A Surprise #RandomThings ART by DrawingQueen !

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What you do with some random useless things kept in your home ??? Either you throw them away or scrapped.
However, if you see through an Artistic angle, there are many beautiful things can be created from them. Just a need a magical touch to make something fantastic, I have learned this from my little #drawingqueen.


Our dear, Steemian lady @everlove made this awesome initiative and come up with art of randomthings on Steem Blockchain . The initiative was to make art from used found object

Like the things made above...You would be amazed to know, such thing were created using some spare material at my home.

Clueless...What it is ???

This one is A Designer Pen Stand made up of from spare item at home. You can use it for keeping Pen , but for me it is Priceless surprise.

IMG-20180726 (2).jpg

This one was my evening surprise, when I returned from work, she gifted this and asked me to keep at my work desk. Though she do not know, would keep her for lifelong with me. She made the designer item using :

  • Spare CD (The base)
  • Spare Bangles (Readily available at every Indian Home)
  • A Ribbon ( which i got in a Gift Box)
  • Some designer material from her Art Box.

Firstly she made a tower of Bangles, by pasting them one over the another. Then #drawingqueen pasted the tower over the Spare CD' shining glassy top. Then, decorated the CD with some Mirror glasses and put her finishing touches with decorative material from her art boxes on the bangles tower. Once completed , she put the Green ribbon on one side, to make it more elegant.
A complete use of useless spare items

IMG-20180726 (3).jpg

As I was in office, I did not get chance to snap her making the beautiful stand Step-by-Step. So I snapped whatever way I can, and submitted in the #randomthings invitation.

Feel good to share such beautiful crafts by my 10 years old #DrawingQueen

Note: All the images were taken using Redmi Smartphone

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow


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She is a genius!!! Love love love this. What a great way to utilize #randomthings to make something beautiful for you. Priceless!!!!

I can tell DrawingQueen loves to create--seems like she is fabulous at more than just drawing! I love that you share this with us @steemflow. This is the perfect fit for the #randomthings initiative.

It is priceless! Instead of using , i kept it at home. Glad you you loved it. Thanks for words, quite encouraging and making my eyes numb. 👍 she is intetesting in drawing as well as any crafts. Every afternoon she kept herself busy with something👌

That's how we know it is real!! Can't stop an artist from creating. It's so fulfilling to watch our children excel in creative endeavors. It does great things to their minds.

Thats true..👌

It is looking super cute :D!

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that is so beautiful. I hope to make one too, inspired by her

Thanks @sayee....you made her smile😉

that is so crative and so cool

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