Have you drank your milk yet today?

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Hello everyone! @ladiesofasia are back again to share fun and cultural diversity across Asia Pacific. Recently, some of our members haven't been doing to well unfortunately. @elizacheng has run into a series of small mishaps in the last couple of weeks, and poor @kawaiipower had to be hospitalised, but she's on the mend now. We figured the girls might need some booster to get their energy back, so this week we're doing a review of the dairy products in our country.

First of all I, @livinguktaiwan want to introduce you to the dairy section in supermarkets in Taiwan. They normally have a lot of soybean drinks, much more than normal milk. Yogurt drinks are also very popular and come in different flavours. Most of the cheese we get here is processed cheese, and real cheese is very expensive as its imported. Although Taiwan does have some local cattle production on the east side of the island, they don't tend to produce their own butter or cheese. I don't know if the quality of the milk isn't good enough or whether there isn't sufficient demand. It would be good to be able to get some local produced dairy products.

Next from @travelgirl in Australia. "Our milk section stocks the standard brands and home brands which is also pretty popular. Another item well liked are the A2 milks. We also have many flavoured chocolate milk and are often quite popular especially in the summer months"

@mrspointm from China says "The dairy section in our local supermarket has enjoyed great popularity in here and mainly offers a variety of yoghurts, juices, milk etc, among which yoghurt made in Chengdu(成都老酸奶)is my favorite, costing RMB 5 (equivalent to USD 0.78 at the current rate). When on sale, it’s really worth stocking up."

According to @wanderlass in Philippines, "Dairy is not a popular product in the Philippines. Most of our cheese are imported from other countries, while milk is a mix of local and international brands. We have a local milk called "Gatas ng Kalabaw" - it's milk from the Philippine carabao."

And @jrvacation reporting from Singapore. "The diary section in a supermarket is always one of the most extensive one. This one is taken in FairPrice Xtra- a hypermarket located at Jem Shopping Mall. The main diary section comprises mainly of milk, juices, yoghurts produced locally or imported from other countries such as Australia, US and Japan. Another section consist of cheese, butter and margarine. With the growing awareness of healthy eating, there is also a section especially for organic dairy products."

@elizacheng from Malaysia says "In the dairy section we have cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, yogurt drinks. This is from AEON BMC Mall too. Normally there will be sample testing during the weekend at the corner. Kids love this section because they get to drink milk, yogurt drinks and maybe some cheese too."

@kawaiipower is recovering from her illness, but it's great to see that she is well enough to share with us her report from Japan. "We have milk in the pack in Japan. Unlike the USA, they were not sold in big plastic jar. Where I live is called Hokkaido and it is famous for milk, so I get to drink nice fresh and rich milk everyday! Since we have famous milk, we have so many good cheese too! So we have many Hokkaido brand cheese at grocery shop."

And finally @nanosesame from Hong Kong. "This is the dairy section in a local supermarket called Jason the marketplace. Had a quick look of the product, different kinds of milk , e.g. fresh milk, calcium added, low fat and soy milk too as it is quite common here people have allegy to milk. Not much taste and favor can be found. Besides local brand, we import from various countries, like Japan, Australia, the USA etc."

It seems that most of us rely on imports from Japan and Australia for dairy products, so lucky @kawaiipower and @travelgirl for having plenty of fresh locally produced dairy products. I think the quality must be great as well, especially in Japan, it must be doing wonders for @kawaiipower, make sure you drink plenty of fresh milk and get better soon.

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Milk + cornflake = perfect breakfast😎😎

Very healthy for a swimming instructor!!

Lol, great post team! Milk has always been a bone of contention for me in SE Asia, in Thailand its no problem but when I was inThe Phils, it was impossible, Infelt like a drug addict, 'ohhh a milk drinker' lol
Loved this post, now I have the complete lowdown!

Thanks @nathen007. @wanderlass from Philippines did say dairy products aren't very popular there. Seems like apart from there, you should be ok in most of the other Asia Pac countries! Thanks for dropping by

it's incredible to see you use HK milk products for your featured photos~!

We are lucky to have so many to choose from each week

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A lot of milk, why seems always so cute simple stuff in these post? Super cuteeee. Loa also if i am not asian i like what you girls are doimg so i follow you ^^