Old Sketches #6

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Here are 3 more drawings that are more than 3 years old. I hope you are having a nice day and you enjoy seeing my sketches.

*I don't know what kind of continents I drew there... :D


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Lots of Light and Love <3


I love old drawings and sketches, there is always something special in them. The thoughts, experiments, ideas that later incorporated in future works :)

Sometimes yes. Sometimes they are just fun to see and remind the old times ;D

@yoganarchista this is an amazing piece would possess great meaning. I would really wanna know the secret behind this creation.

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Hm, I do not know which one of the 3 you mean and I don't know if there is a special secret. Perhaps... Best wishes :)

The first actually. Why do I have the whole world in my hands?

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Really, I fell in love with your drawing.!

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I am happy to hear :)

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