Artstorm Contest #16 Day 3 - Theme Today - Easter Eggs

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Artstorm Contest #16 - Day 3.jpg

Hi, Fun Lovers!

Thank you to all who entered yesterday. Later today I will choose the winners and award their prizes.

Artstorm is a contest for challenging yourself and having fun!

Artstorm Contest #16 will run every day from 26th to 29th March (4 days altogether). If I can save enough for prizes, there will be a special Easter Theme for the next 4 days.

Each day I post a theme. Entrants should create a quick picture using the medium of their choice.


The theme today is 'Easter Eggs'.

There are two categories for your entries:

Digital Art

Non-digital Art


You don't need to be an artist to enter and you don't need to enter every day.

You can enter once in each category. You don't need to enter both the categories.

Every day there is a prize of 0.250 SBD in each category paid the next day for the entry I like best and I think has followed the rules.

I need at least 3 entries for a theme to choose a daily winner in the category. If less than three people enter for a theme in one of the categories, the prize of 0.250 SBD won't be awarded that day.

This is what you need to do:

• Make a post for your entry with the title 'Entry for Artstorm Contest #16 - Easter Eggs'.

• State clearly which category you are entering, on your entry post.

• Make the first tag #artstorm.

• Leave a link to your post in the comments below. This is to help me find it.

• Upvote and resteem this post. This is a condition of entry. I ask all entrants to do this as it helps me afford to pay the prizes. If this is not done your entries will not be considered for the prize.

It is your responsibility to upvote and resteem my post.

I don’t accept children's work as entries for the prizes in the Artstorm Contests but you are welcome to post them for us to see. Photography is also no longer accepted.

The entry closing time each day is 9:00 am UTC the following day

Why not try entering? It only takes a short while and you might win 0.250 SBD.

Here is a preview of the themes this week.

Do you like entering challenges that don't take long to complete? Check out @mariannewest's 'Five Minute Freewrite' daily post. Just follow the link to her blog.

Click here if you want to know how I choose winners.


King and queen eggs awsome idea and beautifully done @christianp11

Thank you for your entry!

That is a very pretty delicate egg @fleurinna! First time using digital. It’s a tiny masterpiece, looks three dimensional with the way you shaded it around that perfect egg shape. Looks gorgeous, one of my most favorite things you’ve drawn friend❣️AF2AA5E2-86DA-4CBD-8D76-FAFF71DA22E4.jpeg

thank you!! There are too many of your drawings that I like too

Thank you for your entry!

Thank you for your entry!

Hi @organduo! That Spiky, always getting into mischief. He sure is cute doing it though. Wonderful Easter drawing, like always brightens ones day❣️

Thanks @lildebbiecakes. Spiky' area of the brain which is responsible for normal actions is underdeveloped and is overcompensated by the area which controls mischiefs.

Oh @organduo that explains it, we must have the same doctor... because that’s the same thing my doctor told me.

Nicely drawn Easter egg basket with very beautiful decorated eggs my friend.

Thank you for your entry!

Hi.! Here is my entry for digital art category


Thank you for your entry!

Such a beautiful Easter scene, lots of green grass, splendidly decorated colored Easter eggs, a yellow baby chick 🐥, and my favorite a rainbow 🌈 in the sky, and what a awsome one it is @cjsean❣️

Thanks friend..😊

Hi, this is my Digital Art Entry: Colorful Explosion Eggs!!

Link to the entry:


Thank you for your entry!

Welcome to Artstorm friend, I see you’ve never been here. We appreciate you joining us here. These eggs are beautifully decorated! I love the designs on each one. Good luck!

Thanks... I have just checked out your entry... Its amazing... Hope been here more often.
I have always check out the contest and I haven't been able to participate on time.

Hey @karenthfer your the one that did the gorgeous tiny bead looking egg design, that I said would make an awsome tapestry. We’re just creating eggs right and left. Every contest I’m joining this week we got eggs. That’s ok I like drawing Easter eggs. I’ve been working on my replies tonight and seen you replied to me twice, and it dawned on me where I had seen your name this afternoon . Also I looked at your blog and seen you are a newbie to Steemit. I’m following you now , love your art. I’m a regular her on Artstorm. Our hostess @deemarshall we call her Dee, is a terrific person very friendly and nice, easy to fall in love with. It’s like a little family here, always welcoming others with open arms. This contest will after awhile help you actually create quicker. It’s fun to try to beat the clock. Bye for now.

Thank you for your entry!

You guys better read this episode of “The Blue Bells” and all the other awsome epic episodes in earlier “Artstorm” contest. Come on folks, check it out. He’s combined all of his Artwork into a story book. Beautifully written and illustrated. Love it @dinglhopper❣️

Wow. Thank you friend for all your support and encouragement.

Thank you for your entry!

Wow @laputis Spiky and Pinky could feed a lot of families with that egg 🥚. Looks like from this angle they might not get it through the door. Do you think that tiny little bird on top laid that monster egg?

It was giant Polish coocoo's egg (coconia gargantua pollaca) I think they need a bigger house. :)

@laputis HAHAHA, a giant Polish coocoo’s egg, that’s one big bird😂❣️

Thank you for your entry!

Your artwork is always beautiful your so talented. I’m not good at watercolor paintings at all and darn it I love the way they look. I’m working on it. Nicely done, and so glade to see you and your art work back each day thanks!

Thank you for your entry!

Hey you @steempampanga, go outside and find a rock that is the shape of that adorable white bunny, paint it white and put that cute bunny face on it then keep it forever because it’s really really cute bunny. Love him he’s my favorite egg❣️

Thank you for your entry!

Ahhh these eggs are adorable @theodora87, good luck in the contest!

Thank you for your entry!

Thank you for your entry! You can never tell. The entries are all so good.

Nice basket full of large Easter eggs 🥚 nicely drawn friend ❣️

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