Pencil caricature no 4

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Greetings steemians.
It's that time again.
Time when I post a new post I guess.
And its gonna be another one of my pencil caricature series. Personally I'd rather be drawing some other stuff but at least I get a few bucks out of it, so it's not that bad ;)
Besides it's still a part of my practice so getting paid for it is a nice bonus.

Alright here goes

The sign says "70th wedding Anniversary" and it's for my friends grandparents.
The heart was originally drawn red, but I had to use some filters to adjust contrast on my poor quality photo.

Get ready for

the Process

Starting with 2b pencil

Now on to 4b pencil

Finishing touches, darkest shadows with 7b pencil
And done :)

Hope you enjoyed, I must admit, am pretty happy with the final outcome. Slowly going forward with my art :)

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@tiffany4ever thank you for the tip ")

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Are amazing drawimgs....I tried my own caricature, but more like the boardwalk style, where it is more cartoon like with less details.
These are awesome because they are detailed and yet have the funny quality Of Caricature...bravo, so well Done!!

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@streetstyle thanks for kind words:) I am particularly happy with this piece but it's not always so

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we are always our harshest critic....but I guess it what makes us strive for better. Take care.

@streetstyle yes, that's so true. Good luck

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This is funny and sweet. I love your interchange with light and shadow.

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Wow this pencil drawing is great, and I love seeing those process to get an idea on how you make your artworks.. thanks for sharing..^^

@markjason thankyou my man, best of luck :)

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dude thats a skill!! very cool to see!

you should make this you core practise, for real!

Thanks @karinxxl I do enjoy any kind of creativity that involves drawing/painting but I'm pursuing a career as an illustrator right now rather than this stuff :)

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Terrific caricatures.

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I love it @longer, I used to sketch all the time, 50 yrs ago.
Life came along and now I never pick up a pencil.
Music is my expression now. Was then too, but..
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@jerrytsuseer thanks for came along for many of us but I guess we have to remember to go back to the good parts of it once in a while. I've personally returned to drawing after a few years of ditching it and decided to try to make a living out of it. Still a long way to go...

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Keep at it, and good luck @longer
This is a photo of my last self portrait, done around 1979,
I had a collection of my better drawings saved, and carried them with me
From place to place, as I descended into the death spiral of drugs and alcohol.
In one of my last evictions in my hometown, this and all the rest were thrown
Away, so this photo is all I have left of them

@jerrytsuseer that's really sad to read, but I hope you got out of that death spiral on time since you're here now.
Really hope that music is your drug of choice now, wishing you all the best.
And maybe someday you'll pick up pencil one more time , who knows

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I stopped doing illicit drugs on Nov 23d 2006. I weighed 123 lbs, that is less
Than I weighed when I joined the military.
I stopped drinking July 1 2008, I stopped smoking cigs Aug 28 2014.
Now, I'm fat, (I stopped taking the anti depressants, I'd gone up to almost 218 lbs stopped taking them and dropped 20 lbs.)
Now I'm 64, I'm alone, I have no IRL friends, PTSD makes it almost impossible for anyone to stay around me for very long. So, I continue to play music for old(er) folks in Nursing homes and retirement facilities (I get paid) I am on my way to do that today as a matter of fact.
Thanks for they encouragement @longer. Here is a sample of what I do>

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