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I met a developer and we created this game called "Tower Ascension" for android devices. Is a rogue-like turn based card action game that looks like this:


I met this guy called Wolfo -who's an italian dev- through opengameart dot org, I mentioned this in the previous post. At first I did a few commissions for the game, then we just clicked and started chatting and daydreaming of living of making games, then we committed to at least try a develop this game.

I provided most of the art, but because he had already started to develop the game, there's art made by other artists from opengameart, like the backgrounds, most icons, some monsters and fx animations like blood and hits. I believe he also purchased some of these assets from the unity store. It's kind of a frankenstein this game, with visual parts from here and there, but I think in the end it looked nice.

The art I provided is this - along with some of its mechanichs:

This is the protagonist, in her or his idle stance and in action stance. Full res.

The card background.

Potion and recovery steak and meat. Mostly health and enhance items.

These was made for the luck cards except the bomb which is for the... bomb item.

Dice for more luck cards and the daggers items.

'Quick thinking' left, which gives you +1 strength and 'meditation' which gives you +6 strength and decreases 1 each turn.

'Summon cannons' this one deals normal damage and fire to all enemies X3.

Left we have 'vampiric slash' deals damage and heals oneself, center 'heavy slash' deals great damage, and right is 'shield block' but this one was not used there's another for blocking attacks.

Left is 'poison coating' which adds poison to all slash attacks, center is 'blind swings' deals minor damage to a random enemy X3, right is 'chain toss' deals minor damage and lessen damage made by enemies.

Left is 'dodge' let you dodge 2 attacks for that turn, center is 'thrust attack' deals medium damage and adds open wound to enemies, right is 'arm cannon' deals minor and fire damage X3 to a single enemy.

Crossbow - deals minor damage to a single enemy. Left is 'explosive' deals extra damage, center adds fire damage and right adds ice damage, though this last one was not used I think.

Left is 'poison crossbow adds poison to the minor damage it deals, center is normal crossbow and left is 'pommel bash' which deals minor damage and stuns enemies, cannot do anything their next turn.

Left is 'quake smash' which deals great damage, stuns the enemy and deals splash damage to nearby enemies. Right is 'smash' deals great damage but adds vulnerable status to player.

Left is 'poison dagger' deals minor damage and adds poison, center is 'strong block' greatly blocks enemy attacks, right is 'fury punches' deals minor damage to random enemy X3.

Left is 'spinning slash' deals minor damage to all enemies. Right is 'dash punch' deals minor damage and adds dodge status to player for that turn... shorimbo!

Left is 'shield bash' delas medium damage and adds block to player, center is 'slash' deals medium damage. Right is 'block' adds medium defense to player.

These are used for various skills like 'charge up' and 'protective barrier' that lets the player be badass.

These next ones are the relics, special pieces that let the player be more badass. They adds some special effects for ever... well for the current playthrough.

Traveller's hood


Pope's hat

Charged blade

Emergency blade

Champion's belt

Light tunic

Spiked armor

Dracula's coat

Magic purse

Golden apple

Heavy boots

And the enemies and bosses:

Which were not originally made for this game (wrote about them in the previous post) but ended in it.

Sound effects are some purchased and others from opengameart. Music is from this guy ohuican who is me wahahahahaa...

Here's a video trailer:

And you can download the game from Google's Play Store here... it is free. Hope you like it if you play it. Is still a WIP cuz we're constantly patching and adding things to it.

I expect to work on other projects with Wolfo, the dev. Hopefully something made in its entirety by ourselves.

When I was a kid I'd never thought I'd have the means to make a game. I wish my kid-self could see this.


What a great post! Your art is awesome and there are lots of them in this post. Very delicious huhu. I like that even when you only showed the poses in flat colour, they already look convincing. I think that means you managed to capture the essence of the action poses :).

Yoooooooooo! Da Scrawly! Oh the action poses, I tried my best to make'em convey the action. Glad you like'em. Really miss your art mate. The awesome watercolors, with beautiful lady faces and still lifes, the chibis. Wanna see more. Perhaps you take this with a grain of salt, but your art is inspiring to me, and suppose for others as well. We as artists fail to see this. We usually are like "what? this crap I made inspire you? u sure?" cuz there are tons of other great artists out there... Also your commitment to draw and the pace of you posting new stuff motivated me to try and sketch daily. Which I kinda failed outstandingly hahaha. BUT, I did made a few days ago a couple of thick sketchbooks to carry around and try to sketch from life. Hope to see more of your creations my digital friend.

zeen, you are amazing \o/ wowow !!!

i love the aesthetics and all the art game assets are really awesome * ___ * wowow this is super cool, aaaaaaaah i have always wanted to work for a game, also aaaaaaah your kid self would have been super amazed, im sure XD aaaah

Hopefully your next project with Wolfo can be really yours entirely !

i love this omg

Me not amaZeen. Sometimes I feel pretty demotivated because I know I can do a greater volume of art if I just give that extra u know. But yeah that thing of thinking in my kid-self looking at were we're now makes me feel quite better. There should be some healing sorcery in a game that let you see your kid-self. Kid-self self-reflection: greatly heals oneself. Or smthng like that XD.

I just talked to Wolfo and he wants to revive an old project he was working on. Is 3D. Roguelike and scifi... I'm blushing here. Here's a video. So basically it would be to refurbish it all visually. Honestly I'd prefer that we do something 2D pixel artsy first. But donno what the future had in store.


I love you love this OMG!

Wow, this so interesting, i guess it had an insane amount of work. I think your artworks made it a little oldschool ,a bit like an arcade game and i really like it:) The relics look amazing also:) I will check it. Congrats and i am wishing the best:)

Many thanks! Yeah it was quite extensive work. We'll add like around 10 more relics. So more worko for this. Man I'm super retro, love that visual grunge from yesteryear. Although was not my intention for this game, but subconscious has more weight than conscious I believe. I play the game from time to time, I've finished it several times, and honestly I prefer it with music and sfx mute :D. Thanks again man :)

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Sweet sweet thanks!

Technology, Art, Skill and time pass everything has put together in a single blog, Games are never my cup of tea now a days but it really makes nostalgic too, those good old days when we used to return to the desktop to play similar games, shooting and bike racing were two most favorite games then.

But here in steemit it is unexpected to that I will come across a blog that how a game is made to be frank like a detailed illustration. It really need some patience besides skill, is it?

Good to have this in the feed as it was a chance to learn a new stuff...

Thanks and Cheers

Glad you appreciate the content! Thanks to you for the kind words. I used to play not that much of videogames when young, but they did make a mark on me art-wise. I mean the sound, music, visual and storytelling of games. Then I grow apart of them, dedicated my self to other things, and when adult I got interested in them again. Life is a ride.

You briefly explained about your relationship withi game.. haha. Apart from all those things mentioned one need really patience and talent.

Thank you for response

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Congratulations on launching of the game! You did a great job with the animations. I hope that many people will download the game. I'm not really a player so I must admit I won't play but I'm sure there are many who will :)

I hope that the dream of living out of the games will come true for you :)

Have a lovely day!

Thanks :), always warm words with you. Now I think the real dream is not to live out of games or art, but just to have the time and energy to materialize everything it's on my head. Although I've always been a lone wolf creating things, I think I now appreciate the team-work when two or more heads are in sync.

Oh heck the art and game looks cool! Good luck with the patching and adding and other projects you both'll work on~

Thanks for the best wishes me friend :) I have to commit to invest extra time and energy in this, but it should feel nice to reach the goal.