What to Do if you feel discouraged :(

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I think feeling discouraged is one of the hardest things to get through.
Yes It feels heavy, stuck, sad, even hopeless sometimes.

  • When you feel discouraged, it colors so much of your world you easily find more discouraging signs that things won’t work out.
    Without realizing it, you start piling on feelings and stories from your past when you felt discouraged, which adds to the storm
People typically tell ME that they admire my purpose and optimism. Truth is, I am not naturally optimistic, I don’t think that is in our nature. And while I’m tenacious, I get discouraged, just like everyone else. And I can get really down when I do. + Last day I was feeling really discouraged because an opportunity I have been really hoping would work out hasn’t, yet. It would be incredibly meaningful – for me, for Happier. I have done everything I can to make it happen, and it’s still possible, but I found myself losing hope and feeling pulled down the negativity spiral. I’m grateful that I had the awareness to notice my useless inner dialogue of harshness and negativity: “See, this isn’t going to work out so it’s a sign that other things won’t work out. And there’s obviously nothing I can do to make it work out. Maybe I’m just not good enough

But awareness alone is not enough it is just a really important first step.
So, I decided to practice what I teach and get myself out of the negativity spiral by applying the 4 points Happier Skills to my discouragement. It really helped.
I desire I will take a breath and keep going.
I’m not saying I’m excited about the situation, but it’s not blocking me from moving forward. And there’s joy in the moving forward.
I wanted to share these steps with you. they can help you the next time you feel discouraged,
Stuck/caught in a negativity spiral.

Step 1:Acceptance

Allow yourself to feel what are you feeling, even if it sucks.
Acknowledge what you are feeling write it down or say it to yourself.
Research shows that we tend to|once we|after we acknowledge our troublesome feelings we get through them quicker and skill them with less intensity.
The second part of practicing acceptance is to see how things are clearly, as they are, without coloring them with your judgment of “how they should be” or blowing them out of proportion beyond the current situation.

Step 2: Gratitude

Okay, so let’s just be honest and acknowledge that the last thing you want to be doing when you feel down or discouraged is counting your blessings. I’m with you. but science shows, it’s also the best way to help yourself feel better.
When you follow feeling, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine, which make you feel good in the short-run, but you also become more productive, less anxious and develop a
mindset of possibility vs. scarcity.
So dispose of a chunk of paper and write down three things you are grateful for, as closely related to the thing that is discouraging you as possible.
I’m not asking you to ignore anything difficult or negative, but to zoom in on something you appreciate within the difficult.
img scr

Step 3: The Bigger Why

Connecting to your sense of meaning is one of the best ways to get through challenging times and feeling discouraged. I call this The Bridge of Resilience.
Think about the Bigger Why for whatever it is you are doing and feeling discouraged about.
For example,
if you writer and you are discouraged because you’re getting a lot of rejections for your writing.
what is your larger Why for what you’re writing?
Perhaps you are feeling that your writing helps folks learn one thing, feel something, or discover something new.
We derive a sense of meaning when we use our strengths to be of service and help others. What is your Bigger Why?

Step 4: Self-care

When we get discouraged, the cruel voice in our heads typically comes get in full force.
So the first thing you need to do to become aware of how you are talking to yourself and shift from harshness to self-compassion.
When you notice that you’re berating yourself or being very harsh, pause. Take a breath. And now imagine that you are saying what you are saying to someone you love very much.
Rephrase however you'd say it, literally picturing that person in front of you.
img scr
Finally, say something supportive to yourself, would you? A pep talk you give yourself can be as effective as one you hear from a friend.
Here’s the pep talk I gave myself – I hope it will inspire your own:
Keep going.
You’re doing something you love, something that gives you meaning.
You are working your butt off.
You’re giving this all you’ve got.
Not everything will work out. And not always on your timeline.
But you are amazing. You’re strong. You’re sharing your truth.
Stay within the place of giving and leave the end result of that giving to others.
Or the universe.
I hope you’ll try these practices today so you can experience a shift in how you feel, your energy, and your perspective. Let’s do it, together.


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