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Hey all

When I am not travelling, I am either painting or just eating...

And I am sure most of you will agree to : There is no greater Love than the Love of Food😍

So since I have not been travelling from past couple months, to keep myself sane I had to paint...
And with not much time in hand, I would love quick sketches, so I prefer drawing portraits using watercolours or inks as they come easiest to me. All I need is inking with brush and going with the flow.

Of course not perfect with portraits and need serious work on improving my basic anatomy.


12 (6).jpg

11 (4).jpg

This is more of an art therapy then creation, taking me to my own little world, with nothing to worry about. I really don't focus much on the outcome but to just enjoy this time doing what i love and let it distract me for a while from the crazy work schedule.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I am grateful for every Upvote, Resteem, and Comment. Until next time! 😍

All content and photos (otherwise stated) are by @itravelarts

Love. Swati ❤️

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Art therapy seems to be popular again. You could write a bit more about that.

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Thank you for stopping by.. will definitely try someday..

Haha lovely post @itravelarts.

Steem India 🇮🇳

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Howdy again itravelarts! This is another great post and very interesting portrait!
So you are saying that art is therapeutic for you?

hey hey
how are you?
It is, everytime...and still hard to find time for it.and thank you so much again.

This reminds me a lot about one of your previous works. I don't know why but both of them kinda give out the same vibe. What do you think?

I guess so... for me all had different emotions and connections ..
how have you been doing these days?

This month has been pretty much a rollercoaster for me. Seriously, like, so much is happening in such a short time.

I completed 1 year on Steemit and celebrated my Steemiversary this 24th, and I also achieved my new year resolution: I GOT A JOB!! (The whole story on my blog)

Life's been really busy lately. I've also been sleeping pretty late these days, like 4am late, just so I can give time to Steemit too between all this mess.

But this mess is for the better and I hope it's making me a more mature person.

Great work!

Thank you

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