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"We've been receiving a distress signal for weeks. Along with it, various other chunks of signals. These signals often can be decrypted as written and audiovisual messages from that old vessel. They range from basic protocols and report messages to distress signals and other irregular transmissions. In some of the weirdest, the outputs of the signal are of scary writing, some sounds as laments and cryings, and glitchy video feed of the crew doing mundane things and others showing the crew doing incoherent movements and illogical tasks. In some of the video feeds, strange light phenomena was registered by its sensors. These signals are received even though the ship has been dead for centuries. Since the golden era of space exploration a several decades after its very beginnings. Nevertheless there really are something emitting these signals. We've calculated its origin in different parts of the ship. Sometimes more than one transmission takes place in different parts of the ship at the same time. This "spots" are always changing its locations, doesn't make much sense. So we've been assigned to investigate what is sending these... aged echoes."

A little story for this piece. It seems, for the date of creation of the piece files, I started this one on december 27th of last year. Finished it on december 30th. It was a commision for Loreshaper Games.

I did not find any sketches for composition or brainstorming in the folder of this piece. I don't remember where I got this piece's idea. There must be a sketch somewhere though. Perhaps not.

So the idea was to convey a scifi scene with an element of danger in it. This sense of danger had to be somewhat hidden rather than a dangerous action scene (I believe).

I 3d "modeled" this like space-station corridor. With the hull broken.


This was the angle of the camera I liked most:

Looking from the inside of the ship.

I render it:


Then painted on top of it:


This the final:

c5.pngFull Res

Couple zooms:



What emotions does this one convey to you? I'm interested in knowing how someone could interpret what I'm painting. I have the suspicion I should be more obvious and less subtle... But don't really know.

Oh an extra... I was digging some old move boxes, and I found my veryfirst, truly, digital drawings. I think I was like 20 or so. Files say 2003. But others say 1969 XD. Circa 2003 I think it's true. Information about digital painting was really scarce. There were not the tools and ocean of info, tutorials and whatnot you get today on the internet. I've got this copy of an application called "open canvas". I think was free... not sure if opensource. But def free. Later it became a paid app I think. So this application introduced me to the "layers" concept and opacity etc... It was fun. I made only a handful of drawings I was much more into computer generated music, I've got a copy of what was called Fruity Loops, now FL Studio. I was in love with it. But anyways, so I painted these... thingies:











I remember I did these with a mouse. When you used these pads for the mouse cuz it was better for the track ball Lol:

The old fashion.

Edited: Forgot to add a decent thumbnail. Dumbass.
2nd Edit: I added the png's of two bmp's instead. Hahaha didn't know bmp's are not rendered properly or something... now in the web 2.0. Talkin 'bout the old fashions huh XD


Your old drawings are pretty cute!! These are from chibi znkd days, before you become the great radiant colour ball xD. I can see that your ability of telling stories from your art is already showing even back then.

And I think you conveyed the space danger art successfully, I can definitely feel the vibe of losing control and panic in a place where no one can help these poor astronauts. Really nice atmosphere :).

I also prefer subtle drawings ^^.

YO! ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) Da scrawly. Thanks XD I was def chibier... a little less bearded for sure. Yeah go for the subtlety!

oh zeen, i love the Aged Echoes piece, it contains so much .... like listening to a chaos exploding in space, it is simultaneously soundless and yet the sudden urgency burst out on the screen. Very cool. Can feel the whooshing of debris and air, can feel the helplessness of the astronauts too, and yet despite the accident, can feel that they are trying their best to come out on top of things... <3 Gorgeous.

Really loving the way you use dark tonality on the spaceship's backdrop. It really brings out the orange of the astronauts' outfits, like specks of hope (and life) in an otherwise dark canvas.

Also those circa 2003 drawings are super neat :D I can see the roots of your creativity * ____ * Aaah you did these with a mouse? That's insane~ That must put a strain on your wrist????? :OOOOOOOOO

Hey! thanks for this lovely and detailed input 'bout the feelings it conveys to you.

I think I felt like I was made of rubber back then... So no strain nor pain in the wrist XD that I remember.

woah, that's amazing

i tried drawing with a mouse once a long time ago and immediately gave up XD

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Thanks. Steem on!


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Yes. That game. I should definitely make that game.

For what it's worth, I actually have been working on it, my project timelines just stretch to infinity.

Lol! I was thinking about IT the other day.

my project timelines just stretch to infinity

Same here with all personal projects.

Cool post!

Thanks mate!

Mixing 2D and 3D is pretty neat! Nice attempt.

Thanks matey!

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