Elegant Designer Pot for Artist in Bloom - Gallery # 13

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Praising your kids activity is always a good thing. They get motivated and encourage to do more better in the future.

Thanks to @everlove the lovely lady behind the #gardenofeden for the great initiative called #artistinbloom to encourage the artistic work of your kids on Steem Blockchain. The invitation for Galery #13 has started and details can be read Here

This time again I am presenting painting and craft work of #drawingqueen, my 10 years old kid, who always come up with some beautiful Art & Crafts work now and then and make me feel proud. My entry for "Artist in Bloom - Gallery # 13 would be the Designer Pot"


This work of #drawingqueen was taken few months back, and not yet been shared anywhere, The art on the Pot makes it valuable enough to place in your drawing hall or in your office table. It adds beauty to your personal spaces.

As usual, she is on her job without any notice, (she keep herself busy in her idle time) so I could not manage to capture the original state of the pot. However, such small size pots are made up of MUD with muddy color and used in India during religious purposes. The bigger size of such pots are used to store water in many homes. She get hold of one such Pot kept idle at our home, and when she found it idle, she took out her Paint & Brush and starting painting.


Firstly. she painted the entire outer surface, with multiple color, and then made some waves using White color pastels.


When #drawingqueen is on her duty, no one can disturb her, though I do angry on her for keeping all her items scattered here and there. however all my angry goes in vain, as she never replies and and keep focused on her work. Once she completed the painting , she asked me to take a picture of it.


Woww..isn't looking good ?? She has filled color on idle spare pot, which was of no use, till few min ago. I thought it was completed, but she was not convinced with her work, and felt something can further been done on the pot. So she took out some color paper and started curling it and cutting. She was making paper Roses to further decorate the pot.

Finally, she decorated the pot with paper roses and a blue feather, to make it elegant and further added beauty in my drawing hall.


She made me proud with the finishing touches given to pot, making it more attractive and lively. Worth for an Art and also the best use of the available underutilized items

NOTE : All the images were taken using my smartphone during evening time.I have done bit editing on first and last images

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow


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