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Hello, dear Steemians! ☆
I wanted to show you my art piece. This is my painting- "Flower".

IMG_5148Preradjos MANJA SLIKA.jpg

I started to work on this painting before I went to Germany, so I ended it a couple of days after I returned. I did not immediately have the exact idea of ​​what this painting would represent. In the meantime, I decided that the person in the painting represents a flower. I changed facial lines a little while I was painting. I used acrylic paints and tempers, nail polish, glitter and eyeshadow (copper color). At the end, as I always say, I covered the painting with lacquer. Lacquer really gave beautiful shine to painting, tempera and acrylic paint was matte, with lacquer the colors are more intense and stronger.


For the background I used a little thicker brush, I achieved the appearance/ impression of the universe by tapping various colors on a canvas with brushes. Also, on the background I added eyeshadow too, tapping it with my fingers on a canvas. For portrait I used really thin brushes, to be more precise. I painted her hair with acrylic paint and eyeshadow.
I have never used makeup for my paintings before, it's interesting and the eyeshadow gives a good shine (which, of course, can not be easily seen on the photo). Of course, the color can not be removed because I protected the painting with a lacquer.

This is how it looks now.


Size of canvas is 30x30.
I hope you liked it.

Have a nice evening.


Wooaw...... Am really short of words now and am only stirring at the painting over and over again. Such an amazing painting with an awesome concept.
Art is indeed life and your painting is really classic. Great work and keep the artist spirit up

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Thank you so much. :)

You are humbly welcome

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Your art work is original. The color blend well to produce the sky lighting with the stars.

Thank you. :)

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Hello @marial.moon what a beatiful piece of art you made there :)
I really like it a lot and could imagine hanging it in my appartment. The background feels to me that the woman is in the universe far in the orbit.

But as you said that it is the woman of flowers I can also imagine that she stands in a garden with a lot of flowers in the background.

So I came to the conclusion that I would name the picture woman in a flower universe O.o

Anyways, well done and keep up the good work.

I'm happy that someone can imagine my artwork in his home.
Thanks for your compliments. :)

I really love those flowers on her chest, @marial.moon <3 So visceral and so strange ! Really, I love how you use the red tones and colours in this piece... on her lips and hair, and on her cheeks and shoulders <3

The way she stands so straight and alone, with the bloody flowers on her chest and against the cosmos.... It makes this piece so surreal and interesting <3

Beautiful painting, @marial.moon :) Congrats for curie, as well <3

Thank you for your compliment. :)

Wow this is amazing @marial.moon, very beautiful painting, nice use of colours and subject. 👌🎨👍👏

Thank you! :)

🎉 Congratulations @marial.moon! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

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Hello there @marial.moon!

Very well done! You are exceptionally talented with your craft. You know exactly how to blend the skintone so close to the real skin color.

I can sense a very strong and dramatic emotions portraying with your painting. I could feel that despite the pain that the woman is enduring, she still mangaed to look good. I guess, that makes us superwoman because we can endure anyhing life will throw us.

Thank you so much for sharing step by step on your painting today. Keep on inspiring us with your works.

Cheers! ❤

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I'm very happy to see such nice comments about my artwork, thank you. :)

You are most welcome.. talents such as yours are very rare.. 😊

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Hi marial.moon,

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Thank you! :)

Hi @marial.moon
I like it when artists like you explain step by step how they made their work! I love to see how work develops and transforms. How did you feel it was a flower in the starry night?
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us

A flower in a starry night, a good idea for name of this painting. Thank you. :)

Awesome Your works are really impressive. I would suggest you to comment on other artists painting as well. That will make your work more visible to them.

Thank you for your advice and compliment. :)

It looks impressive @marial.moon. Thanks for sharing.
What I always wonder about this kind of art is...
You say that you have started with this at some time and finished after returning. Did you have this picture in your mind before you went, or has this become like this based on the image in your mind after you have returned?

In other words... Does the art in your mind change during time? Or is it an expression of an idea from a specific moment?

In this case, the idea came spontaneously. :)
But, sometimes I have an idea for painting at the very beginning, sometimes the idea comes spontaneously.
Thank you for your compliment. :)

Got it :) You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing.

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It's a wonderful piece of art, all those vibrant colors provide mixed emotions. Every detail must be contemplated. Very good work.

Thank you. :)


Oooo~ Seeing the thumbnail and this post's title, I really do want to hear all about this. So reveal in the totality this art piece with none a regret now!~

On the history: Now that's an interesting thing that this was essentially, as I would phrase it, a discontinuously worked on art piece. Really feels like you were working on it with no interruptions, constantly erasing and perfecting a session. But I like the Dialectical essence of painting and the mediation of labour and being in the process as formulated an abstraction we all can appreciate but you the more knowing considering you laboured every detail and at least can humour to anons on the net why the art piece is the way it is. Otherwise, interesting materials to choose, I could feel the acrylic, but I didn't realize that tempers and the other objects were sprinkled on here; honestly had me questioning if this was an oil on a small canvas or some polished up acrylic.

On the process: Now that's an interesting set of statements you have deposited to our hungry little eyes now. I like the way you explained to the audience the ways in which you laboured the way you did to create this painting. Makes me appreciate it way more than I had already and I just am smiling!!!!~ :D :D :D :D

All-in-all, I really love the flowers implanted on (I assume) female (I only assumed because it makes me reminded of this alter-ego: Ziggy Stardust), the symbolism of the flowers unto the person, the universe qua background to give off a more existential yet natural feeling and the wide usage of "common" colours. Really nice~

So congratulations on the @curie upvote, keep on painting and happy steeming!~

Thanks for the comment. :)

Welcome for the comment! ~^^~

Thanks again for sharing the post!~

I have to confess, at first i thought those are bullet holes on her chest and blood is flowing out of them but I'm glad those are beautiful flowers :)
Congratulations on the painting, I really love it. I can recognize myself a bit in that woman as my hair has a similar color.
I've never seen painters use make-up for creating art, but then again, what do I know? I'm not an artist. When reading about it, my first thought was, it won't resist in time but you were smart using lacquer, that makes it resistant.
I really appreciate the work in progress photo. It's always nice to see details and am always encouraging everyone to upload step-by-step photos as it can be very helpful to others.
I really love it! Keep up the good work!

Thank you. :)

My pleasure!:)

wow ! love this so much! you are amazing!

Thank you. :)

Wow, this is really cool @marial.moon

Thank you. :)

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