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Didn't make it in time for nTopaz animated gif contest (╥﹏╥). Was battling through time to sketch this but meh - time is a bitch. Or better said, my time management is crap.

Here's da silly gif:


Also right now is mother's day here, gotta return to get drunk with the family. (^_<)〜☆
They think I'm in the bathroom hahahahahaha.

I remembered a line from Victor Wooten and Co song, called "love is my favorite word"...

This track. Awesome.

Oh but the line... well I'll leave this few lines here:

Yes is my favorite color
Free is my favorite bird (and)
Wild is my favorite flower
Love is my favorite word

Wild is my favorite flower


This is one of the best gifs that I've seen for this contest :) It's so adorable. I love the flower growing and then BANG! It sends a heart to the world :) So cute! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make it for the contest... hopefully next time :)

Happy Mother's day weekend! Have fun with your family :)

Hey thanks a lot :) You too have an awesome weekend <3

Oh it such a cute animation, I wish that you had made it in time for the contest. But we will host more art contests and you are always welcome to take part😊 Happy mother's day to you😊

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Thanks man same to you. I will make my best to participate in the coming contests and what not. :)

You are very welcome 😊 I am sure you will find them interesting 😊

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That slapping and then smacking motion is done so sharp !!! I can feel the sting!!! XD

Nice animation, Zeen :D !!!

And lololol what are you doing in the bathroom, get out of there and get drunk and hug your mom and etc!

I read "Alcoholololol" in ur comment hahahah XD I guess I'm a little alcoholololized. Gotta do the etc!

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Much more expectations from you (= Meeh liked. What software do you use?

I used the photochopz. Don't like it much for animation. But is good in the meantime.

El tiempo es una perra, voto por esa(?) XD, qué lindo gif, también se ve cool hahaha, con esa flor dando amor salvajemente, oie cy. Aunque no pude ver el video, espero recordar buscarlo luego XC (se me olvidará, lo sé). Fue un genial día de las madres :33, espero lo hayas pasado genialoso. See you.

Sí la pasé genialoso jajaja. Gracias Mary. :D