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The She and the He are within us all.

watercolor flowers pink.png

She is....
The dream, the imagination, the unconscious desire,
The exquisite beauty of soul,
The birthright of innocence,
The playful,
The peaceful,
The receiver,
The answer,
The naked truth of life's energy.

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He is...
The will,
The decision maker,
The impossible made possible,
The readiness,
The action,
The question,
The choices we make every day.
line and blue flower.png

She lies in rapture on the red rug of bodily form.
With this red He creates the reason to appear,
He manifests the breaching of the deep unconscious waters,
He springs forth,
While She closes her eyes in pleasure.
line and blue flower.png

Together they exist but in one moment.
One moment that plays out for all eternity.

watercolor flowers pink.png

This is my entry for the ArtQuest Trail Challenge. You can find the details of entry here:

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Great interpretation, you are so talented. Wish you the best in the contest


Thank you, very kind of you!

So creative! You have quite an imaginative side to yourself which is such an amazing quality. :D


Thanks very much! :)

Aha! I see what you did there ;) I can't believe my mind didn't go there when I first saw the image, but now I can't get it out of my head! I imagine this being spoken with hush tones, like those 80s arthouse stuff. The words are striking and straight to the point. Those last lines of the second to the last stanza ooft! Absolutely splendid!

It's funny how the price for this art challenge is significantly less than what I offer for my own contest, yet the participation is so high haha! This has my vote, and I wish you the best of luck in nabbing the grand prize, my friend :D


Haha! Thank you, I'm glad you like. :) I love the idea of it being spoken in hushed 80s arthouse style tones!

You know I was thinking about your challenge. It really does seem crazy that there are not more people entering. I guess sometimes on Steemit things fall through the cracks a little bit.

I have noticed that the contests that are popular often ask you to resteem the original post, and create a new post of your own as part of the rules. Perhaps this is what helps them to gain traction?


Maybe it's my name haha! I've seen others getting a lot of readers, but when it comes to me there doesn't seem to be a lot. I'm getting used to it, but hence the insecurities I've told you about :)

This doesn't only happen on Steemit, even in real life I seem to just skate by undetected, which is great whenever I do espionage or smash-and-grabs.

Hmm.. it could be, but those usually get some comments in there too. I don't want to force follows or resteems that's why I took it off the rules. Perhaps the rules are quite confusing? Did you have trouble when you first read it?


Wow. Just read your interpretation out of curiosity and had the good surprise to read "The She and the He are within us all".
Not much people would agree with that.
I like the poetry you write then.


Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! :)

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@johleen got you a $1.52 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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lovely jubbly.

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Super coolio.

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oh gosh!

Very good. Up-voted