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graphite on paper, 20 cm x 28 cm

Maybe 2 weeks late for Halloween,
but this drawing is one of my "Scare the Neighbors" type of work.
Who dares to look behind the curtain?
Who dares to even stick their foot out from under the safety of the blanket?
What if more are lurking under your bed?

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Like many of my drawings, this started as a doodle with nothing specific in mind but most likely being steered by my subconscious, and memories of my childhood when I was afraid to get out of bed when I had to go to the bathroom, calling out to my parents for help. My father got annoyed with me about that. Being afraid of the dark also gave me a bad reputation as a kid: the stairs in our 4 story apartment house were dimly lit, with many dark corners. I was so afraid that on every level I rang doorbells - we lived on the 4th - for people to come out, and I would just say hello and hurry up to the next level while their door was still open (and I had additional light).

Later on in my youth, I became just the opposite. I dwelled in the darkness like my hero Jack of Shadows.

My favorite saying I still quote today was:
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley!"

Maybe all this is a background explanation to what comes out when I just let my drawing flow freely, without any pre-conceived idea. And results are often like this.






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I love this story about the dark. When I was a child, and I was an odd one, I wasn't really afraid of the dark. I scared my mother once when she asked if I had been getting up in the night and I said, "yes, I go downstairs and talk to the lady who is always standing down there". I even have odd scraps of memory of this lady in a long white dress (I know like all ghost stories start out) and my infatuation with her. I guess partly why I love drawing ladies in long dresses now! Funny thing, those early years.

So, in a way you drew your fears to overcome that, that there is art therapy for sure! And what a great result from said therapy, your wonderful detailed drawings!

It's funny when I sketch for my black and white inks I am always removing and erasing the detail, as I am trying to make it just high and low tones, no mid tones, it started out as an exercise I needed to do for when I was a screen printing print making artist and now it's a sort of zen for me!

We are lucky to be artists, aren't we :)


nice story, Donna! Yes, of course, it is catharsis. You "draw the demon on the wall" you are its master. This is what I believe, as opposed to the general believe that it is a summons. Same if you know the secret name of an entity. You then control it.

Lovely artwork, Otto :) The shapes are so strange and so beautiful <3

And my parents used to 'jail' me at my dad's home office when I was misbehaving when I was a child and one time, they forgot they did it and I was left in there until it was all dark.

I was a great sleeper though, so I mostly napped.... :D Hahaha~

I am not so curious to meet this guy @thermoplastic :) Amazing and delicate drawing in your manner, but if he can pass me somehow :)


cute and cuddly, haha ....... you'd be surprised what you find under a microscope ..... right on your pillow, not just behind the curtain.


hahahaha, that's why I have vacuum cleaner with water filter ...and when I see water I can only imagine what is under microscope :)))

OKAY, I DO NOT wish to look behind THAT curtain!

Oh, I wouldn't want to find THAT!!! behind a curtain one day. : )))


or your bed .....

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

I love this draw, it's amazing. Great job!

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