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Hello, this time I come with a new post and it's about a new proposal that I've put this year, which is to make drawings more often throughout the year, since I had stopped doing so for a large part of the 2018 and that this new year I want to take again, it will be like a kind of "Diary / Sketchbook" about all the drawings that I am making throughout the year and I would like to share it here in this wonderful platform.

Original of @oscurocactus, date 05/13/2019

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I started making the sketch in my sketchbook, I had thought of drawing Gema a long time ago, but I did not feel like it and until I finally drew it.

I did not want to do it with that camera in my hands, so I changed the original design a bit and took it a bit to my drawing style, so it gave me my personal touch.

When I start doing the details is when the party really begins, I feel that I am the dj of the album with each stroke that I give to the illustration, well I am exaggerating.

The camera is changed by a skull and change the position of the hand a little so that it could fit or there would be a ratio between the hand and the skull and the left arm I excluded from the drawing, it was not worthy to be in the illustration hahaha.

The shadows are my favorite step, since you see how little by little the work comes to life. It's like magic in front of your eyes hahaha.

SEPARADOR cactus.png


Original of @oscurocactus | 05/13/2019

SEPARADOR cactus.png



SEPARADOR cactus.png

Thank you for entering the post, remember to continue my work throughout the year.

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