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RE: INVITATION - ARTISTS IN BLOOM Gallery No. 13 - Sharing Children's Art Here on Steemit!!!

in #artistsinbloom3 years ago

Hi @evelove Thanks for such a nice initiative. Here is my entry from my 10 year old kid #drawingqueen.


I so love feeling the beauty of creation.
DrawingQueen has really put some love into this expression.
Not only in painting the pot, but in actually making those roses. It's super exciting to me that she has repurposed and made something so grand of these underutilized materials. She really has quite the talent and ability to focus on her inspirations.

Thank you so much for sharing her with us @steemflow. I am honored to share her works again. Please be sure to submit her work in the form as noted in my invitation if you wish her work to be shared in a global exhibition if the opportunity arises. I greatly appreciate her entry.

Perhaps DrawingQueen would love to use her sustainable gifts in my next invitation of RandomThings. Here is a taste of what that's about.

I love to post for #randomthings will wait to see the opening of next round. The entry to the link you shared has already ended on 22- july.

Yes it has ended. Just thought I'd get your juices flowing. Need to catch up on my other initiatives, then I'll post one with #randomthings. Thanks for visiting @steemflow.

How blessed we are to see the beauty that DrawingQueen has created! I love that you love her creations so much and really support and honor her talent. She's really on to something here! Beautiful, creative, fun and sustainable. LOVE IT!

Thanks @everlove it is encouraging and making me proud👍 she keep doung her best👌

Grateful you are sharing her with us @steemflow.

I am thankful for giving me a platform to showcase her talent👍

In that case i would surely post a one,. Though she use few random things but decorated it a bit..i have some pictures post completition

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