"The smell of heat". Oil painting.

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Can't stop drawing cacti. These are my favorite plants, which do not spoil the thorns and difficulties in transplanting (gardeners will understand me). But after all the suffering, they flash with incredible colors.


Do you want a cosmic beauty unlike any other flower?
Get a cactus.
It is forever summer, which is always with you.



All images of this publication belong to me.

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Lovely painting.
I loved all those nuanced greens and reds.
Cacti are amazing plants, indeed. I learned to appreciate them on a practical basis first. Where I grew up they are used for many medicinal purposes, one of them being the treatment of kidney stones, which I 've been suffering of since I was 12 (I'm 46 now). So, I'd go to a barren hill to pick up the right hill melon and in the process I ran into some of the most amazing varieties.
The fact that in very dry areas these plants can not only survive but bloom is just a miracle, a marvellous thing.
They flowers are amazing. Delicate, as you have painted them, but with the intensity and resolve of fire in the summer.

Wow, thank you very much for your comment!
A very interesting story about the healing properties of cactus. In the place where I live, it is often snowy and cold, so I can only afford to buy cacti in flower shops and admire them in the photo.
You are right, cacti are amazing plants, very hardy and original. In some thoughts they could be compared with very strong-willed people who are not afraid of difficulties and they find the strength to enjoy life - to blossom. I sincerely hope that all is well with you and you will overcome your illness.

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hi @extractum-lunae, I too love cacti and all the succulent plants in general. they look like me, "fat", full of thorns, but strong and resistant. and as you say, when they bloom, they are a feast of colors !! beautiful your painting, I can see your love for them! , congratulations for the curie vote

Thank you very much! I am glad that you share my delight and admiration for these unique plants) In the future I plan to draw cacti more) I hope that you will like it)

if you haven't already, you should see this place: https://www.isoladilanzarote.com/il-giardino-dei-cactus-di-cesar-manrique.html
it is fantastic!!

Oh, thank you! looks amazing)

When I was a child I had so many of them. It gave me some sense of accomplishment that I can take care of something even though let's be honest, it is not that difficult to take care of a cactus :D Now I think I should replace my difficult plants with those easy ones and enjoy not taking care for them that much :)

Is this a cactus that you have at home? I like that it has a lot of flowers :) The colors are pretty and it looks vibrant and indeed summery :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank! I agree with you. So beautiful and so easy to care - a combo)))
Yes, it grows in my home and is now all in flowers. It looks amazing) I still have a lot of little ones, I expect flowers from them too.
I have plants that are difficult to care for, but cacti give the most pleasant emotions for some reason) I do not know how it works.

Yay! I love the Cactus! They grow everywhere in the place I live now, Austin TX. It's so bizarre to see them along side the road growing naturally. So many different varieties 🌵🌵🌵🌵

It sounds great) I even envy you a little (in the good sense of the word). In the place where I live cacti are sold only in flower markets. So sad.

Hi extractum-lunae,

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Wow) Thank you very much!

Those purple flowers look fantastic!

Oh, thank you very much! I tried to convey their fragility and brightness)

Oh that oil painting looks lovely. I specifically love the little red flowers on cactus here. But the one I have seen in real life, none of them have flowers. So it is that the cactus at your place have flowers on it or its just in the painting. I love it both ways though, when I first took the look at first pic, It looked like glass on screen. :)

Congrats on your curie :)

Thank you) There are flowers on my cactus, but at the moment when I painted this picture, there were fewer of them than they are now. so I slightly exaggerated the number of buds))

hehe exaggerating them also looks good, because they are pretty sweet buds :P :)

I love cactus!!! Your work is so vibrant and full of light. I love it.

I love cactus!!! Your
Work is so vibrant and full
Of light. I love it.

                 - anaerwu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow) Thank you)

I think cacti offer you so many different shapes and angles. With the spikes it gives a whole new depth. I do like what you have been able to achieve and the green is so vibrant.

Thank you) I tried to convey through drawing all the love and admiration for this plant.

I love cacti myself and am looking to buy one for ages and somehow never do.
Drawing and painting cacti is not very usual around here, at least I haven't seen anyone do it. You did a great job, especially on the details, the orange background is perfect for the green cacti. Good thing you painted some flowers as well, those red spots make it more interesting. Well done!

I am glad that you understand me in my addiction to these plants.😃
Thank you for your comment, I tried very hard.
It is true, cacti really draw little and I think it is unfair. Their color, a variety of shapes and colors make them interesting objects for painting.

I know they are interesting but there's nothing you can do, artists usually feature subjects that they like.

I sincerely believe that one day many artists will see beauty in cacti)

Let hope so, fingers crossed.

One of the best thing about oil painting is, we can edit it again and again. So I guess your cactus 🌵 can grow whenever you wish again and again! 😄

Nicely done! @extractum-lunae
Orange and Green color combination worked out very well.

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Thank you very much! It gives me the strength to create new artwork)

Yes I'm fan of positive vibes which I found over here and I'm more interested to be with like minded connections. So I'll be in touch.

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thank you)