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Hello, this time I come with a new post and it is about a new proposal that I have made this year, which is to make drawings more often throughout the year, since I had stopped doing so for much of the 2018 and that this new year I want to resume, it will be like a kind of "Diary / Sketchbook" about all the drawings that I will be doing throughout the year and I would like to share it here on this wonderful platform.

Original off @oscurocactus, date 05/17/2019

SEPARADOR cactus.png


I started sketching in my sketchbook, as I usually do. But unlike other works, I decided to make this drawing a little different, I really don't know what this type of drawing is called, it's more type artpop. Well, I really don't know.

Work with the same shadows and pencils as always, but adding a little more defined lines, drawing them with more force. I must add that it was not in work that took me a long time and the result fascinated me.

I think that the way I start and finish my drawings is no longer a secret, it's always sketch, details of face, hair and last but not least the body.

SEPARADOR cactus.png

⬜◾▫It's Monica▪◽⬛

Original off @oscurocactus | 05/17/2019

SEPARADOR cactus.png


Monica Rodriguez

SEPARADOR cactus.png

An apology to all, for not being publishing my work more often, I did not have internet and that caused the delay with the series, but here I am again.

Thank you for entering the post, remember to continue my work throughout the year.

Follow me on Instagram: @jesberchavez

Art of the Day # 14

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¡Hola @oscurocactus! ¡Te felicito! y doy las gracias por compartir tu obra de arte, la tomare para participar en el concurso pay it forward, organizado por @pifc y @thedarkhorse, te invito a participar, hay más premios y bonos adicionales de PAL y NEOXAG si usa las etiquetas #palnet y #neoxian .

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Excellent work, full of incredible and realistic details! Well done, @oscurocactus!

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