[CR] Deep Dive

in artisteem •  15 days ago

Artwork ImageThis is the first digital art I uploaded on Super Rare and sold as a one of a kind token!

I have had a long time obsession with aliens, and on this earth nothing is more alien than deep sea creatures. They are terrifying and beautiful and come in an infinite variety. One of my favourite topics to work with :) I decided to create my own deep sea creature that is a riff on a jellyfish!

This piece was created in 2018 by @juliakponsford / Medium: Digital / Software: Infinite Painter

The piece can be found here in it's new owners collection: https://superrare.co/artwork/deep-dive-898

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Congratulations Julia it is lovely:) How is going with Superrare? I uploaded some of my artwork at a similar platform, Marketplace, but i dont see a lot of action..


I think since these platforms are quite new, even the concept of digital tokenized art is very new, so there is not a ton of activity yet. I think right now you need to advertise your work in other places like twitter and maybe instagram to attract some eyes and network with the other artists. Super rare is pretty active on twitter.


Yes, you are right. It needs a lot of promoting in the current phase.

AH maze ing. And another of my favourite artists on Steemit talking about Super rare. I need to pencil this into my calendar at some point, as I have got to look into it. I still am not sure if I need an invite or if I can make a piece and upload it. I am sure someone already gave me this answer, but I've been feeling a little scattered of late.


Yes, you need to get on there! Currently you have to upload some art and get approved first, I'm sure your art will be a hit!

Greetings @juliakponsford, I'm glad to see you in Artisteem... Welcome!

Very creative your work, I like it.

I would love to have your creativity and try my luck in superrare since I do not do things as creative as you or other Steemit artists. :(


I have always been into creative things, sewing, video, music but I only started to get into visual arts a few years ago. I promise it is never too late to start learning a new craft!


You are very right, I want to create more creative art only I do not know where to start. hehehehe

Your style, watercolor and the Cartoon is very difficult to do, I like it but I do not get it right. :(

You nailed the alien look. I love how the whites jump out in contrast with the black and red. I’m already afraid of the ocean so if this existed in real life then there is no way I’m going in!

I’ve never heard of Super Rare. I should check that out.

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may I ask you what the "CR" in the post title means?
I've seen the letters in some artist's posts by now..


Sure, if you use the site artisteem to make your post you need to add these tags, CR is for a unique creation, CO is for contest etc. I will actually be making a post about it this week, that is why I tried it out first!


so, this is the meaning :D
Thank you for hte fast explanation! looking forward to your post on this subject :)


No problem, thats why I am making a post I found it a bit confusing too :D