GIFT PRICE!!!!!!!!

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I am desperate ... I want to leave the country, I would really like to prosper here ... but it is a total whore to do the impossible thing to try to survive, I prefer to live. Therefore, I decided to lower the prices and negotiate with everyone to get enough money to go to Peru, now I only need 260USD to reach a new life. .. if I can gather more of that would be splendid.

These are the new prices:


For logos, banners, signatures for static publications ... simple images.

10 USD

For illustrations ... character creation, make your caricature, pet version for your project or company.

15 USD

For my old promotion illustration + logo + banner steemit

The gifes will also have a price of 15 USD.

ACCEPT PAYPAL as a form of payment, in addition to the gift cards SBD, STEEM, LTC, BTC, ETH, skrill, amazon and everything that is not bolivares.

MY USER IN DISCORD IS "JharvisZukulento#4626"

Please spread this publication would be very useful for me ... and do not forget that ...


How do I contact you?

my user in discord is "JharvisZukulento#4626"

he's on discord - he doesn't always have electricity - but if you need me to send him a message or anything - let me know! I'm great friends with @jimramones :)

thanks for the help dreem I love you.

you're so welcome! anything for you!!!

If it's Steemian artwork you want or if the love of an original avatar is the name of the game, then @jimramones is your man!

Yours truly,

yes! he's the best!!!!!!

thanks you my friend jack

Good luck raising enough to get to Peru
I may be back later to Ofer some art work but fir now !tip

thank you very much friend

Most welcome and good luck

@jimramones is the absolute BEST artist to work with!!! and these are fantastic prices!!!! everyone should get work by him! :)

thanks you are also the best ... thank you for trusting me.

the idea is that everyone can customize their image for a good price ... previously I could antender many people and deliver instantly, I think my electricity problem lowers the quality of work in terms of delivery time ... but I will not give up , the best thing is to consider that factor problem ... and turn it into an advantage if at the price I mean.

It's a great idea and I believe in you!!!

Best of luck, @jimramones,

I have deep sympathy with the desire to escape from the USSA... :O



P.S. I have loved @dreemsteem for a long time as well... <3

Let's not stop loving her she's a fantastic person, thanks for commenting.

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Greetings my friend...
Sending you nothing but positive energy; @jamerussell and I, put our heads together and collaborated on the following post, which I am about to share... keep us posted about your situation, won't you?

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Love and light...

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