Breakdown. Pen drawing.

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Hello everyone. I did a little something at the bar the other night. "Breakdown".


4x6". It also can be viewed has having a massive hangover. I dig this character, it looks like there is quite a level of defeat.


Detail of the head.

That's all for today folks,
Get grim,
Copyright @achristopherart.
All Rights Reserved.

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Oh hey, I feel like this today. EXACTLY like this. Like I just want to barf everything out of my skull....

Dont wanna do anything

Just wanna break down


i love it, anthony!

I would not recommend trying to puke out of your skull.

Just stumbled across your blog. Your drawings are creepy as hell and they are frickin awesome!!! :D
How long does it take you complete one of these? On average?

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Hey thanks! This little drawing probably took 2-3 hours. But on average for a 9x12" drawing, probably 8-14 hours.

I’ve seen several of your “bar drawings” now, I’ve been to many bars my friend and don’t remember anyone ever putting together doodles. Not that I forget everything that goes on at the bar, I just haven’t seen anyone doodling—very cool @achristopherart.

Haha. Thank you. Maybe next time I'll take an in progress picture.

or two!

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This is incredible.

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