art from manuel78 :)

in artzone •  5 months ago

about to shower just to cool off :P its 105 and not even 3 yet i hate to see the temp hehehe see yall tomorrow due to my net i have been unable to do most of my plans took me forever just to do this post Lol but gotta keep with it



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It is simply wonderful @manuel78 Manuel!


:D i need to create my next round of wonderfuls i hope to try and make a few later but i got things to do hehehe

Such extreme temps! You need to come north for a visit! Resteem and tip!


thank you that tip will help cool me off ! its too hot and its not even the worst it can be thats what truly kills me lol im hot flashing in doors ! lmao not enough to fix the house yet but im sure it will be the house that melinda built by tips ! lmao

Hi @manuel78! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @melinda010100!

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