Real mystery of gouache artworking

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Summer is a very hot season. But the artist is so arranged that it is necessary to work even in such weather. The beauty of being an artist is that you don't notice how time passes. I recently painted a great job for our bedroom and did it quite quickly, photographing the stages step by step. You can see the result in this publication. I hope you enjoyed my humble work.

Paper, gouache, dimensions 80x55 cm (100x75 cm with the frame)


Wow this is so beautiful!!! 😱
Absolutely love the colour palette you used here! 😎

Great job @yurche!!!

Thank you, @melooo182! Although gouache is not extremally vibrant paints I try to use it for colorful painting in my experiences ; )

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Потрясающие цвета! Мне очень нравятся фотографии процесса рисования!

Спасибо, Светлана! Но пока забросил гуашь. Сейчас пробило на пастель. Рисую герберы. Потом выложу показать : )

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This is absolutely gorgeous, @yurche <3 I am so glad to see you posting your beautiful artworks on Steemit, again :D I had missed your paintings and now you have rejuvenated my eyes anew \o/ !!!

The colour palette oozes with romantic feels and I love the composition for the picture, as well <3 The couple looks as if they are strolling in heaven, surrounded by beautiful flowers and garden, across a bridge over serene waters <3 <3 <3

Really amazing! You're really amazing \o/ !!!

Oh, I am very glad too, @veryspider! I promise I won't run away again and will continue my art bublications ; )))

Oh, that is so lovely @yurche!!

I’ve been working a lot in watercolor recently, but gouache has intrigued me a bit. It’s like watercolor, right? Just more opaque instead of transparent? When the paint dries in your palette, can it be reconstituted by adding some water to it?

Yes, Heather. All your guesswork are right. Gouache more opaque then watercolor.This paint draw almost as acrylic or oil by layers, but gouache is well diluted with water like watercolors. I usually bring in jars of many different shades and draw them. Not so long ago I had a picture on instagram, where many,many of these jars of gouache.

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