the ability to affect someone's life. In South Africa, one unit of their currency is 1/13th what it is in the US. So $1 USD = $13 in South Africa. Thus, a $50 USD upvote would mean the equivalent of $650. That's 1 or 2 months rent for some people. Or groceries for a month. Just by clicking a damn button. That concept excites me, and I hope to get there with it at some point.

That's quite an imaginative concept @acidyo. I likes it. Sometimes I think that what we have here on Steemit is what the industrialist tried to do with centralized information business that your pokemon is incinerating..

Yeah, it can work out well if the price will stabilize.
I dunno... upvote you probably and watch your streams.

Wonderful post, thanks....

Due to the difficult times my husband and I are facing right now, someone very influential on this platform has suggested offering big upvotes to a practitioner of EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in exchange for helping us. It was a very generous offer, and it make me think of this post.

As for me...I just learned about dust votes today! For the longest time I've been voting at 100% on comments, at 40-70% VP, usually giving .01-.02. Today I found out it turns to DUST! I'm looking forward to my votes being enough to reward people's comments on my blog. ;)

Maybe voting power can be used for fundraising purposes,where funds can be raised very fast and used to help someone who needs urgent help?

SMT will be a serious game changer for steem and steemit, I would really like to be able to help people become more healthy with my vote. Sort of a pounds for votes

"Will upvote for food!" :D

your idea is good.but it's used for purchasing something like plants,foods,bla bla bla

Interesting ideas acid! I would keep voting deserving content and people and not really care about profits. What goes around comes around, so I'll let my karma decide what I deserve to get. Cheers! :)

I totally agree with you my friend. Upvote is worth a fortune and the idea of being able to pay for services with upvotes sounds absolutely amazing to me. Brilliant thinking there my friend

I am all about Short Stories, unique from every steemian that does them.

I into supporting short stories

Doing some trivia or anime contests. Always wanted to do one :)

with my vote I hope to support many steemians, quality content or just something I like, is the idea not? if we get to buy a hamburger with a vote, then we would not vote for anyone, since we are buyers since we are children, of course I probably think so because my vote is not worth anything, but receiving votes to comment and / or publish is rewarding, now if many vote for me perhaps with the reward I can earn a hamburger

In my opinion votingpower should be used for rewarding quality content and "paying" people for there work, but also for something that doesn't seem to be "mainstream" or is a bit abused is flagging bad posts,comments and spammers. and the opposite upvoting to counter abusive flags

oh my this actually made me think much deeper than I have ahaha (just before my bedtime)
i'm excited to see how complex (or simple) things can become

I have little time in Steemit, and the truth is that I like many publications. I like to vote for the publications of recipes, educational, positive, informative, among others, since they are things that we live day to day.

I think it already is happening "Will upvote if you get your whole hand in your mouth" :)

Its true that once SBD decides to stabilize a bit and Steem as well, one will do more. And Voting power should be used to curate and make people happy, especially the minnows

thanks for the entertainment @acidyo

great post,,,,,,,,,,

I think it would be cool to be able to talk the family out to eat with an upvote or Steem and /or SBD. There are many possibilities just do not see them happening right now but maybe in the fututre.

Hello @acidyo

...Steem is evolving and it won't just be about blogging in my eyes...

I share in this imagination of using steem power beyond the traditional way it is currently being used.

However, the Typical Case you described here maybe impossible without mass adoption.

Do have a great week.

@eurogee of @euronation community

When SMT's are released ( can't wait for it ;D) every new token created will increase the demand for Steem and its price meaning that in the long-term Steem Power holders will earn huge profits. SMT's are a 3.0 blockchain technology that is ground-breaking and I'm sure that in the future we will see over 100,000 entrepreneurs creating their own token.

Hai @acidyo ,
It is possible to get things in exchange to votes if the technology we are in widespreads. And we can do a lot more by having a substantial voting power. I'm thinking about the possibility of selling goods online in exchange with the votes. I had heard about such an online store working here where we can buy things for Steems and steem dollars.

As we are an international community, why can't we have a look at the possibility of exporting goods to other countries? For example, in my region we produce the crop cardamom in high volume. The price we farmers get is far less compared to what the people living in other parts of the world spend to buy it. Can we not bridge the gap and set an example? I know the laws that are in place in various countries are different. But we need such an international freedom to be successful. Still loopholes are there I guess!

Steem power and steem is the subject of the day in cryptocurrency space many investors are interessed about SP and Steem , maybe in the future we will assist a radical change:)

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I didn't put that much thought into it, like you did. But I can totally see what you mean. I am just riding the Steem-wave right now and see what will happen.
I am more interested in how Steem overall will develop, if these payments are possible, because that is going to attract alot of people, who are mainly useing other platforms right now.

Personally I like the idea of using my vote to support a project, kinda like a subscription/donation. This is a nice way to support charities and non profits and it benefits them in the long run with smaller amounts instead of one big lump sum. That way they also have to prove to be "worthy" of your votes.

this is what i did with the project that @surfermarley started @dreamsoftheocean.
I just liked what she was doing with this charity so I just put steemvoter on a 100% vote for every post she makes.

This is probably the basic version of what you meant

I am also trying to get this going for our non profit organisation @cryptoworldzug where we are spreading the word of crypto in the crypto valley in switzerland with weekly meetups and a conference

Although buying a vote burger with extra cheese sounds cool as well

I want to see a legit gaming ecosystem built on an SMT... but I'm wondering if all the ecosystems have to be vote based or possibly set with some other parameters.

Now that my vote isn't worth a cent or less anymore i'm on the same mission to find great content creators, learn a lot of new stuff, find good quality posts and try to help and try get them more exposure.

The future of Steemit is looking very nice even with all the drama. Vote selling just makes me sad but that doesnt mean we shouldn't keep our heads up.
Steem on!


I think SMT is holding the key of Steemit.

If I have pawor steemi, I will help steemit friends who are weak accounts. That is my intention from the deepest heart.

hy @acidyo
maybe I will do if my strong vote strength, then I will help my friend who wants to buy a car lamborgini by 100% vote vote hahahhaa lol :D :D

if I have the power of vote
the first I will raise the lavel comrades still low
then I will help who need

share with each other

I am very happy with @acidyo

I am very happy with @acidyo

You really helped us I will reblog your post @acidyo following @saradai

I'm sure you're the genius of my @acidyo @bobmarli your big fan, I love the way you do things, and it's a benefit for the crowd.
You're so unique. Continue on @acidyo. Successful greetings from @bobmarli.

It would be kind of neat if there was a gofundme style post that could be created where people could "donate" to causes via multiple upvotes. There would be a ton of potential for abuse unfortunately and somebody would probably have to regulate the heck out of it, so I'm not sure it's practical, but the idea is tempting.

Somehow I don't know what can be done as someone goes up and increases reputation. I think what most people do is delegate their SP or sell their upvotes. Unless there are other ways to grow your earnings as your reputation goes up on here I'd be happy to know about it.

I guess am only looking forward to sell my upvotes when I get higher voting power? Well aside from upvoting posts I like as well and upvoting posts of those who join my contest when I put one up I think that's the only thing that can be done with it?

I think buying things with upvotes are only good for those with big upvotes but that'd be cool too if I could do that in the future. :D

I just upvote content that I genuinly enjoy and I can see effort went into posting and wasnt slapped together in 5 minutes or copy/pasted. I dont have much SP but as it rises I will continue with this as this is how Steem was suppose to be - manual curation. The bots are taking over!

I will do all I can to help new minnows and encoruage them to write good content and engage with the community

I think those of us who have just started on the platform, what we want most is to see that our voting power is worth something, or if we want to get enough money with our publications, to help us improve our lives.
But every day I read and discover more about this amazing community and I feel happier to be here, although I do not have many friends and my posts are not very visible, just for the fact of being here has taught me a lot of great things, I appreciate and value a lot. Steemit is a great place to be.

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