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A year ago I posted about this project (has it been that long?), a collaborative art project started by Ben Tolman in 2006. After a hiatus of several years, the project was later continued by fellow artist ​ Joe MacGown.
The post about ANTIPODES had some information, but a update is necessary because now I have a ton of details, and also a few days ago, I made a video about it and found some clips from a "lost" video which I cleaned up, edited and posted on my website: Live video from the opening at the Fridge Gallery in Washington.

Vor einem Jahr habe ich über dieses Projekt berichtet (ist es schon so lange her?), ein kollaboratives Kunstprojekt, das 2006 von Ben Tolman ins Leben gerufen wurde. Nach einer mehrjährigen Pause wurde das Projekt später vom Künstlerkollegen Joe MacGown fortgesetzt.
Der Beitrag über ANTIPODES hatte einige Informationen, aber ein Update ist notwendig, weil ich jetzt eine Menge Details habe, und vor ein paar Tagen habe ich ein Video darüber gemacht und einige Clips von einem "verlorenen" Video gefunden, welches ich bearbeitete und auf meiner Website postete: Live-Video von der Eröffnung in der Fridge Gallery in Washington.

Mehr Details

2MacGown_Tolman002 copy-web.jpg

6MacGown_Rapp_Tolman006 copy-web.jpg

7MacGown_Tolman007 copy-web.jpg

8MacGown_Tolman008 copy-web.jpg

9MacGown_Tolman009 copy-web.jpg

13MacGown_Tolman_Peterso013 copy-web.jpg

14MacGown_Tolman_Peterso014 copy-web.jpg

18MacGown_Marsters_Rapp018 copy-web.jpg

19MacGown_Tolman_Thornbu019 copy-web.jpg

20MacGown_Pitts_Garfinkl021 copy-web.jpg

dont forget to check out

on my website!



More Details

3MacGown_Tolman003 copy-web.jpg

4MacGown_Thornburg004 copy-web.jpg

5MacGown_Bostic005 copy-web.jpg

10MacGown_Cunha_Valentin010 copy-web.jpg

11MacGown_Tolma_Rapp011 copy-web.jpg

12MacGown_Tolman012 copy-web.jpg

15MacGown_Bakker015 copy-web.jpg

16MacGown_MacG_MacG016 copy-web.jpg

17MacGown_Nolin017 copy-web.jpg

On my website, I installed a zoomable picture of the whole panel

Auf meiner Website habe ich ein zoombares Bild des gesamten Panels installiert


Thank you for checking this out

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Awesome I'm following this project for years. I'm a big fan of Ben Tolmans work that's how I noticed this project. Great collaboration! If I worked more with ink I probably tried joining :)

thanks, the project is in hiatus, but there might be new life ....
on Facebook, Joe MacGown started the group Triptacular Art Collaborations and we might revive it, even expand to a less rigid format.

Yes I follow that group from Joe. Would be great if it gets revived the results are amazing :D

I am talking with Joe and Paulo Cunha right now to get a digital cooperation started - once we have the basics laid down, we will invite others to join. Joe said I should get it started, so I will do that soon.
At the same time, I am in contact with Canadian artist Danielle Caners who is now coordinating another work that was started long ago. I will shortly contribute a panel for a blank spot that (almost) completes the project. All she has to do after that is make the transitions and fit them together.

Amazing work, Otto ! The scale is just mind blowing and i love the video and all the zoomed in shots, also <3

I think I will have to take the time to look at this in great details since it is a monumental work !!!!

upvotes and resteems

thanks spiderman - you and I talked about this (my old post a year ago) and you actually put me up to making an update, upon which I produced the video, updated my website page about it, found a video clip from the exhibition in Washington, cleaned that up and also put it on my website. So all this, including this Steemit post, took me over 2 days to do!
Subsequently, connections were renewed on Facebook and we are going to revive another project - I already agreed to adding to a almost completed work that was started at the same time and sat in hiatus until now, when I "kicked the can" again. We also agreed (among 3 leading artists) to start working on a digital piece where eventually we will draw in some other artists we had worked with before.
In any event, a exhibition of collaborative work is planned by Joe MacGown for next year August/September in Mississippi.

Hi thermoplastic,

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thank you very much! and yes, you made my day!

Firstly, I love that video, so fitting with the music and zooms.

The details in this are mind blowing. I could spend hours getting lost in it.

thank you - it was a lot of work initially, and it was a lot of work now putting that video and this post together.
If I had spent the time constructively (and actually worked on my art in the studio), I would have accomplished something. This here post might well be the last one for a while. Like Facebook, Steemit is almost as much a waste of time and effort.

That is one impressive looking painting, made by a collaboration of talents yet the final result does not show any kind of art style clashes, but a harmony and fusion of the artists' talents. The level of details that everyone put here is just crazy and mind boggling.          
Good job to everyone for this excellent artwork :D.          
And congratulations for the curie vote. Definitely deserve it.          

Yes, the artists were handpicked at the time this process started, and a lot of credit also goes to the project coordinators, Ben Tolman and later Joe MacGown, who joined the panels and made the transitions, often adding the shading to blend the work into a cohesive one. Usually we were given the adjoining panels to work with, so we sort of matched it also ourselves.
I am happy about and thankful for the @curie vote - it made the effort to put this post together worthwhile. Also the video: I produced it at the same time with this post in mind!

Wow, I remember that post, but I think that now the details are coming to life and are so impressive! Staggering amount of delicate designs, in such a small scale and from several artists... it shows how the minds meet even without planning ahead, just let the art put things together. One of the best things I've seen, congratulations for participating, it is excellent!

Thank you - yes, we had some great conversations about this the past few days. There might be more collaborations happening in future. I agreed to work on a unfinished panel, but am also talking about expanding the concept to work with digital files (conversations with Joe MacGown(USA) and Paulo Cunha(Canada). Once we get that one started, there will be others joining.
There is a tentative exhibition planned for next year August/September, showcasing collaborations besides this one.

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It is absolutely unconceivable that interesting posts like this don't get more valuable attention on steemit... this is all so discouraging... Kilroy would hide in the bushes.

Thanks, but yes, that's the way the cookie crumbles, it is disappointing, in a way. Steemit is like a lottery, the quality of a post has nothing to do with it. I was fortunate a couple of times and had big votes (half of the value of my account basically comes from 2 or 3 posts), and interestingly enough, it was without fail for stuff I posted that did not require any effort to post. One picture, a short text, and wham, big bucks rolling in ....... Yes, Kilroy is hiding in the bushes, and the next question would be: where is Waldo?
Whales, Dolphins or not - I appreciate all votes, even if those votes by "regular minnows" do not have any significant SP. I am not in it for the money anyway. But maybe I should keep my posts short and sweet. No use spending a lot of time and effort on it.

... look at it that way... time and effort spent are like exercising... it could be useful for another time at another place.

right - but now I have to take a break from steemit - instead of posting for a buck or two, I get back into the studio and do some "real" work with potentially thousands worth. Exhibitions coming up, the season starting for me already in October again (and who knows, maybe the current travelling show that started last Fall and still going on will sell another one of mine).
PS: if I spent as much time on the stock market looking after my shares as I do on steemit, I could be much better off - mind you, it is boring!

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...hahaha, since my shouting you got a better response on your account.

I just noticed - WOW - after I medicated with a few shots of Ouzo and went to bed, I woke up just one hour ago and was quite surprised! My faith has been restored, haha

Congrats on the resteem on the @curie blog!!!

Fantastic! I cannot imagine the total number of hours that went into creating this tremendous detail. Bravo!

hmmm, no idea, I know the panels I contributed took me some time to do. The whole piece is 70 x 44 inches - 178 x 112 cm and individually we worked on 14 x 11 inch Bristol

well geez this is mind melting. Thanks for all the detail shots, in the video and here in the post - it is really crazy how much is crammed in here! I am amazed at how well the different panels meld together - honestly I can't tell at all where the panel breaks are and the style seems to be relatively consistent, really a remarkable collaborative accomplishment! resteemed

thank you - yes, a lot of work went into this (another one is almost complete, btw).
credit should be given to the coordinators of this, Ben Tolman and later Joe MacGown, for joining the panels and making the transitions where necessary. Basically, the artists were given a panel to work on plus the adjoining panels so the could blend in.

ah that makes sense but it is still amazing at how cohesive it feels, despite the mass of intricate details at the zoomed in level

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thank you

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Thank you for including me!

Wow that's one hell of a ccollaboration! I always love seeing your art, because you keep seeing things, and it's so freaking detailed.. great work!

thanks - there were many artists involved, I contributed to three panels (two of which were adjoining).
You can also see it on my website (two pages), which has a zoomable image as well.

Woah, this is crazy, like crazy amazing... How much time was really spent making this? I couldn't open the video from phone, but I am really curious to see more of it, it's so captivating, I am gonna log in from computer and check again.. But wow.. I am in love with this...😍😍😍

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it was meant to be crazy, lol. Thanks for your comment. How long? idk - there were many artists involved, my own contribution took maybe a week or so on two separate occasions. But the project sat around for a number of years incomplete. There is another one in the works, started at around the same time and revived just now, after I sort of "kicked the can" with the video and social network postings: I am working on one panel now that would fill an empty spot, and after the coordinator of the project fills in a few blanks and joins them together, it would be finished also.
A exhibition is planned for next year August/September to showcase these and other cooperative projects of a similar nature.

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thank you!

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thank you

Crazy amount of details! Great work!

thank you - lots of people worked on this off and on for a few years. On my website (link is on the post) there is a slide show of the details with the names of the artists.

Hello this artwork is featured on the 7th Issue of Steem Sketch Book on this blog : The Art of Monotone and Lines : Steem Sketch Book's 7th Issue of Featured Artworks

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thank you!

Great artwork, you got some talent there

it's not just me, I am only a small part of this collaborative work by many artists!

well its still awesome

This is just mind-blowing!! You truly are full of talent. I do love how creepy and equally beautiful this looks, there is a whole lot going on there...

This definitely took a long time and dedication to get done. Its just a perfect work of art!

wow. cool project!

I love the creepy and mysterious music of the organ. I came to your post by chance surfing YouTube.... I'm happy to follow you. Prosperity and blessings.

Amazing, awsome and beautyful!

howdy sir thermoplastic! wow this one is a mind blower and a mind bender! It is so fascinating especially given the fact that many artists are involved in it including yourself!
I could study it for hours..
I assume that the work on it could go on for years? and will you be doing more work on it?

yes, right - there is another panel in the works I will be contributing to soon. For a while this stalled, but maybe a revival will happen. Or something similar.

well sir it's an amazing project and I'm sure a new one will be as well!

Goodness Otto, this is the ultimative Mentalenkrankenkusnt!!!

The picture is somehow disturbing at the same time but also somehow awesome. Have also checked your website and the video. Fantastic selection of background music to the picture. Incredible as a human being can pack so many details into a work of art.

Danke, dass du es hier geteilt hast :-)