AskSteemit #6: What are your thoughts about the future of Steem?

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Hey everyone!

With Steemfest now being over and me still regretting I wasn't able to make it there this year I've instead spent a lot of time watching the livestreams and the videos of them afterwards. I have to say I am very excited about the future of the platform and currency.

In case you haven't watched them yourself I really recommend to take the time to do so, the videos can be found on this youtube channel where last years ones are posted also.

The speeches I enjoyed the most were the starting one from @ned and the fireside chat, the one from @sneak, the devpanel and @hansikhouse talking about the Korean activity on Steem and the one about @sndbox which he runs with @voronoi.

Some really exciting stuff are coming up in the near future and I personally can't wait for it. As an altcoin enthusiast ever since Dogecoin was released I'm getting that same feeling I got when projects were starting to be built on the Ethereum blockchain. It feels lately like a lot of users forget just how young Steem is and only compare the price to other coins who most of the time have either released their total supply already or are close to it.

What stuck with me during the speeches the most was the addressing of previous concern about witnesses being able to handle the nodes and how the developers are working towards improving that by making some actions on the blockchain not require full trustlessness. The new things that are close to being implemented also sounded really exciting like the community layer hivemind, jussi, SBDS, yo and the comment widget, although I'm not the most tech-savvy Steemian I can't help but be excited over these new functions and improvements, especially SMT's that will open up so many new doors for Steem!

I've been thinking about going over these speeches that I personally found most interesting and quoting parts from them while giving out my opinion and thoughts towards it in posts but I haven't been able to find the time for it yet, let me know if you'd be interested to read more detailed posts about this.

Having said that, back to the main question:

What do you think about the future of Steem?

Leave a comment down below, in these #AskSteemit posts I reward good discussions more than usual.


I also spent the last several days checking out the live streams and then watching (after the fact).

I'm pretty stoked about Steem's future.

Generally, I have no idea what witnesses do or what nodes are... but I can appreciate and (kinda) understand smart media tokens. 😏

I'm most impressed (on a daily basis) at the great minds that are already a part of or joining Steemit. It's like it can't lose with so many on its side.

For someone like me (I just like to create content, play games and talk to folks) it's allowing me to do all the things I always wished I had time for. Now, I LITERALLY get to do them because I have incentive.😍

So... thank YOU. And thanks to everyone that does their little part.

Let's keep this party going!

In a single word, moon. In more complex words: The Jovian satellites. We're going to end up orbiting Jupiter.

Between SMTs, other sidechain projects like zappl, busy, chain-bb, and the stuff I haven't heard of; there is so much untapped potential in the Steem blockchain.

I'm sorry but this "tothemoon" shouting doesnt help anybody. It only distracts rationals and confuse newcomers.


Confused yet?

But I think you get what i saing

I get it, just making a joke of it :)

I'm an old Doge coin faithful. I want to go to orbit! I get that this can be confusing to newcomers. :)

Me too! Still a dogelionaire!

Short version: STEEM becomes a currency and a world social platform.

Long version:

STEEM will receive more adoptions with more users joining - because they want to get Steem for other contents locked by other SMTs, or they want to release their excess manpower in accumulating knowledge for future readers. This essentially brings the internet back to a productive environment where knowledge could be developed between people without relying on advertisement income.

When more people realize they can get rewards by sharing their knowledge, they are more likely to focus on interacting with peers in the platform. Some users may also bring in cash flow that can be used to reward others, i.e. push up Steem price.

I starts writing tutorials on various topics since I joined - I did not do this for more than 10 years. I feel good and hope I can grow with others peers, intellectually and financially.


Very well put!

I starts writing tutorials on various topics since I joined - I did not do this for more than 10 years.

I had the same experience with drawing which I hadn't done in many years, steem brought the creative side back out from me.

I couldn't have said it any better. There are so many talented people that emerged because of the steemit platform.

While the SMT will be critical for the future of steem, i am also thinking the referal system to the steem blockchain. I know this is being mentioned in steemfest and i could not wait to see the detail and i know many people are waiting that to get all their friends actively involve in steem.

Indeed. New registrations is dropping many weeks in a row - check @netuoso reports for stats. If it continues, it is gonna be a problem.

Steem needs 2 things to deal with it.

  1. Media coverage and maybe refferal program to boost flow of newcomers.
  2. Somehow rethink and rework novices' experience. Now they understand that only whales have some weight and chance to be read and dropping pretty quickly.
    Also some opinion leaders from outside the crypto world entering the platform should help. I see gaming and trading communities as points of growth here.

was it mentoin by the team behind steemit? When can we expect? That would be awesome :)

I completely forgot about that, hope they have some good solutions to it that doesn't make anyone lose steem that the people doing the referring get instead.

I guess I come at this from the non-tech, non-developer side of the table and for me, that question includes what do I think about the future of Steemit, the social content platform?

I think Steem-- the token/currency-- is on a solid path towards a strong future; I see all the apps, sidechains, SMTs and other projects as laying a SOLID foundation for answering the deeper question "What is the purpose of and economic reason for the existence of this cryptocurrency?" which I think will be core to sorting the wheat from the chaff when it occurs to someone that simply using the word "blockchain" is NOT sufficient reason for a currency to "exist."

In two, five, ten? years from now, I think the crypto world will settle into having a small number of "major players" and a veritable ocean of worthless shitcoins... and Steem looks good to be part of that top tier... regardless of whether it's an "inflationary" coin, or not.

As for Steemit? I don't know... an awful lot of front-end work will need to happen if this is seriously going to become a "category changer" to take on the likes of Reddit and Facebook, face-to-face. At the very least, all the major apps will need to be somewhat integrated into the Steemit user interface... a large part of the reason Facebook is as dominant as it is is that you can do everything "on" Facebook... the average social media user isn't going to flock to a platform that requires 17 separate apps to do 17 things... decentralization and its merits notwithstanding.

But you asked about Steem, not Steemit, so I feel pretty good about its future!

Agree very much on this differentiation. Steem I believe has a strong future.

But steemit I am not so sure about. It needs some serious love and attention - and strategic thinking.

Is it okay for the site to be fed to the bots? Can steemhumans rise again to bring it back to where it should be?

It would be a great shame if steemit went the way of Tsu.

And I believe a failing or ailing steemit reflects badly on steem itself.

Steemit must be hot, for the steem to rise.


We are just getting started. SMTs will start the next wave of steem adoption, making our current numbers seem tiny. Once we have lots of other websites being powered by the steem blockchain via SMT, the value of steem will be much higher.

Hopefully we'll have more use cases for real world steem applications too, I think @sndbox is doing awesome work in that area.

lol, i was thinking of SMT's all along then somehow forgot while writing it. Will ninja edit it in real quick :D

But yeah, this is only the beginning. :)

I had also forgotten to mention the comment widget that @val is working on.

You are right sir ....👌👍

After watching many of the excellent talks at SteemFest² I am definitely optimistic about the future of Steem.

Here is an index for all of the SteemFest² videos. It lists the title and speakers for each talk with direct links to the specific time in each video. I highly recommend it over searching through the 25+ hours of content.

Index for the SteemFest² LiveStreams

wow , thanks for this link.

I don't like comparing Steem with Facebook but in order to get a picture of what the future might look like let's say that Steem will have the same market cap as Facebook has today but we will reach it in 2030.
The current market cap of Facebook is around 500 000 000 000 ( 500 billion). In 2030 we should have around 600 000 000 Steem coins in circulating supply. So if you divide 500 billion with 600 million coins you get a value of 833 USD/Steem coin in 2030. Steemit as we already know Is just a part of Steem and might not be the biggest contributor to Steems future price. SMT has broaden the possibilities to be pretty much endless.

In conclusion I am positive about the future of Steemit and the Steem price. I am also very much impreased with how professional the Steemfest event was, to pull so many people together at one place really makes me see the commitment people have. I hope I will make it to the next Steem fest maybe I will be able to buy the plane ticket with Steem at that time :)

You were right about the price in that case being 833 USD altough you had an extra 0 in the 500 b and 600 m instead of only 6 in the total supply. :P

Guess they were just typos.

But yeah, now imagine the price if Steem could do what most popular websites do today, not just facebook. :)

Hehe yea these were sloppy typos . My bad hehe. Exactly Steem extends much further than jus Facebook !

In 2030 you can come back and read your own comment here, hope steemit dont go bankrupt and dead.

Even if Steemit would be dead by then there might be thousands of other cool things built on the Steem blockchain and with use of the SMT, in other words Steem doesn't only depend on Steemit

To be honest, the future of steemit is really depends on how much people change their behaviour against using the "social network". From only sharing to sharing for money. I have to say, steemit really is a revolution for all kinds of social network platform existing.

But I have to say, the speed is a bit slow compared to what I expected. Maybe we are not doing good enough, or maybe it's kind of hard to change the human behaviour. However, I believe that the behaviour can be changed one day.

I think events like SteemFest give everyone a boost of energy, and act as a reminder that a lot of people are wishing for (and working toward) a common goal.

I didn't make it to this year's 'Fest, either, but I was really inspired by the livestream talks I had a chance to see. I agree that there is a lot of untapped potential when it comes to Steem.

I was able to watch the fireside chat, but otherwise have not had time to see any of the video.

For folks like me, a summary with your impressions would be a great source of Steemfest information. Hell, I'd say I'd even be willing to pay more than an upvote for an in depth review of what was said! I can often read when. I can't watch video.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

One thing I can't get over: People don't understand what Marketcap is! I'm serious. So.. let's say there's only a 10% chance that Steemit goes to a 10 billion market cap. That's a 10% chance it goes up 40 fold from where it is today! It's priced as if there's only a 2% chance that will happen. When I see people from Patreon like David Pakman and others on Steemit (and Steemit is still in Beta!), that's extremely exciting and the market and investors haven't priced the risk to reward ratio properly. Once the barriers to entry are solved (my thoughts is that's why we're still officially in Beta), it'll be exciting times. Expecting great things in the next 6-12 months.

Exactly, I feel that's what makes Steem so undervalued compared to others right now. I'm guessing its also a mix of people dumping coins they've earned with low efforts or hoping they are trying to trade/invest their way into more profit on some coins while planning on buying back before Steem shoots up. Well, there are many scenarios out there but for now I still believe the current Steem price is a steal.

Lots of untapped potential that could one day become an amazing platform, so long as it's continues to be developed, grows its userbase, and stays on the right path.

Also, I'd definitely like to see you write a dedicated post on the speeches with your opinions on what was discussed and said.

I hope steemit will work forever.. And i wish before i die, i will hand-over my steemit account to my son and tell him,"this is the property what i stored all my life and now it is yours. Take care of my property and live your life."

I think Steemit as a site is good, I like the little UI changes that went on recently and feel a lot more could happen but no rush. I think Steem and SBD price is fairly stable for how much crazy stuff is going on with Bitcoin and many altcoins right now. Future feels good.

I'm curious with being up if at some point Steem could ever be updated to allow for older posts to have payments allowed. Or maybe there is something in some whitepaper that explains that better on why that may not be best for Steem (I just feel for a Dtube to have full success this would be necessary).

Any specific Steemfest videos would you recommend watching for a good talk or Q&A?

The conference room 1 ones are good, especially day 2 with the fireside chat with @ned.

I am hoping the user base broadens out so that the quality and diversity of content continues to grow. It could become a virtuous cycle.

I am excited for the future of Steem and Steemit! I think people are growing tired of social media sites that do not have any depth (I know I certainly am) and Steemit will be the perfect counterweight to those sites. I do think that it will take some time before steemit becomes adapted by the masses, but I am quite sure it will happen and I would not be surprised if steemit would become the next reddit! ^_^

Will it possible to become Facebook Fans Page (which I do not like that much now)?
If more commercial companies come in, that they will buy SP and ask users to write something good on their products. Then, they would vote the customers.

We will have to see how the Steemit platform evolves and how the upcoming SMTs play into it's functionality - along with the other commerce applications being built on the STEEM blockchain play into this in the next 3-6 months. There needs to be a lot of home runs in order to stabilize the STEEM price - no less allow it to increase in value.

good question!

you know, I have come to Steemit from its Russian analogue - Golos and though they have common idea they are absolutely different!
and I must admit I love Steemit more now!!
Here is foreign language and it's very comlicated to make people pay attention to you but I really Love Steemit.
You know why? It is open and honest, there are people from the whole planet here and you have a chance to take your place. In Golos I have higher reputation and VotePower but I am about to leave it because there is no sense - a little company of friends decide everything there and it's a pity, even if you are great but you are not their friend you will have nothing.

That's why Steemit has great and powerful future!
and the price of it will be more and more!
We will have millions, do you agree?))

I agree with you a lot of people just associate the price of STEEM with how well the project is going. There have been tons of improvements and it is really hard to say how that effects the price in the long run. Because of the nature of this system not everyone is a pure investor like they are with coins that are mainly just a store of value. So it is like when the price goes up a new flow of new bloggers come in and often times they will cash out some of their earnings for their hardwork which is understandable.

I think we are going to see more and more of these platforms that provide 3rd party access to the Steem blockchain and continued improvements and community building. But I really don't know how that is going to reflect in the price.

This is one of the top 5 most interesting and most useful crypto projects but there is also a lot of hate out there for this platform on places like YouTube and reddit. Hopefully we can overcome that or that the community who likes it here grows big enough and the prices are at a place where it doesn't really matter.

It's going to run into some major challenges come 2018 due to more and more social type systems coming out that are like it. There are a number of them close to completion and will soon launch. Depending on how well steem can do to be the leader or of this type of networking and adapt to changes and new features it should do well. To many factors to say though honestly, but it will all come down to innovation and standing out in a good way.

There are a number of them close to completion and will soon launch.

That's what I've heard about projects like Synereo, Akasha and also, they have yet to show anything for it. I think Steem is way ahead in comparison and it will take a lot for any other open-source project to pass it.

yup for sure but what it does lead to is an interesting 2018 full of competition and innovation which I love! Just keep your head on a swivel i'm sure we are going to get blasted with new features and interesting untested items.

Also Steemit is hardly for someone who just wants to post a selfie or whatever they ate that day. It might even get a big downvote from a whale who despises shit contents.

Maybe Appics will lead the way.. Steemit will stay as a niche blogging platform and Appics will broaden the users.

What happens if Appics get bigger than Stemmit? Will the price of steem still go up or should I put all my money in APPICS coin?

I've heard a lot of pessimism recently, but I don't think steemit and steem are gong anywhere anytime soon. Everyone was doom and gloom when steem dropped to .07 but it came back strong. That being said, it seems like interaction on the site has dropped. Less votes, less, comments, more bots. This might just because the attacks on and the problems following gift weeks after. If steemit will be a long term success, the real steemians need to be louder than the bots. More commenting, and more upvotes on comments to keep people engaged. Posts like this one are great at promoting dialogue and showing newbs the social side of steemit to keep them around even though they don't have sp. Overall, steemit is still an experiment and we're still figuring this shit out. I think the future is bright. I'm not powering down.

Steem is really good platform espically for blogger and vblogger to share theor thtough and view. As its model blogger and vblogger can easily know how much they earn. But tbh the platform can improve further more if platform is more friendly to series story writer. For example the post could be categorised in which the reader can easier to read the story from the beginning.

My favorite part was when @jerrybanfield said he thought about @berniesanders after sex.

Also ned mentioning OCD was pretty tight!

OMG! ME TOO! I was drinking coffee and almost lost it!

I haven't seen a lot of these videos that you are referring to- I'd be very interested in seeing your "reader's digest" versions of them.

If SMTs are adopted by the masses, I guess the future of Steem is pretty bright. Definitely brighter than Dogecoin.

Haha, aww poor doge.

I'd love to go to SteemFest some day. This year not possible for me unfortunately but I keep my hopes for the next one.

Investing every SBD into steem right now!

Just one more mean : WAIT AND SEE
Because not so long again STEEMIT, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin will dominate the world of global finance in the era of digital money.

My personal opinion after spending around 1 month in the platform, Too many bots are ruining it. In future, only bots will communicate themselves. Human interaction will be minimum.

And I got one handsome upvote by a bot. Kuddus!

We are still pretty much at the beginning. Steemit is just 2 years old. Since Steemit is Open Source anyone can work on and with Steemit. This is something very special, because almost no other social network acts on this principle.

How I see the future of Steemit:

Steemit is becoming much more popular. It will be like Facebook, Twitter or similar. used by the majority. The price for 1 Steem will be between $ 7.50 - $ 10 (no technical analysis - just from my feeling). Many celebrities become aware of Steemit and start using Steemit, which makes Steemit all the more popular. (Hopefully)

Steemit is currently in English. I believe in a version where you can set which language is displayed will come.

Steemit will be a used for many ICOs.

With the Smart Media Tokens (SMT), not just a new, 50-page white paper was presented. Ned Scott, tuned the Steem and drilled it into a true coin fabric. He gives, following his words, each the opportunity to set up and publish their own "proof of brain" tokens. So in effect, to sell coins. Tokens against performance or vice versa. The token system goes far beyond Steemit, accesses any, their own websites, but can also be used within the Steemit system.

I can see a very bright future of Steemit and I am glad to be a part of it and this great community.

LOVE&LIGHT for all of you :)

Creating such powerful fests gives me faith in the future of the platform. I also regret that I do not have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful event. But do not regret it, you will do many useful things while you were beating us here at this time;)

According to my point of view the future if steemit is so bright and we all have to work for it it will definatly help us by financial and also take the place of some social media

I am really positive about the future of steemit esp with all the new projects produced and everyone seems to want to create real value for this platform, including me. Keep us updated @acidyo with all the new contributions.

Definitely interested to read more @acidyo

In this Steem blockchain, empowerment of the community will be a deciding factor in the future. Finally, we will see the logic of no advertisement and reward sharing is a good idea to share business revenues.

I'm glad you asked this as I can read all the great comments here that are brilliant.

I think the crux lies on the user base, which is still relatively small now. However, It’s still in beta and undoubtedly SMTs and other great projects going on can bring a lot more values to STEEM. If more effort is spent on marketing, for example, advertisment, official mobile apps and referral program, it may bring thousands and even millions of people(and investors) in, and the recent soar of Bitcoin will definitely let more people notice STEEM too. After all, so much potential inside STEEM, and it’s total supply is just slightly more than 1/10 of Bitcoin’s.

I wish steem will go mainstream and more people use steem and stop using facebook and other good for nothing social medias
I think steem will be the next best thing in the internet

Why steemfest doesn't use dtube for hosting videos?

I think if steemit is ever going to take market share from facebook it needs to become more like a social network and less like a blogger site. I kinda feel like your expected to give high quality comments and posts or else it's almost like your looked down upon. I think expectations for quality would have to be lowered to meet the level of an average person.

steemit is one of most successful website in the world.i hope this website goal in top 5 in next 5 years.thanks for share with us this great post.upvote with resteem your great post my bro.

According to me if I talk about this well there are many points which I have to discuss as we know that it's a growing community and very soon it will be realised by all over the world .but my very concern is that it's not actually a wise platform. Because many many many more peoples actually doing great effort to create a good content but not get the reward because even though all then you are trying to follow the upper one. other than that I know that the future of stomach is very bright because of its acceptance and its Team Management thank you.

Good morning steemians.
Its nice to see such a post like this when you wake up in the morning. I have to say after creating the steemit account of mine, I almost forgotten that i had social network accounts before. Spending all the time in steemit after creating an account of steemit. In this great opportunity I have to say that my life is completely changing after joining with steemit. And for the rest of the world I would like to say that steemit is the platform that anyone's dream could be achieved, people's life will be changed by steemit. I find steemit so interesting and exited after about a week joining steemit. And looking forward to build my life with steemit.
Thank everyone for the support. ❤️

Nowadays very few people know what steem is. Lack of information is the thing that really affects it. I hope more and more will know about what Steem is. Steem can be widely known by the public. Especially with the existence of Steemit platform itself, increasing the curiosity of many people about things related to Steem. Hopefully there will be more changes in the future.

In 2022 bitcoin & steem at the top of the world of cryptocurencey for sure.

Keep going on

I hope steem future keeps good @acidyo

With the announcement of SMT's, the price of steem almost doubled its value.
But there were some whales who thought it to be the best time to sell steem and when the price came down tumbling, they bought steem back at much lower rates.
The announcements are going to pump steem for some time but eventually steem comes down.
The price of steem will increase when SMT's will be functional and the most important thing is that we need to increase the users of steemit.
There should be an initiative like every steemian should bring at least 3 of his friends or family members or whatever to steemit and then ask them to bring other 2 or 3.
No doubt SMT's are going to be the key to increase the price of steem but eventually we need more users.

I have great confidence with the future of Steem and Steemit. SMT, Dlive and Dtube are all great things happening or to be happened on the platform. As a traveler, DLive especially would be interesting when I’m traveling and want to share my on the spot experience with my followers and other Steemians.

The prices of Steem at the moment is a bit worrying for some but it is just a small hurdle we could be facing as people may not see the potential but once new things come into play shortly like the ones I’ve listed above, it will be sure a good thing for the platform.

Lastly, we are still considered the earlier bunch joining so if we all stick around, I’m confident we will see bigger and better things happening!

Steem on!

i've invested close to $1000 in Steemit in the last 30 days. So, I am definitely putting my money where my mouth is. I hope that steemit gathers steam soon (hehe), and really gets some traction going.
Hoping for the best.

Blogging is a lot more fun than farming gold on World of Warcraft so for the Koreans sake I hope Steemit has a bright future.

I can say i was a little bit lucky to have in the list of people that i follow some that attend the SteemFest. The reason i mention lucky is because all of them post blogs regarding what is happen and what were the main topics of the SteemFest!
Now just from the begining i want to say that we should not forget that... Rome was not build in 3 days!
Our amazing platform is just at the begining and more and more upgrades will follow that is 100%.
One of the main thing that got me really excited was the announcement of a new wallet for the mobile phones. I notice not so many people mention about it but for me this is a great news!
Of course SMT's are at the begining and its just a matter of time till they will be the fundation of a stronger Steem and a stronger community that we have.
Overall i think we are the witneses of the begining of a new crypto boom. Yes i am one of the few that thinks Steem is going to be as popular as Bitcoin. You mention DogeCoin and bro i am a huge fan of it... to bad that the project for the moment it is where it is but that is for a different topic.
The future of Steem is very bright and time will show it and i can tell you one thing i will be there for the next SteemFest and i hope you will be able to attend too...
We are not part of something amazing and i think that we can not even realize how big it will be so all that we have to do is to enjoy every single moment on this adictive community that we have and always Steem On!😉
Have a great Monday!

To me,Steemit is something new to me.It’s popular to share own views nowadays. Steemit will be a new platform to everyone in the nearly future. Writing a post becomes easier due to having steemshot.Hopefully will soon have an app in iOS for writing post.Sharing on steemit will be much convenient .

Steem's future is very existing and it is difficult not to be bullish about it. Communitoes, and then user-issued assets, will make a dent but what we truly need to highlight here is Steem Inc's focus on not just wanting to build one site, but the best blockchain and a blockchain catering to thousands of sites.

The talks of the Steem Inc people were the most important ones and proved that the company has its compass guided correctly.

Soon we will see many sites with Steem's mechanism integrated and that's exciting a thing to look forward to. Great times upcoming, a great time to be on Steem(it) and see the ecosystem grow every day.

Each post posted to the Steem blockchain is creating history.

I really enjoyed the interview of @ned, then the dev panel discussion. As a platform, there have so much improvements from the Steemit team. There are new projects like busy, chainbb, zappl, utopian etc which have born out of Steem blockchain, which is in a way very good. Steem act as enabler for these projects. SMT sounds promising, we need to wait and watch on industry adoption of SMT. Overall the future seems to be bright for Steem.


I hear more and more complaints about Facebook and YouTube. I think once it becomes widely known about Steemit as a viable alternative this thing will really take off. And when you include SMT etc this is really an exciting time!

After watching lots of awesome talks from the steemfest². I am feeling motivated and clear about the future of steemit.
As steemit is getting better day by day it's going better than all other social media sites.
And what is going to happen is like @acidyo GIF look above to see

Steemit will grow as big as Facebook.. even bigger..I can see more and more users coming onboard trying to ride on the wave of fast paced growth.

I am very confident with the development of Steem forward, this is the best moment for in following every development, steady....

The steemit sign up progress still a bit of slow,this may direct or indirect influence the public thinking about steem price as they normally will take sign up as the first sight of steem's performance( indeed it's not).
Tell @ned to speed up please!

Frankly speaking, the future of steemit depends on how pay outs are made, to be honest, just like they mention money speaks. Steemit shouldnt be compared to other social network as many of us are here to earn and share. Right now minnows are way to difficult to grow, I am lucky to have benefit from some of the projects, but have witness more people stop posting on steemit.

MONEY SPEAKS, and if minnows cannot survive then the future of steemit is sealed

@acidyo I'm very optimistic and I'm itching to see Steem at $10+ soon! The innovations are going to get us there much faster than I'd expected.

I'm concerned about attracting not just casual vloggers, but animators and film makers to Steemit. The seven day voting window is a big deterrent, I believe, for someone to invest a lot of time and effort into a video. I do so simply because I'm a little Steem bull, but to attract waves of creators, it would help a lot to have a work-around to that voting window... adding another means of payout without tampering with the original system.

I'm going to throw a few ideas out there soon to address the issue, hopefully they won't be useless and laughable XD

I think the future of steemit is bright it will overtake facebook soon.

ThaNks For YouR GooD InFo.

I've been following all the live streams and definitely the talks of @ned and @hansikhouse were the ones making a great impact for me!
Great things coming up for sure, we just all need to keep going!

In the future, improve the category development will be good for the newbies. And also more easy to find out some potential red fish by whales.
I am so glad to try many new things in steemit, but there is no direction for the red fish. Is it possible to run a layer by layer system?
That means some red fish is under a minnow group, a amount of minnow is under a dolphin group, and then whale. Anyway, I am so happy to join this amazing social platform. Keep learning, posting, voting, thanks a lot!

The future of STEEM is pretty good. But there are few thing that bother me

  1. Since i joy the Steemit website has become very slow. I know its nothing to do with STEEM blockchain. and i can use other website like chainbb or busy. But as is the official website i would prefer to use
  2. As stated above by many people the new registration and active view time/page per is dropping since last few weeks. That is bad for STEEM. As a results we are seeing continuous drop in steem price. But this is happening to all ALTCOINS.
  3. Many whales are busy among themselves and upvote there own and each other post and comment

Thanks for the shoutout and support @acidyo!! I was hoping to meet you at Steemfest but I guess that opportunity will have to wait. We're eager to talk to you about possible future projects.

I was looking for the live streams boss, thanks! I will be at the next one!

I think that the future and the growth of Steemit Community is based on quality of contents, otherwise there wouldn't be distinction with others social media.
I'm also thinking that we need more to concentrate efforts to promote quality and original contents within the steemit community.

That is why I am moving forward with plans to promote quality and original contents betweens minnows. I'm not a whale but I hope my curation project does in a small way..


Same as some of the comments above, I have no idea what witnesses do or what nodes are, but Steem will probably rise to moon if SMT works smoothly.

A bit late so I'll be short: with the ecosystem being more diverse , I think there's a lot to happen.

With all these various services, I can see a huge popularity increase for Steem in the future and if scalability won't become an issue, we'll benefit from it greatly.

thanks for sharing

Steemit will blow up it is just a matter of time

I think steemit has a bright future. There will be many bumps along the road and lots of setbacks but when people can work together towards a common goal, great things happen. There are many features that steemit needs, similar to reddit or facebook, along with spam control and helping new users navigate the system. That being said it is an innovative platform that connects people across the globe and that is an intangible value which gives steemit a bright future

well currently i am enjoying in the platform of Steemit and the price of Steem is low but the adaptations and the steps taken sounds like it will rise again soon enough and we will get slices from that pie ;)

showing your process is very cool and somewhat inspiring
also thanks for sharing the video with us.

Hey Acid,

I think that Steem has a wonderful future. Like you stated, Steem is still very young and I feel that it hasn't even scratched the surface of what it can do. Let's take a look at some things. Steem is still growing every day. New uses such as where you get a forum type look to the Steem blockchain. this allows people to easily create communities where people can give to a specific topic. I started and will try to grow it to help with security in the Steem world.

There is a tool that came out that made it like a twitter version of Steem. This just says to me that we can make any type of Steem version to replace any centralized social media.

Steem is also being used to make contributions to github and Open Source programs using This one specifically, I didn't even imagine Steem could be used for this but it is. And it is truly an amazing idea to make it monetarily helpful for those that put a bunch of time into Open Source free technologies.

I feel that Steem hasn't even begun to show it's true colors. There are a lot of applications currently, but I feel Steem will grow in ways some of us could NEVER imagine.

There is also constant growth. I think I heard 2500 accounts per day. The thought is we will have 1.2 million accounts by sometime in 2018. As you know, the more people that join, the easier it is to get the word out to others that join. As more people utilize the crypto, the more it will rise in value.

There are a few other reason, but mainly, these reasons are why I have turned more than 50% of my investments from Ethereum over to Steem.

I want to make everybody understand that, Steem is super young. There are SOOOOOO many applications that will come out and it will be utilized in ways we could never think of. So when it dips right now, have faith that it will continue to grow. When those 1.2 million people are utilizing Steem, and help us grow even bigger, your 100 Steem you've gained over months of trying, could end up being worth a lot more than just $100.

Imagine it like this. The blockchain could be viewed like the internet 20 years ago. Unknown and with the ability to change the whole world. We just don't see it yet. Have faith. Love the idea behind the block chain. It isn't the word block chain that is going to make Steem successful. It is the idea behind it.


Worst websites ever. I saw a cool article on a topic I was looking for and steemit had one of only 2 I could find. I wanted to comment on it but the stupid hoops I had to jump through and it took a week to be approved? To make a fucking comment? Forget it. I feel bad for the

I feel bad for the

Yes I also feel bad for the

The reason you couldn't find an article on a specific topic is either due to the userbase still being low or people focusing more on original content instead of just sharing stuff from other websites.

your concept is right

@acidyo - I generally like the idea of social media on blockchain, and steemit has a major first mover advantage. However, it still doesn't have the kind of user friendly interface to attract more users (at this point) or pull them from platforms like FB. It seems a bit disorganised, unstable (at times), and can do with some user friendly tools for creating posts (without having to know html).

It is possible that if somebody does some serious investment into a similar portal, steemit can lose its first mover advantage.

If steemit keeps improving its portal and keep adapting fast, it is here to stay and 10 years from now could even take over FB (and that's saying a lot) - but that's a long way for now! But if users are incentivised for using a portal that gives it all the range of functions something like FB provides, no reason they wont'switch.

great work really like your post!!

hi dear steemit iam a new member in steemit i will be happy that you see my blog and share your idea and suggestion how to inprove my blog
thank for your support

Thanks, I will take time at the weekend to watch it, ..looking forward to read about your sum up post, hope you will find time to do it! Schöne Grüsse

Yes would appreciate hearing some good news coming from the steemfest. Hard to watch utube. Thanks for asking. 🐓🐓

I hope the future is good, because I am putting my faith here.

super post @acidyo... re-steem

Hi @acidyo, I really enjoyed the sessions with @sneak and the other devs answering questions but it felt so short. As a new comer and someone who has worked as a UX designer, it would have been great to ask about their long term plans in doing research and plan for a better user experience. I am interested in working with the people on #bisteemit on quantitative analysis and combine it with some user research to help make the UI more intuitive. I have previously proposed a tag-based user interface and would like to see a more streamlined process of user feedback/input to the future direction of Steem based applications, which will help it gain a wider audience and grow the community faster!

great comments and conversations here. I'm following everyone here :)

@acidyo, i think after seeing current situation, that next world is about 100 percent of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin go high and high making new records,and full hope that it touches 10000 after the end of december. hope for the best.
Steem On...!

i guess the rate at which the steemit is growing in this side of the world, i'm pretty optimistic that steemit will be by far used in all the social platforms. it has beginning to spead like a virus here in Nigeria not just that its a social platform where one can actually learn new things and also contribute .

I can see Steem in the highest place in the nearest future because its a platform that truly recognises and appreciate the inputs and contribution if its members. @acidyo thank you so much for bringing up this important question, i hope my response will be of benefit to others.

I also hope it grows more and more and more...

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